Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Dad's Birthday Card

Updated on September 27, 2019
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I love helping people find the perfect words for any occasion—from relationship advice to inspirational messages.

Find the perfect birthday message to tell your dad how much he means to you!
Find the perfect birthday message to tell your dad how much he means to you! | Source

Happy birthday messages for dads should be innovative, creative, and funny. Read the wishes below to find inspiration for heartwarming notes to pen down for your dad. Use this special day as an opportunity to tell him how much you love him and how much he means to you—all packed into one loving happy birthday message!

In this article you will find meaningful messages:

  • For your dad
  • From daughter to father
  • From son to father
  • That are humorous
  • For a single dad

Happy Birthday Messages to Papa

  • If every father in the world had been like you, every child would have been a happy one. Happy birthday, dearest Daddy.
  • My friends think you're cool, the neighbors think you're cool, your colleagues think you're cool, and most importantly, we think you are the coolest dad in the whole world. Happy birthday, Popsy.
  • Happy birthday, Dad. We are so grateful for all of your love and support. Happy birthday!
  • Dad, thanks for always being the backbone of our family and supporting us through good times and bad. We all love you. Happy birthday!
  • All my friends know it is your birthday today because my Facebook says "Happy birthday to my most favorite person in the whole world." Can't wait to celebrate with you later today!
  • What did we ever do to deserve a wonderful father like you? Let us return the favor with a day full of family fun, just the way you like it. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • I am proud to have a father like you. Happy birthday, Daddy.
  • We love you not because you are our dad, but because you are a caring father to your kids, loving husband to your wife, best mate to many, hard worker for your employers, and a terrific human being. Surprise! We all got together and planned a massive party. Happy birthday!
  • I just want to say that I love you, old man. Happy birthday.
  • Dearest Dad—thank you for the lifetime of adventure and fun that you've given me. I love you so much; happy birthday!
  • Despite how annoyed I get when you do your silly antics in front of my friends, I hope you know that I still and always will, love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday, Daddy.
  • Gifts, cake, beer, barbecue, friends, and the company of your loving family. What more could a father ask for on his birthday? And guess what, you are going to have all of that. Happy birthday, Dad; you deserve it.
  • I don't want to get emotional, but I want to let you know that you mean the world to me. Thanks for everything, Pa; happy birthday.
  • We hope that our birthday wishes make up for all the annoyance, troubles, and harassment we've dished out to you all year long. We promise to behave this year. Happy birthday, Daddy.
  • It is your birthday today, and days like these are perfect to speak my heart out. I held your finger for the first time, I spoke my first words, I began walking, I went to kindergarten and then to school, I made my way through high school and then finally graduated. My life has been constantly changing except for one thing that has remained constant: You! Thanks for being the perfect father figure in my life. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • There are no two ways about it: you are my hero. Happy birthday!
  • I know I get my adventurous and humorous spirit from you. Being your kid has been the greatest gift you've given me. Happy birthday!
  • Whenever I think of you, it brings a smile on my face. I hope this message brings a smile to your face too. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • Don't thank me for the birthday gift because I need to spend a lifetime thanking you for all the love you gave me when I was growing up. Happy birthday, old man.

No matter how many birthdays we count away, I will always be the loving daughter whose tiny hands clasped on to your fingers the day she was born. Happy birthday, Daddy.
No matter how many birthdays we count away, I will always be the loving daughter whose tiny hands clasped on to your fingers the day she was born. Happy birthday, Daddy. | Source
  • Maybe today is the day when I finally accept that I've always wanted to be like you when I grow up despite acting like an annoying teenager. Happy birthday, Pops.
  • I want to say one and only one thing today, that nothing in the world matters more to me than you, Dad. Have a great birthday.
  • I didn't have the money to buy you an expensive present. But I want you to know that when I grow up and become rich, I am going to give you the best presents money can buy. Happy birthday, Daddy.
  • My iPhone reminds me of birthdays of all my close friends and even my boyfriend. There's only one birthday that has not been stored as a reminder—yours. Because you are more special to me than anyone else in the world, your birthday is in my heart and has no place in my iPhone. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • Days like these make the other 364 boring days of life worth fighting for. Happy birthday, Dad; we love you a lot.
  • You are the funniest, coolest, and smartest dad in the whole world. Go, Daddy, it's your birthday! Have a good one.
  • Have you ever missed my birthday? Then how do you expect me to miss yours? Accept this message as a birthday wish to kick-start your day until we celebrate together in the evening. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • I can't remember the last time I gave you a nice hug. There's no better day than today to hug you and start making up for all the missed opportunities. Happy birthday, dear Dad.
  • Nothing ever comes close to the warm and secure feeling I get when I think about you. I want to grow up and make you feel the same. Happy birthday, old man.
  • You are priceless for everyone. For us at home, your colleagues at work, and your friends at the pub. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • With every passing birthday, you add yet another year of happiness to our lives. Happy birthday.
  • I have grown up thinking that my daddy is the strongest person in the whole world. No matter how old you grow, I am always going to think that way. So better live up to it, Dad. Happy birthday.
  • I wish I could afford to send you and mom off on a vacation for your birthday. When I start earning money, that's the first thing I will do. Happy Birthday, Dad.
  • Your son, daughter, and wife respect you and love you more than anything else in the whole world. Happy birthday, Popsy.
  • Mommy and I have been baking a delicious cake just for you. Come back home early from work so we can celebrate your 40th. Happy birthday, Daddy.
  • It's been a long time since we've been in touch, and there is no better day to rejuvenate our bond than now. Dad, I love you, and I wish you a very happy birthday.
  • Your birthday is yet another reason to celebrate and cherish the wonderful father-daughter bond that we share. Love ya, Pops. Happy birthday.
  • Good grades, graduation, first job, promotion, and everything else in life would have been meaningless if I didn't have a father figure like you to share it with. Happy birthday, old man.
  • What's better than some good old father/son bonding over a few pints on your birthday, eh? Here's wishing you a happy birthday and a stellar year ahead.
  • I want to grow up and be exactly like you. After we are done celebrating your birthday, you must fill me in on the secrets to such a wonderful life. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • Every year, your birthday reminds me of how much more I have to achieve in life if I want to be even half the extraordinary human being that you are. Cheers to the wonderful man, husband, and father that you are. Happy birthday, Pops.
  • Nothing makes me and Mommy happier than to see a smile on your face. Wish you a very happy birthday, Daddy.
  • Some of my childhood's best memories are because of you. On your birthday today, let's have a celebration which becomes yet another addition to our ever-growing pot of loving memories. Here's a toast to the best dad in the world. Happy birthday.
  • On your birthday, I promise that I will not get into trouble again. I love you, and I want to be the best son ever. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • Did you ever imagine that you would be celebrating your 40th birthday in the company of an adorable family like ours? We love you, Dad, and wish that you get the best of everything in life.
  • I feel like the luckiest child in the whole world. Not because of all the gifts, but the hugs and smiles you keep giving me day after day. I love you, Daddy; happy birthday.
  • I look back at my childhood and smile because you were always more of a friend than a father, who I could share everything with. The world needs more daddies like you. Wish you a happy birthday.

Thanks for always fostering my independent spirit, and for raising a strong and tenacious daughter. Happy birthday!
Thanks for always fostering my independent spirit, and for raising a strong and tenacious daughter. Happy birthday! | Source

Happy Birthday Messages to Dad From Daughter

  • No matter how old I become, I will always be your little girl. Happy birthday, Daddy.
  • I could go on and on telling you how much I love you, but I think you already know that. No matter how many birthdays we count away, I will always be the loving daughter whose tiny hands clasped on to your fingers the day she was born. Happy birthday, Daddy.
  • Dad, you've always been there for me, and I love you so much. Happy birthday from your little princess!
  • Daddy, you are my shining star and I'm your precious angel. Happy birthday!
  • I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Although the years may pass us by, I'll always be your little girl.
  • I'm so proud to be your daughter. You've always shown me what it meant to be a strong and amazing person, and I'll always appreciate that. Happy birthday, Dad!
  • Thanks, Dad, for doing your best to raise me into the strong and proud woman you always knew I would be. Happy birthday!

I wouldn't be the amazing man I am today without your guidance and love. Happy birthday, Dad!
I wouldn't be the amazing man I am today without your guidance and love. Happy birthday, Dad! | Source

Happy Birthday Messages to Father From Son

  • Throwing this party doesn’t suffice for saying thank you for being such a wonderful father to your son. Happy Birthday, Dad.
  • This message is for the man who is the most loving father to his son and caring husband to his wife. You are the superstar of our lives. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • Thank you for always being the best father you could be, Dad. When I am a father one day, I hope I can be as amazing as you are. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the many who taught me how to play catch... and so many more things. I love you, Dad!
  • Thank you for always being a shining example of what it is to be a stellar father. I've raised amazing children of my own thanks to the wonderful example you've set my whole life of how to be the most incredible dad. Happy birthday!
  • I'm the luckiest son in the world. Happy birthday, Dad!
  • I wouldn't be the amazing man I am today without your guidance and love. Happy birthday, Dad!

Funny Birthday Messages

  • I thought of getting candles for your cake until I realized that so many won't fit on the cake. Gee, you're getting old, aren't you? Happy birthday.
  • My latest tweet says #happybirthdaydad, and I've tagged you in my Facebook status update. Your birthday is trending across all my social media profiles. Now it's time to make it real and give you a hug. Happy birthday, Popsy.
  • They say "Old is gold." You've just gotten a little more valuable today. Happy birthday, old man.
  • Mom told me not to tell you, but I just couldn't resist. We have a surprise planned for you tomorrow evening. Do I earn brownie points for letting you in on this secret? You can thank me by giving me more gifts on my birthday. For now, happy birthday to you!
  • I'm sorry I couldn't buy you a gift, but I'm broke. If you gave me more pocket money, I could have bought you a nice gift. Happy birthday, dear Dad.
  • You know what they say about getting old—that you become a child again. So from one child to another, happy birthday.
  • Dad, I think you have more candles on your cake than hairs on your head at this point. Happy birthday!
  • You've just got a year older. Don't know how you feel about it, but we're sure pepped up because of the celebrations we've planned. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • Happy birthday to my old man—well, really just "old man" would do. Happy birthday, Dad!
  • It's your birthday today, but you can't eat your cake. You have to watch your calories as you grow old. Sorry, Dad. Wish you a very happy birthday.
  • I could tell you what we've planned for you, but then it wouldn't remain a surprise, would it? Unless, of course, you are willing to bribe me into telling you. Regardless, I'm sure you will love it. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Dad.
  • Dad—I hate to be the first one to break this to you, but you are getting old. Happy birthday.
  • Good lord, Dad—you're old and grumpy now. Don't worry, we still love you tons. Happy birthday.
  • This birthday wish comes to you from your little daughter, loving wife, and your faithful Labrador. Happy birthday, Dad, and woof woof.
  • Today's the only day of the year when you can behave like a kid. Happy birthday, Dad.

Happy Birthday Messages for Single Dads

  • Mom couldn't be with us today, but I hope she is looking down proudly at you for the amazing father you have been. Happy birthday, Daddy.
  • Dad, thank you so much for playing the role of both parents my whole life. You've worked so hard, and I really appreciate it. Happy birthday!
  • My dearest Daddy, you've always been so loving and kind. It's okay that Mom isn't around—I know you always will be. Thank you, and happy birthday!
  • It takes an ordinary man to be a dad, but an amazing man to be both my Dad and my Mom. Thank you for all you've sacrificed, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
  • I love our special little family, and it wouldn't be complete without you, its leader. Happy birthday, Dad!


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      2 weeks ago

      Love all the lines simply awesome ❤️❤️

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      4 weeks ago

      Love all of them thanks for sharing these

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      2 years ago

      Happy birthday papa

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      2 years ago

      Happy birthday my sweet daddy love you dad miss you lottttt stay god bless you dad

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      2 years ago

      Happy birthday dad

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      2 years ago

      Happy dad

    • khmazz profile image

      Kristen Mazzola 

      7 years ago from South Florida

      Great! This was adorable! I am going to have to bookmark this one for next year! Thanks for sharing!

    • Mellonyy profile image


      7 years ago

      I appreciate this awesome hub. Voting this Up !

    • nikipa profile image


      7 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Lovely done! I would definitely use something from this hub.

      Thank you!


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