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Birthday Poems and One-Liners for Friends and Relatives

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.

Say happy birthday the right way!

Say happy birthday the right way!

Poems for Birthday Cards

Have you ever come up short when it comes to figuring out what to write in someone’s birthday card? Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a funny line or a quick quip, so instead of expressing your feelings, you go out and buy one of those pre-filled birthday cards.

The poems and birthday verses below are offered to you as a starting point. They can be used any way you wish—in a card, in a note, on social media, verbally, and more. Enjoy!

From good friends and true,

From old friends and new,

May good luck go with you,

And happiness too.

How to Present These Birthday Wishes

  • Get them printed on a special birthday balloon.
  • Create a birthday card and write one or more of the poems inside.
  • Tell your friend in person by reading them one or more of the poems.
  • Text one or more of them to your friend or family member.
  • Create a meme for social media.
  • Print your favorite poem on a tee shirt or some other item and give it to them.
  • Put the words to music—maybe a tune you already know.
  • Post them on their social media sites.
  • Create a longer version of one of the poems.

Birthday Poems

Here are 21 original poems you can use to wish someone a happy birthday with style. Write them in a card, send them on social media, or sing them to the tune of a song.

1. "Birthday Love"

Birthdays are all about

Love of cake
Love of parties
Love of presents

Wait I didn’t get you one
Hope you love the card

Happy birthday

2. "Movie"

If your birthday was a movie
It would be a comedy
Because of all the humor and joy
You bring into the lives of those
Who have the pleasure
Of getting to know you

So on this your special day
There is only one thing I can say

Happy birthday

3. "Birthday Reflections"

Birthdays are about moving forward
As you reflect on your years of life
It’s about having a joyous celebration
Of all the years you have been alive

Happy birthday

4. "Time"

What is it about the celebration
Of the passing of the years of life
That causes us to all remember
The joyous times of our lives
When we come together as one
To raise a glass and eat some cake
And wish the one we love so much

A happy birthday

5. "New Beginnings"

Each birthday is the end of one year
But it also the beginning of a new one
So on this your special day let’s celebrate
A new year of life that has just begun

Happy birthday

6. "Ribbons"

Ribbons and bows, bows and ribbons
Adorn the presents all lined up in a row
But the best gift of all on this special day
Is the time you spend with those you love

Happy birthday

7. "Presents"

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Do you have a $10
So I can get a present for you?

Happy Birthday

8. "It’s Your Birthday Again"

I saw a sign on the wall|
that said, “Age is just a number.”
Had to laugh to myself

If there is one person I know
Who that holds true for
It’s you

You’ve defied the passage of time
You’re ageless, ageless

Happy birthday

9. "Dog Years"

In dog years you’d be ____
So I guess you’re not
Really as old as I think
No, you really are as old

Happy birthday

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10. "This Birthday"

May God bless you
On this your special day
And keep you safe and happy
As you live your life each day

Happy birthday

11. "Brother/Sister"

Growing up you were more
Than a brother/sister to me
You were the very best friend
A person can ever truly be

So it is my pleasure to say
Have a very, very special

Happy birthday

12. "The Party Started"

Come on let’s get the party started
As we celebrate another year for you
We'll eat some cake and ice cream
Have some fun the whole day through

Happy Birthday

13. "Say Your Age"

There’s no need to tell us
How old you think you are
We all know your true age
But we all don’t really care

Age is just a cursory number
that counts out your years
What matters the most in this life
Are the people you hold so dear

Who come together to celebrate
A person we all so dearly love
On this your very special day

Happy birthday

14. "The Mirror"

Look in the mirror
What do you think you do see
Maybe more wrinkles
A grey hair (or two or three)

Well you are getting older
So don’t you worry
You’re not over the hill yet
Wait, well maybe you are

Happy birthday

15. "Birthday Wish"

Birthday wish
I hope all your birthday
Wishes and dreams do come true
Everything you want and deserve
Will in the next year come to you

Happy birthday

16. "Strangest Birthday"

It’s the strangest birthday yet
You’re almost over the hill
But you’re not quite there yet
So you’re somewhere between
Being old and very, very old

Happy birthday

17. "Gift Of Life"

Today is a celebration
Of the gift of your life
And what it has meant
To have you in our lives

The joy, laughter, and smiles
You’ve brought to our lives
Yes there have been some tears
But our love we freely give

So let’s raise a glass in cheer
Wish you a happy birthday
And here’s to another year

18. "Birthdays Come"

Birthdays come; birthdays go
But it’s the life in between
We’ll always remember you know
The joy you give throughout the year
The smiles, the joy, the memories
that we all hold as so, so dear

Happy birthday

19. "Your Birthday"

May your ____ birthday be filled
With excitement, laughter, and joy
As you're surrounded by family and friends
All who have come together to celebrate
Another wonderful year spent with you

20. "Balloons"

Wanted to buy you a balloon
For each year you’ve been alive
But the store ran out of helium
So I could only get you 45.

21. "Whatever May Come"

Whatever may come
Whatever may befall you
Always remember this
Birthdays come for one day

Then life moves on and on
So take time to celebrate
Your very special day
Then to enjoy your life

Til the next one comes along

Happy birthday

How old are you now?

How old are you now?

How old, how old

How old are you now?

Birthday One-Liners

  • Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good day . . . but not too good; remember your age.
  • On this day, let us celebrate the day you were born—many, many years ago.
  • When I asked you how old you were this year, you said that number is unlisted.
  • What is a birthday but a day to celebrate something we all know? You’re getting older.
  • I wasn’t going to mention how old you are this year, but I thought, where’s the fun in that? So happy _____ birthday
  • On this, your ____ birthday, I’d like to offer you a special blessing. You’re going to need it at your age.
  • I know you said you didn’t want anyone to make a big deal out of your ______ birthday, but it’s too late. Let’s get this party started.
  • I couldn’t find a gift that reflected all of who you are and what you do for me. What? Yes, I didn’t have time to get you something.
  • Age doesn’t matter. You can party as hard as you want. Well, at least until you throw out a hip.
  • A birthday is the first day of the next year of your life. Enjoy the journey.
  • Like a fine wine, you’ve grown better with age, and at your age, it must be some mighty fine wine.
  • Here's to having enough breath left in you to blow out all those candles on your cake.
  • Happy birthday to someone who is forever young. At least you keep telling us you are.

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