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Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, and Poems for a Friend

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A cupcake and thoughtful birthday message are enough to bring a smile to your friend's face.

A cupcake and thoughtful birthday message are enough to bring a smile to your friend's face.

BFF Bday?

Can't think of what to write in your friend's birthday card? I've got a variety of suggestions to help you out. Feel free to use these messages as they are or modify them to fit your situation.

  1. Punchy Card Wishes
  2. In-Depth Paragraph Messages
  3. Poems

Punchy Messages for a Happy Birthday Card

These messages are short and to the point. A lot of them are funny and light-hearted. You want to let your friend know that you care about them and that you want them to have a good time. These messages are the perfect length for a card.

  1. It was really tough to pick a gift for you because you are so choosy and picky, just like me. We are so meant to be best friends! Happy Birthday.
  2. As I write this birthday wish, I feel like I'm writing to my own brother/sister. Thanks for being a wonderful person in my life! Happy Birthday.
  3. A tear rolls down my cheek when I think of how much I miss you. We may have moved apart, but your birthday still brings back memories that make me smile, laugh, and cry. Wishing you a very warm, loving, and Happy Birthday, my friend!
  4. We've been good to you all year round, and we deserve a massive party on your birthday today. Dig deep into your pockets, buddy; we're not letting you off easy!
  5. Karma is getting to you big time, pal. Because you have been a wonderful friend all year round, today I've gone the extra mile and planned a lovely surprise for you. Hope you like it. Happy Birthday!
  6. The worst part of being friends with you is that.... Umm... mmmm... I mean.... Hang on, it'll come to me.... See... it's like... You know.... The worst part is.... Ummm... Okay, okay, I give up! There is not a single bad thing about you or our friendship. I love you dearly. Happy Birthday, buddy!
  7. I'm so far from you, but I still feel like you are right beside me—and we are celebrating your birthday. Cheers from a thousand miles away, my friend. You will always be in my mind and my heart. Happy Birthday!
  8. On your birthday today, you are going to be surrounded by good friends and a massive celebration. What more could you ask for? Uhh, gifts, I guess. No worries, you'll have those too! Happy Birthday, wonderful person.
  9. Don't forget how much fun you had today so you can do the same for me when it's my birthday! Happy Birthday, my dear friend. Hope this day brings an everlasting smile to your face.
  10. As I write a birthday wish for you, I'm making a wish myself. I wish that our friendship lasts forever. Happy Birthday!
  11. I didn't know the meaning of real friendship until I met you. Since then, I have cherished our relationship like no other. Happy Birthday, mate.
  12. You are king/queen for a day; have fun while it lasts!
  13. I am getting a very warm feeling on this cold winter morning. Your birthday reminds me of how precious you are in my life. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend. Happy Birthday!
  14. No birthday card, birthday cake, balloons, gifts, or party can ever be enough to show you how much you mean to me. Nevertheless, I still got you all those, plus a message from the bottom of my heart: Happy Birthday!
  15. A special day calls for a special celebration for a special friend. Happy Birthday, buddy.
  16. I couldn't have imagined a better day to tell you how dull my life would be without you. Happy Birthday, buddy.
  17. No matter how many troubles I face at work, I look forward to ending the day on a happy note because I get to hang out with a friend like you. Thanks for keeping the smile on my face alive. Happy Birthday, mate; have a good one!
  18. You're the reason I wake up every morning and think, "I'm going to have a great day today." You're the best, bud. Happy Birthday.
  19. Did you know that the people with the biggest hearts usually have the grandest birthdays? Here, let me make sure that you have a fabulous day. Happy Birthday, mate!
  20. So, where are we popping open the champagne tonight? That fancy, newly opened restaurant? What time should we get there?
  21. Today, you deserve the best wines, gifts, parties, treats, surprises, and wishes. Happy Birthday. You're a super cool person.
  22. There's no way I can pour my heart out to you in two lines. I will give you a long hug and spill all my feelings to you. I hope that you have a great day today. Happy Birthday.
  23. On your birthday today, promise me that you'll be the person you are forever–silly, fuzzy, funny, witty, and a total comic. Happy Birthday to the best buddy in the whole world!
  24. Let's sign up for our friendship to last forever! Happy Birthday.
  25. The coolest person in the world deserves the coolest party at the coolest spot in town. I'm guessing you have figured out that you are up for a big night of celebration and wonderful times. Happy Birthday!
  26. Did you know that my life without you would have been much saner? But hey, who wants to live like that? Not me. Happy Birthday to the craziest, most fun-loving friend I've ever had.
  27. We're joined at the hip; our friendship is forever sealed with the bond of love. Happy Birthday, awesome person.
  28. I pray to God today that all your dreams and ambitions are fulfilled, all your wishes and decisions are fruitful, and all your friends and family will always stick with you. Happy Birthday.
  29. I don't really need to tell you that I've got your back every single moment of your life, right? I hope you have a smashing day and a super year ahead. Happy Birthday!
  30. What's salsa without tomato? What's my life without you? I've got bags full of love and wishes for you on your special day today. Happy Birthday.
  31. No amount of distance, misunderstandings, mistrust, or circumstances can ever break the chord of friendship between us. Happy Birthday.
  32. Just because it's your birthday today, I'm going to cover up your crazy drunken antics. Cheers to you on your birthday, mate.
  33. I hope you have stocked up on food and drinks because I'm bringing on a massive party at your place. Happy Birthday to you, buddy. Be prepared to be sloshed!
  34. Do you know why giving you special wishes on your birthday is not a big deal for me? It's because you're a special friend to me who is there every single day of my life. Happy Birthday and I wish you all the happiness in the world.
  35. I can handle the sorrow and pain of the worst failures, but I am sure I won't be able to handle losing a person like you. I hope that you get everything you've always wanted today and that we remain best friends forever. Happy Birthday!
  36. I'm surprised that even though we've been friends all these years, we've never gotten bored of each other. How could we? After all, I keep planning these awesome birthday parties for you! I hope you like this one.
  37. I'm sorry to inform you that you've just got a year older, mate. But look at the bright side, you've just spent a whole year more with a buddy like me. Thank your, stars, and here's to many more! Happy Birthday!
  38. I couldn't find any gift worthy of the friendship that you have given to me. Don't worry; I still got you something you've always wanted. Happy Birthday.
  39. On your birthday today, I hope that you become successful, rich, and famous. You will share everything with me, won't you? After all, good friendships are based on sharing and caring; don't forget! Happy Birthday.
  40. If not for you, I wouldn't have seen the crazy side of life. Thanks for bringing the fun back into my life day after day! Happy Birthday, mate.
  41. Our friendship has given me all the support I could ever have asked for. Today, I just want to let you know that I am there for you no matter what, now and forever. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.
  42. We've done the coolest, craziest, and most fun things together. Let's go crazy celebrating your birthday today to gather some more memories that we'll both cherish forever. Happy Birthday!
  43. Your birthday came around so soon. It feels like yesterday when we celebrated your last birthday. You are going to love what I have lined up for you this year. Happy Birthday, buddy!
  44. Birthdays should be fun, crazy, and wild—just like the one I've planned for you today. Happy Birthday, mate!

How Do I Write a Happy Birthday Paragraph for My Friend?

Sometimes, you want something a little more involved than a simple platitude. Heartfelt and humorous messages are the way to go! I'm going to show you have to write a long happy birthday paragraph that involves lots of specifics and good memories. These don't need to be in any specific order; just be genuine!

  1. Brainstorm Some Positive Memories: The first thing you should do is write a list or just brainstorm all of the good memories that you can think of with this friend. Have you had some crazy drunken antics? Has this friend always been there for you when you were sad? Do you have THAT SONG that you guys always sing at the top of your lungs in the car? We're going to incorporate these specific, positive memories into the paragraph. Depending on what you would like the tone of your paragraph to be, you could opt for a funny memory, a sentimental one, or a combination of several different ones.
  2. Give Specific Compliments: It's your friend's birthday! Tell them in specific detail exactly why they're so awesome. Are they endlessly supportive? Are they the Monarch of Bad Puns? Do they have a particularly unique way of pronouncing "horror" or "street lamp"? Let them know what makes them special. This is sure to make them smile because it shows that you pay attention and care.
  3. Recall Inside Jokes or Heartfelt Memories: Remember that one time you said, "Just one more shot"—and then woke up in a literal dog house? How about the awkward palm tree? Or that time that there was a dance-off in the kitchen? No one else might, but you and your friend sure do. This is a great time to remember those hilarious jokes and experiences you guys shared. Jokes aren't the only things that bond people together. You might instead choose to share a sentimental memory. Moments where your friend was supportive, helped you out with a significant gift, or generally had your back are great memories to revisit.
  4. Tell Them How Much You Care: This is generally a great way to close your card. Tell your friend how much they mean to you in no uncertain terms, and wish them a happy birthday.
  5. Tell Them What You Got Them: Depending on whether or not you are able to get your friend a gift, you might want to mention it in the card. For some people, a gift might simply be a warm wish. For others, it might look like a night on the town or getting the birthday person something they really wanted.

Sample Paragraph Birthday Messages

Example #1:

  • Birthday Person: Justin
  • Memory: Too much Taco Bell
  • Specific Compliment: Illuminating smile and good movie taste
  • Caring Comment: Lucky to have such a thoughtful person around
  • Present: Dinner at favorite sushi restaurant

Justin! It's your birthday! Woo! I'm so glad that I get to celebrate with you this year. I was trying to think of what I wanted to say to you... and I kept coming back to that time when we thought buying $24 worth of Taco Bell at 3 a.m. was a good idea. Do you know what's not a good idea? Buying $24 dollars worth of Taco Bell and eating every last bit of it. This year, we should probably aim for something a little classier than Taco Bell. I'd love to take you to Arigato's sushi for dinner—and of course, take you out for a drink after. I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful, kind, and supportive person in my life. The best part about you is the way that your smile illuminates a room—and that we share the same bizarre taste in campy b-rate horror movies! I'm sure that's how we've only managed to get closer over the years. Can't wait to celebrate with you soon.

Example #2:

  • Birthday Person: Anna
  • Memory: Life-affirming conversations
  • Specific Compliment: Ability to listen, be supportive, and encouraging
  • Caring Comment: I wouldn't be the person I am today without your friendship
  • Present: Picnic on the beach, maybe some mimosas, and some downtime together

I have the privilege of wishing one of my favorite people in the universe a Happy Birthday today. It feels like we've been friends for much longer than we have. You mean the world to me. You're always ready to listen to anything I need or want to talk about. You consistently encourage me to be a better version of myself—without making me feel like this version is insufficient. It's magnificent to have such a wonderful person in my life. You have been with me for so many emotionally significant things. I couldn't have asked for a better person to be in my life. Thank you. So, what are we doing for your birthday? It seems like you'd really enjoy some downtime with your favorite Reuben sandwich, me, and the ocean. Let me know when you're free because we're having a beach picnic day!

Example #3:

  • Birthday Person: Cait
  • Memory: First meeting
  • Specific Compliment: A positively glowing personality
  • Caring Comment: Excited to get to know you more
  • Present: Craft night
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We've been floating around in the peripheries of each other's social circles for some time. I remember when I met you at Jack's dinner party a few months back. Your energy was captivating. People who have the kind of glowing aura that you do are rare. We hit it off, and I'd love to get together again. I know that you've been working pretty hard on that new art project of yours, so I thought we could do a proper art bash, get everyone together, and just make art for your birthday.


A poem can range from a long epic to silly, short poems. The ones you'll find below are more of the short, humorous variety. There are lots of other types of poems you might compose as well, such as limericks, haikus, or acrostic poems.

"You're my . . . "

You're my 2 a.m. pal.

You're my daily delight.

You're my partner in crime.

You're my BFF and ever.

Happy Birthday!

"Without You"

I would have never known what friendship means without you.

I would have never known what companionship means without you.

I would have never known what trust means without you.

I would have never known what being blessed means without you.

Thanks for being there for me every step of the way.

"Celebrate You"

Today is your birthday.

Let's all shout "hooray."

Let's be denizens of the night

but not get in a bar fight.

Let's celebrate you

and bring all your friends too!

"Bad Poetry"

Bad poetry is the best gift.

Through unwanted presents you won't have to sift.

I hope you enjoy these shoddy rhymes.

It's your birthday, so we should have a good time.

I could keep going, but

can I just buy you a beer instead?

Surprises That Say "Happy Birthday!"

If it is your friend's birthday and you want to stand out from everyone else by wishing them a Happy Birthday, try to do something different. Here are some great ideas.

  • Leave sticky notes all over your friend's desk.
  • Email them different birthday wishes every hour of the day. You could also tweet them on Twitter or post them on their Facebook wall.
  • Make a big banner and hang it in a place where your friend can see it the minute they walk into class/the office.
  • Take them to a surprise party.
  • Go wish them a Happy Birthday in person at midnight.
  • Anonymously send your buddy flowers and cake.
  • Update your status on Facebook, send a Tweet on Twitter, and post messages on every possible social network announcing your friend's birthday.
  • Send a random beautiful girl or a handsome guy to wish them a Happy Birthday.
  • Play a prank on a good-humored friend, record it on video, and give it as a gift he/she will cherish for a lifetime.


Surya on May 31, 2018:

My best friend's many many return of the day Happy birthday surys

Man on May 06, 2018:

Wow nice paragraphs

Divya on May 03, 2018:

May ur birthday be the best day of ur life

Sumit on March 23, 2018:

Happy Birthday

Virat Richard on January 27, 2018:

My heart can't beat

Without u my love...

U r my everything...

Only think I pray today to god,

Susan Ream from Michigan on July 12, 2012:

What a wonderful way to bless someone on their birthday. Creative and funny messages that are personally written by YOU! Enjoyed this!


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