30 Thank You Messages for Father Figures

Updated on September 12, 2019
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MsDora—parent, grandparent, Christian counselor—offers suggestions on raising confident, conscientious, responsible, productive children.

There’s a time for everything. There’s a time to poll the fatherless and record their social and emotional ills, and a time to discuss ways to help them survive the odds. There is also a time to say “thank you” to the men who actually stand in the gap and help the children succeed.

Countless men, many unnoticed, consider fathering a part of their daily duty; and many people whose lives they touched reaped lifetime benefits from their counsel. Some shared more than counsel: time, money, skills, and even their names with children who were not biologically theirs. The following messages are for them.

Feel free to copy any message and complete it with “Thank you. I love you” or something similar. Send a message not only on Father's Day, but whenever their good deeds come to mind.

Photo Credit:  JimmyWeee.  Text added.
Photo Credit: JimmyWeee. Text added. | Source

(I) Beginning at Home

(for the man who helped to raise another man’s child)

  1. My definition of father is “the man who loves and cares for me.” That’s you—always!
  2. Among the wisest choices my mother made, was her choice of you to share our lives.
  3. Your picture on my wall is in the place where my father’s should be; and in my heart, you fit the spot perfectly!
  4. Blood ties are great. Heart ties are greater. What we have is by far, the greatest!
  5. Some father-child bonds are only human. Supernatural bonds, like ours, are only divine.
  6. Yours were my father’s arms, the day you walked me down the aisle, and every time before and after when you lent them to me.
  7. I wanted you to be my father since the first time I saw you and my mother look at each other. You have been an instrument of joy in our lives.
  8. You awakened my sense of belonging when you gave me your name. You gave me a sense of purpose when you introduced me as your child.
  9. God knew that if He’d let me choose my father, I’d choose you. So He brought us in together in circumstances I’d relive any day, for the reward of being your child.
  10. I got my first three wishes: a home, a father, a future. I have just one more wish: that I could show you how much I appreciate them.


(II) By the Way

(for the authority figure who loved and nurtured incidentally)

  1. Whenever my lips say “Coach,” my heart says, “Daddy.”(Replace “Coach” with “Pastor” or “Uncle” or “Godfather” or whatever is appropriate.)
  2. That day when you first put your hand on my shoulder, you put a permanent smile on my heart.
  3. When I count my blessings, I begin with you, walking into my classroom and into my life.
  4. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw that you cared, and I wanted to be everything that I could be. - Mary Rita Schilke Korazan
  5. I thought that patience, politeness, and pardon were masculine nouns. They were so much a part of you.
  6. Given all the abuse in the news, it gives me great honor to declare that you treated us girls with sensitivity and dignity.
  7. I'm still growing because of the three Rs you taught me: reading, reasoning, and responsibility.
  8. Road trips with you were the best part of my life; they took me from boredom to bravery.
  9. You never taught me the meaning of integrity; you simply lived it.
  10. You inspired me not to waste energy being ashamed of who my father became, but to spend my focus on becoming who God designed me to be.

By Kylie Giovanni
By Kylie Giovanni | Source

(III) Above and Beyond

(for the mentor who sacrificed to make positive changes)

  1. Mentors like you are God-sent! Before you, there was nothing good to remember; since you, so much good has filled my dreams.
  2. You showed me the road to walk on; then you left footprints for me to walk in.
  3. You were my light when I lost my way; “Sure you can make it” you used to say. For years I followed your caring voice and finally learned the power of choice.
  4. The adult I have become grew out of the struggles you helped me overcome.
  5. For the Lord corrects those he loves, just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights (Proverbs 3:12). Now in hindsight, I appreciate that you valued me as much as you did your own child.
  6. Eating at your family table was like finding love in a dish. Both my stomach and my heart were nourished.
  7. My sanity stabilized when we spent time together. You were my stress-reliever.
  8. Whenever I have a tough decision to make, I visualize you standing beside me. I repeat my options while looking at your face and choose the one that makes you smile. It never fails.
  9. You're the single most influential person in my life; you taught me to pray, to persevere, and to prosper.
  10. Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise (Proverbs 13:20). It is the greatest compliment when someone tells me how obvious it is that I learned from you.

The Father Figure Poll

Have you had at least one outstanding father figure in your life?

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      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        3 months ago from The Caribbean

        Nithya, I know that you still benefit from the time you spent with your father. You are blessed.

      • Vellur profile image

        Nithya Venkat 

        3 months ago from Dubai

        All are beautiful messages, touched my heart. I had a wonderful father who was my friend, philosopher and guide.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        5 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Cheryl. I agree. My father died before I could know him and there were several males who covered for him. We honor them all.

      • Cheryl E Preston profile image

        Cheryl E Preston 

        5 months ago from Roanoke

        This is a wonderful article. Thank you. There are many father figures who deserve recognition.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        7 months ago from The Caribbean

        Lori, it's a blessing to enjoy memories of our biological mothers and other mothers of faith. Go ahead! Share the memories.

      • lambservant profile image

        Lori Colbo 

        7 months ago from Pacific Northwest

        Hi Dora, sorry I missed this one. Love the ideas and quotes here. I had a lot of female mother figures in my life, but I also had an amazing mother. I also had a dad and a few father figures. Maybe I'll write about them. Thanks for sharing this inspiration.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        8 months ago from The Caribbean

        Roseanne, you can still thank your late dad, which is what you have done in your comment. He doesn't have to hear you, for you to sing his praises. Pay him tribute as often as you can. You were blessed to have him in your life.

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        I wish my dad were alive today so I could thank him for working so hard to give us a home, put food on the table and clothes on our backs. He sacrificed his life's happiness so we could be happy. No matter how broke he was, he always managed to have a few dollars in his pocket to buy ice cream when the ice cream truck came through our neighborhood. I never felt like we were poor. Thanks daddy-you're my hero.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        16 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Elena. Happy to have you use any of these messages. Dads are special, and you are blessed to have one in your life.

      • Lady_E profile image


        16 months ago from London, UK

        They are beautiful messages. Each one is special. I will visit this Hub again over the weekend for a few to put in my Dads card instead of the usual "Love you Loads." :-)

        It's Fathers Day too in UK, this Sunday. Thank you for your kind thoughts in sharing.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        16 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Denise. True, fathers are usually not remembered half as much as mothers, but there are those who deserve a tribute.

      • PAINTDRIPS profile image

        Denise McGill 

        16 months ago from Fresno CA

        Dear Dora,

        How sweet of you to remember the fathers and father-figures at this time of year. So many put all the effort into honoring mothers but seem to forget the fathers who like Joseph were in the background giving much support and comfort. Thanks for sharing these. They are all lovely statements. I enjoyed reading them all.



      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        16 months ago from The Caribbean

        Geri, thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you appreciate the quotes.

      • gerimcclym profile image

        Geri McClymont 

        17 months ago

        Thank you, Dora, for this tribute to men who, as you say, have stood in the gap and have played the roles of fathers in the lives of children who needed them.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Chitrangada. You were doubly blessed with having both a father and father figures. They deserve some praise.

      • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

        Chitrangada Sharan 

        17 months ago from New Delhi, India

        Beautiful and touching messages for Father figures!

        My father has always been my inspiration, and whatever good someone sees in me, is because of the guidance of my father and mother.

        But I have had some father figures also in my life, and they have also influenced my life in many positive ways.

        Excellent quotes and wonderful article. Thanks for sharing!

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Bill. Encouraged that you keep following. Praying that you stay healthy.

      • lifegate profile image

        William Kovacic 

        17 months ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

        Hi, Dora. Spent some time in the hospital, so I'm just catching. Glad top start here!

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Liz. This is a good time of year to remember, but of course, we can pay tribute all year long.

      • Eurofile profile image

        Liz Westwood 

        17 months ago from UK

        As always, an interesting and thought-provoking article. It encourages me to remember with gratitude the father figures I can recognize at different times in my life.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Denise, I never had a father in my house, and I ventured to say that I didn't have a father figure, but I just did not recognize them. They were there. Thanks for emphasizing that they deserve the credit.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Jo. I agree. Whoever focuses and helps the children deserve a tribute.

      • denise.w.anderson profile image

        Denise W Anderson 

        17 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

        These quotes are great, Dora! We appreciate you pointing out the many things our fathers, whether biological or otherwise, have done in our lives. So often we put more emphasis on Mother's Day. I feel that mothers and fathers are equally important.

      • jo miller profile image

        Jo Miller 

        17 months ago from Tennessee

        Support from others, no matter where it comes from, is so important to all children. Thanks for this beautiful article.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Bill, your comment is a great message in itself. Thank you for adding it.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Linda, thanks for your affirmation. Yes, fathers and father figures are more important than many seem to know.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Yves. I join you in expressing thanks to the men who stand in the gap for absent fathers. We certainly appreciate them.

      • billybuc profile image

        Bill Holland 

        17 months ago from Olympia, WA

        I had the best father I could have hoped for. I hope my son can say the same.:)

      • AliciaC profile image

        Linda Crampton 

        17 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Your messages are beautiful, Dora. I love the fact that you've honoured father figures in this article. They do a wonderful and very important job.

      • savvydating profile image


        17 months ago

        Hello Ms. Dora...Father figures are needed in a child's life, needless to say. (Although, not everyone recognizes this truth) I am especially grateful to any man, whether he be a soccer coach, a classroom teacher or a step-father, who is willing to step into the role of a mentor for any child when the biological father is absent. A needed hub, especially in lieu of Father's Day.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Frank. We probably need to teach and remind the children to appreciate their dads. Especially when they get older, they may not do it without a probe.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks Mary. I know several fathers and father figures who deserve the praise. Good for them!

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Larry. Seems like you're always smiling in your profile pic. Great smile, too. Thanks for following.

      • Larry Fish profile image

        Larry W Fish 

        17 months ago from Raleigh

        A great article, Dora! You have a way of making me smile.

      • Blond Logic profile image

        Mary Wickison 

        17 months ago from Brazil

        I simply loved these. I am certain as you say for a Father's Day card, or a simple message of love, these would be greatly received. So much praise is always addressed to women, it is wonderful to see touching quotes for men who make a difference in a person's life.

      • Frank Atanacio profile image

        Frank Atanacio 

        17 months ago from Shelton

        Love the messages.. and Father figures.. are so important.. for many young children.. I love the idea you have here in your hub... It really is all about who will really be there for you...bless you MsDora..:)

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Ann, thank you for sharing. You were blessed to have a good father-daughter relationship. Men like your cousin need to have their stories told. They inspire other men to imitate them, and how much better life would be for other fatherless children!

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Jackie. I appreciate that you have always been a cheerleader for me. You're the more angelic one in that you have always done your best to promote other writers. You've got a really good heart, and I'm glad to support you also. May God bless us, both!

      • annart profile image

        Ann Carr 

        17 months ago from SW England

        These are such beautiful quotes, Dora. I confess some made me cry.

        I was lucky in that I had a wonderful father who taught me much and shared much of his leisure time with me. He died 24 years ago but he is still with me, guiding my decisions and making me smile.

        A cousin of my mother also welcomed me into his home and on foreign holidays with his wife and two boys, as well as teaching me tennis, badminton and.French and so he was a second father figure, much respected and loved.

        A lovely tribute to fathers, Dora.


      • Jackie Lynnley profile image

        Jackie Lynnley 

        17 months ago from The Beautiful South

        I can't brag on you enough, Dora, you always touch our hearts with whatever you write and bring out such good and loving thoughts. I could almost call you the HubPage Angel! (Although we both know humans can't be angels, you know what I mean.) You bless us all. Too bad we can no longer share with hubbers to let more get to know you.

        Sending a big spiritual hug your way!

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Sen, thanks for sharing. God bless you in your effort to raise your sons responsibly.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks Ronald. You were blessed to have this father figure in your life, and hopefully you'd have a chance to thank him in heaven.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Natalie. So many men deserve this tribute! It is time for them to receive it.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Mary. I also grew up with a single mother, and recognize now that there were uncles, cousins, teachers and church brothers who stood in the gap for my father.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Jodah. It is time to think about the men who sacrifice without notice as much as the women.

      • MsDora profile imageAUTHOR

        Dora Weithers 

        17 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks, Flourish. Some of these father figures we do not recognize until we think about it seriously.

      • Sean Dragon profile image

        Ioannis Arvanitis 

        17 months ago from Greece, Almyros

        My dear Sister, as I am the father of four sons and as I am a son who lost his father young, after a hard fight with cancer, I thank you from my heart for this amazing article!

        God bless you, and your father up there to Heavens!


      • RonElFran profile image

        Ronald E Franklin 

        17 months ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

        There was man in the church I grew up in who was a father figure to me. This article brought him to mind, and made me wish I could send him one of these messages today.

      • Natalie Frank profile image

        Natalie Frank 

        17 months ago from Chicago, IL

        What a beautiful compilation. There are so many men that serve as male role models and father figures for children all over the globe and providing a way to acknowledge them is truly a gift you have given.

      • aesta1 profile image

        Mary Norton 

        17 months ago from Ontario, Canada

        My father died when I was 17 and my mother never remarried. However, I have had several spiritual advisers and they have been like father figures to me.

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        17 months ago from Queensland Australia

        Thank you for writing this, MsDora. Mothers often get many accolades, whereas fathers bot so much. These thank you messages were wonderful.

      • FlourishAnyway profile image


        17 months ago from USA

        What beautiful and loving messages to recognize the contributions of important father figures in one’s life. You can never have enough positive influences or say thank you enough to those who take the time to help guide your journey.


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