Happy Birthday Wishes, Poems, and Quotes to Send Your Niece

Updated on September 27, 2019
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Show your niece how much you care by sending her a special message or poem on her birthday.
Show your niece how much you care by sending her a special message or poem on her birthday. | Source

Wish your niece happy birthday in a way she'll remember forever with a cute poem, funny quote, or loving message. Take ideas from these young, fresh, bubbly, and creative greetings for your niece's birthday card, Facebook post, or tweet. Whether your niece is a toddler, preteen, teenager, or young woman, pull out all the stops to shower your love on her with an awesome gift.

On this page you will find:

  • Birthday messages for a card, text message, Facebook post, or tweet
  • Birthday quotes
  • Birthday poems

Birthday Messages to Write in a Card, Text Message, or Facebook Post

  • If your mom doesn't allow you to have a big party tonight, then call me, and I will make a few arrangements. And don't feel guilty, aunts are officially allowed to spoil their nieces. Happy birthday.
  • I am here in your life for a purpose—to spoil you, pamper you, indulge you, fuss over you, and allow you to do all those things that you parents don't. Happy birthday from your uncle.
  • Aunts and nieces are best friends related by blood. Happy birthday, dear niece.
  • Every time I get promoted in my job, you should celebrate because you're the one I'll buy a present for with my raise. Happy birthday to my favorite niece.
  • The best thing my sister ever did in her life was to give birth to a princess like you. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • If not for awesome nieces like you, our family would be dull and lifeless. Happy birthday to my wonderful niece.
  • When you add an 'e' to nice, it spells 'niece.' And with you, the 'e' stands for 'extraordinary.' Happy birthday to my niece.
  • My biggest achievement in life is that I became an aunt to a beautiful baby many years ago. And that baby was you. Happy birthday to my darling niece.
  • You are the reason I made a Facebook account, started buying things from Craigslist, and have become a pro at sourcing deals from Groupon. Happy birthday to the niece who keeps me trendy.
  • There's a reason why God doesn't make nieces like you in bulk. That's because every great niece deserves a great aunt, and there are very few great aunts like me in the world. Happy birthday.

Short birthday messages are perfect to text to your niece.
Short birthday messages are perfect to text to your niece.
  • Very few aunts in this world have nieces who are also their best friends, late night phone buddies, and shopping mates. I am truly lucky to have you. Happy birthday.
  • You are the reason I have always dreamt of having a daughter. Happy birthday to my favorite niece.
  • I am not your biological mother, but I am your mother's real sister, and we share our DNA. This means that you can think of me as your mother, too. Happy birthday.
  • If I ever had a daughter, I would want her to be exactly like you. Happy birthday from your favorite uncle.
  • Every year on your birthday, I am reminded of how time flies. It feels like only yesterday that I first held you in my arms, and now you have already grown into a beautiful young woman. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • Your mom gave me a wonderful niece. I hope I will return the favor to her in the future. Happy birthday.
  • I promise to grant you every item in your birthday wish list that your mother refuses. That's what uncles are for. Happy birthday, dear.
  • The problem with having a niece like you is that I have become snooty. I can't help but show you off to everyone I meet. Happy birthday.
  • I wish I had been as pretty and talented as you when I was your age. Happy birthday to my lovely niece.
  • I hope I can always be a better agony aunt that the ones in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, or Elle magazine. Happy birthday to my darling niece.
  • I think God deliberately didn't give me a daughter because he saw that I already have an awesome niece—you. Happy birthday.
  • You are the pulse of every family Christmas dinner, heartbeat of every family reunion, and breath of every family party. Happy birthday to my precious niece.
  • You become my best friend when I need someone to talk to, my daughter when I feel like being motherly, and my best critic when I dress up for a party. Happy birthday to my all-in-one niece.
  • God gave me a niece like you so that I could take a trial run of fatherhood. Happy birthday, darling.
  • Along with being your agony aunt, I also get the right to be your official date screener. I am looking forward to your late teens and twenties. Happy birthday.
  • When your mom placed you in my arms after your birth, little did I know that she was placing you directly in my heart. Happy birthday, dear niece.
  • I will not curse my fate if I don't get a promotion at work. I will not curse my fate if I don't have a big house. But I definitely would have cursed my fate if I didn't have a niece like you. Happy birthday.
  • I wish I was born a few years earlier and you were born a few years later. Then we actually could have grown up together as sisters. Happy birthday, dear niece.
  • My colleagues at work look forward to weekends to unwind and party. I look forward to weekends to have my niece come over to my house. I am so fond of you. Happy birthday.
  • God had a difficult time deciding how we should be related, so He gave us part blood relation and part friendship—the best of both worlds. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Send your niece a quote to help motivate her on her birthday.
Send your niece a quote to help motivate her on her birthday.

Fun and Loving Birthday Quotes

  • 'Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!' -Dr. Seuss
  • 'The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.' -Oprah Winfrey
  • 'God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.' -Voltaire
  • 'Don't just count your years, make your years count.' -George Meredith
  • 'Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake.' -Edward Morykwas
  • 'You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself.' -Ethel Barrymore
  • 'If you want to be happy, be.' -Henry David Thoreau

A birthday poem: For you, two things will always be open—my heart and my front door.
A birthday poem: For you, two things will always be open—my heart and my front door.

Birthday Poems to Write Your Niece

  • No niece in this world
    is comparable:
    No niece in this world
    is as adorable,
    No niece in this world
    Is as extraordinary,
    No niece in this world
    is as beautiful,
    No niece in this world
    deserves as much
    as you.
    Happy birthday.
  • You should visit me more
    Because there is lots for you in store.
    You should annoy me more
    Because that keeps my life from being a bore
    You should talk to me more
    Because it makes my heart soar.
    For you two things will always be open:
    My heart and my house's front door.
    Happy birthday, dear niece.
  • A niece like you is special
    To her aunts and uncles,
    Not just because she's family
    But also because she is so lovely.
    A niece like you is special
    For her aunts and uncles,
    Not just because she loves them so much
    But because in their lives, she adds a magical touch.
    Happy birthday, dear.
  • You and me
    Make the perfect twosome.
    You and me
    Make a pair awesome.
    You and me
    Are wonderful together.
    You and me
    Are like no other
    You and me
    Are not just aunt and niece.
    We are inseparable
    Like pizza and cheese.
    Happy birthday.
  • If everyone had a niece like you,
    Their lives would be a breeze.
    If everyone had a niece like you,
    Aunts would live their lives at ease.
    Happy birthday.
  • In our family tree,
    There is one person that you can see,
    Who easily stands out
    From the big crowd,
    And that person is you,
    Without whom our family couldn't make do.
    Happy birthday.
  • My niece, my little princess,
    You totally rule my heart.
    In the story of my life,
    You are the best part.
    Your sweet smile
    And magical ways
    Bring happiness in my life
    And joy that lingers and forever stays.
    Happy birthday.
  • You fill up my solitude
    With your cheerful attitude.
    You nullify my loneliness
    With fun and happiness.
    You abolish my anxiety
    When I see your face, so pretty.
    To my heart, you always find you way
    My lovely niece, I wish you happy birthday.
  • I dislike being called uncle
    Because it makes me I feel old.
    But you are an exception
    Because you are as precious as gold.
    I love being an uncle
    To my favorite niece,
    Whom I can annoy to no end
    And never fail to tease.
    Happy birthday.
  • Today, my Facebook page is cluttered
    With pictures of you and me.
    Today, my Pinterest profile is full
    Of childhood pictures of you, for my friends to see.
    Today, my Twitter page is replete,
    Announcing the birthday of my nice, who is so sweet.
    Happy birthday, darling.

Don't just count your years—make your years count.

— George Meredith
  • All my friends are jealous
    Because I have a niece like you.
    They are envious that I am
    Your aunt, that I'm one of those lucky few
    Who gets to hang out
    With a lovely young woman,
    Who gets to share her life
    With a niece who is so much fun.
    Happy birthday.
  • To my dear niece:
    Strive to be the best you can be,
    Never turn back on your failures to see
    What you could not get or you couldn't achieve,
    Because you have me to support you, and I'll never leave.
    Happy birthday.
  • Whether it is a cousin's birthday
    Or a family barbecue,
    Every event in our family
    Would be incomplete without you.
    Whether it is a shopping spree
    Or just another night out,
    I always love to do things with you,
    So let's celebrate, scream, and shout.
    Happy birthday.
  • What birthday gift should I give
    To my gorgeous niece
    Who is turning a year older,
    And whom I want to please?
    I think that the best gift for her
    Wouldn't be a watch or a purse.
    An awesome gift would be
    Help in finding a man whom she could call hers.
    Happy birthday.
  • To my dear niece:
    I hope you grow up to be like me.
    In you, a reflection of myself I can see.
    The good parts of my life I want you to inherit:
    My zest for life, sense of humor, and wit.
    Happy birthday.
  • I look forward to weekends,
    Along with each and every day,
    Because I know that you will visit me
    And have interesting things to say.
    Because of you, I feel alive,
    Full of life, and energetic.
    It's because of your presence
    That my life is fantastic.
    Happy birthday to my niece.
  • A niece is a permanent part
    Of her aunt's heart.
    A niece's photo is a permanent fixture
    In her aunt's living room, like the furniture.
    A niece's presence is a permanent celebration
    In her aunt's life, as she is the cure to desolation.
    Happy birthday to my niece.
  • Aunts wouldn't love being aunts
    If they didn't have nieces like you.
    There is a reason why they cherish
    Their bonds with their nieces so true.
    Whenever they want,
    They can become their nieces' mothers or friends,
    And help their nieces pass through
    Life's rough patches or unexpected bends.
    Whenever they want,
    They can switch to being aunts, too.
    That is why I love being an aunt
    To a wonderful niece like you.
    Happy birthday.
  • Loving aunts and their loving nieces,
    In the puzzle of life, are matching pieces.
    The puzzle of my life, too,
    Is made complete only by you.
    Happy birthday.
  • My relationship with your parents
    Was always loving and true,
    But it became stronger
    After they had you.
    All this while I have
    Loved you as much as my own child.
    I will always cherish memories
    Of times we cried and smiled.
    Happy birthday.


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    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Beautiful messages, showing love for niece! All are lovely--difficult to choose, which one is the best.

      Well done and beautiful!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      7 years ago from The Caribbean

      Messages and verses any niece will cherish. I especially like Message Number 7 . Thanks for doing such a fine job in honor of our nieces.


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