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Messages and Poems to Say "I Love You" to Your Father

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Dads sacrifice a lot to give you a good life. Always remember that, no matter how old you become, your dad will always remain the loving daddy who held you in his arms to make you smile and hugged your worries away.

Dads sacrifice a lot to give you a good life. Always remember that, no matter how old you become, your dad will always remain the loving daddy who held you in his arms to make you smile and hugged your worries away.

When was the last time you said "I love you" to your dad? Thank your father by writing an "I love you" poem or sending him a sweet message along with a gift. Appreciate his contribution and thank him for always looking out for his son or daughter. Send him a message, post on his Facebook page, or make a beautiful card with a collage of your childhood pictures. Don't wait for Father's Day to tell him you love him.

Messages to Thank Your Dad and Tell Him "I Love You"

  1. Forgiveness is hard, but you always forgave us when we made a mistake. It is difficult to control anger, but you never got angry in front of us. Growing up, you always taught us that it is not easy to do the right things in life, but it pays off in the end. We love you, Dad.
  2. I know this is random, but why should I only express my love for you on Father's Day when you love me each and every day in the year? I love you, Dad.
  3. I am sure you were a wonderful son, but I could never be even half the father you have been to me. I love you, Dad.
  4. If my life were a car, you would be the brakes that stop me from making a mistake and the accelerator that drives me towards success. I love you, Dad.
  5. My childhood memories are not made up of my favorite dolls and toys but with those warm hugs and cuddles that I shared with you. I love you, Dad.
  6. Every father has his own way of raising his children. Yours is undoubtedly the best because I had an awesome time growing up. I love you, dear Dad.
  7. This is not an anniversary wish for you and Mom; this is not your birthday wish, nor is it Father's Day today. This is just a random message to tell you how much I appreciate having you in my life. I love you, Dad.
  8. Humanity does not need heroes who can fly and create webs, or who have other magical superpowers. Mankind just needs more loving dads like you. I love you.
  9. Today I want to thank you for never telling me what to do—I want to thank you for teaching me how to live my life by setting a perfect example yourself. I love you, Dad.
  10. If I ever grow up to become a doctor, I am going to do some research to find out how it's possible for fathers to love their daughters despite all the drama and pain they cause. I love you, Dad.
  11. The relationship between a dad and his son is like the relationship between wine and time. Our relationship has got sweeter with age, just like wine. I love you, Dad.
  12. I am still confused about our relationship. Did we have a father-son relationship, or did we have a brotherly relationship? Was our relationship really like a family, or were we more like good friends? Father, brother, friend, teacher—you have played many roles in my life. I love you, Dad.
  13. I don't know why everyone falls in love, but I can imagine why Mom must have fallen in love with you. Dad, I love you for being so caring, loving, and kind to your loved ones.
  14. When I grow up, I want to become an astronomer so I can discover a new star and name it after you, the real star of my life. I love you, my dear father.
A good dad never teaches his son life's big lessons. He simply allows his son to learn from his own actions.

A good dad never teaches his son life's big lessons. He simply allows his son to learn from his own actions.

  1. Every time I came to talk to you as a teenager, it was probably to ask for more allowance or other reasons. So, this time I want to say that I love you (without any reason).
  2. You taught me how much more important it is to have a kind heart than to look rich by wearing expensive-looking clothes and driving nice cars. I love you, Dad.
  3. If I had a time machine, I would rewind back to my childhood and hit the pause button so that I could cherish those wonderful years I spent with you forever. I love you, Dad.
  4. The beauty of our relationship is that all my life, you never needed to give me any teachings or lessons. The way you have lived your life caring for Mom and us children is the biggest lesson any son could have ever had. I love you, Dad.
  5. All your life, you have allowed your children to shine like stars. Little did we know that you were the brightest star in the house who hid his shine so we could seem brighter. We love you, Dad.
  6. When my first boyfriend asked me if he was my first love, I said no. I said that my first love will forever be my father because he has sacrificed his life for me. I love you, Dad.
  7. You have been the best father because you never pointed out my faults. You only suggested ways I could overcome them. I love you.
  8. Men who have commitment phobia should learn from a man like you who is committed to his wife, kids, and job. We love you, Dad, for committing your life to all of us.
  9. There are many things in life that are best left unsaid. But this is one of those things that deserves to be repeatedly said—I love you, Dad.
  10. One day, Granddad told me that he was very proud to have a grandson like me. "Be proud to have a son like my dad," is what I replied to him. I love you, Dad.
  11. I would be willing to pay all the money I have to relive my childhood moments with you. That is the real measure of your success as a father. I love you, Dad.
  12. I never realized how much patience it requires to raise a child until I became a father myself. Dad, you are a true legend. I love you.
  13. You have been working tirelessly since the day I was born to give me fun toys, put me to a good school, buy me a nice car, and save to send me to a great college. Many hugs and thanks are due to you for giving me the best of everything. I love you, Dad.
A dad is always his daughter's first hero and first love.

A dad is always his daughter's first hero and first love.

Short Rhymes to Tell Your Dad You Love Him

  1. The most difficult thing to do
    Is to not give a hug to you
    The easiest thing to do
    Is to smile and think about you
    The most difficult thing to do
    Is to be away from you
    The easiest thing to do
    Is to endlessly love you
    Love you, Dad
  2. Crushes and boyfriends
    Will come and go
    But, Dad, you will always be
    Your daughter's number one hero
    I love you
  3. "Where did you learn to work so hard?"
    Is what my boss asked me as he came my way
    I knew my answer, even though he caught me off guard
    Work hard, son is what my father told me back in the day
    This was my reply to my boss
    He had a warm smile on his face
    And all his arrogance went for a toss
    "You have a good dad," he said with grace
    I smiled back and said nothing
    This was something I already knew
    Your teachings have put me on the path of winning
    Dear Dad, I love you
  4. Do even you know how adorable you are?
    I miss you when you and I are apart
    Staying away from our house
    Makes me grumble and grouse
    But since I am now living alone
    My love for you, I want to be known
    I miss you and Mom
    Your memories are like a soothing balm
    I love you, Dad
  5. All this time you tried to make me
    A successful young man with many means
    But all your tries have been fruitless, you see
    I was born to be successful because I had your genes
    Don't call me the son
    You are glad you had
    I would have been no one
    If it weren't for you, Dad
    I love you
  6. I always cursed you and mom
    For being so predictable
    But that was a long time back
    When I was little
    Now I know and I have realized
    That you were predictable for a reason
    It wasn't because you liked being that way
    But you always wanted to be there for your son
    I love you, Dad
  7. I can't remember the last time
    That I said I love you
    To my dear dad
    So this message was highly due
    But let me make it very clear
    That whether I say it or not
    I have and will always love you
    Not just a little, but lots and lots
    I love you, Dad
  8. When I was a child
    I was a fool to think that you were not fair
    Let me make it up to you
    By giving you a big hug like a bear
    I love you, Daddy
  9. When I was young
    I thought that you were not cool
    Now that I have grown up
    I have realized that you were cooler than cool
    All that I want to say now
    Is that I was a complete fool
    And there is no other dad in the world
    Who can be like you, Mr. Cool?
    I love you
  1. When I was small and immature
    I may have taken you for granted
    When I was a teenager and moody
    Sometimes from my room, you were shunted
    When I was about to become an adult
    I never thought that you knew what I wanted
    But now that I have finally crossed twenty-one
    I realize that my behavior was completely unwarranted
    I love you, my dear father
  2. Only a father like you
    Can be strong, yet so gentle
    Only a father like you
    Can be strict, yet so lenient
    Only a father like you
    Can be focused, yet so carefree
    Only a father like you
    Can be angry, yet so calm
    We love you, Dad
  3. My dad is like a large mountain
    Who acts like a safety curtain
    Who shields me from trouble and pain
    Not once, not twice, but again and again
    I love you
  4. Your overpowering presence in my life was such
    That even though I wasn't scared of my teachers much
    I was always afraid that the mistakes I made
    I hoped never to hurt you, is what I prayed
    Your loving smile to me was paramount
    Every hug you gave me added happiness to my life's account
    I love you, Dad
  5. I love my dad because...
    My dad taught me to walk
    He also taught me to talk
    My dad taught me to speak
    He also taught me never to be weak
    My dad taught me to be strong
    He also taught me never to be wrong
    My dad taught me to be honest
    He also taught me to be my best
    That's why I love my dad
  6. No matter how old you grow
    You will still be the hero
    Who carried me on his shoulders
    And who showed me life's wonders
    You are the person I will forever look up to
    Dear Dad, I love you
  7. Daddy said never be greedy
    Daddy said always be strong in tragedy
    Daddy said never be seedy
    Daddy said always remain steady
    Daddy said never be shady
    Daddy said always be a respectful lady
    I love you, Daddy
  8. Even though I am small I understand
    That being a father can be a thankless role
    Dads like you should be celebrated because
    Fatherly figures like you are bigger than rock and roll
    Love you, Dad
  9. Thanks for teaching me to never let go
    Of opportunity and responsibility
    Thanks for teaching me to always let go
    Of falsity and animosity
    I love you, Dad
  10. It still makes me wonder
    What you saw in me at an age so tender
    To push me to do my best
    As you worked tirelessly without any rest
    Just the fact that you believed in me
    Is what set me free
    Making me what I am today
    A big thank you is the least I can say
    I love you, Dad

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Avah on August 30, 2020:

Amazing ideas!

Brookelynn Johnston on January 31, 2020:

This made my dad cry,,,,,,thankyou so much

Sapphire on August 06, 2019:

I Love you if you need me I will let you know l am in my bed room Love from sapphire. ❤️

Skylar Hannah Jefferson Handwell on June 15, 2019:

These poems are very touching, Lovely and memorable. Father;s day is coming up, actually it's tomorrow, my daughters and son are making a last minute craft, they're still little, my son and daughter twins are 5 and their younger sister is 3. This means I have to help with the craft, don't get me wrong, that's the joy of my life, and why I had children, to love and help and they're my favorite people in the world! Their baby-daddy and I are getting married next month so it's a stressful time for all of us. These poems are really helping with ideas.

Thank you @princesswithapen for the help! (smiley face)

i love my dad loads and loads but not as much as these heart touching ppoems and im only nine ! on March 18, 2018:


Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on May 05, 2013:

Deeply touched by your collection of poems, dedicated to your father.

Beautiful feelings shared in this hub. Thanks!

Pamela-anne from Miller Lake on May 04, 2013:

Loved your collection of poems dedicated to dear old dad; I was at my dad's (my hero) 77th birthday on May 1/2013. I am so blessed to have him in my life. Bless all the good fathers of the world! Thanks for sharing it is a beautiful collection!

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