Thank you messages for dad: Poems and quotes to write on a Thank You card for your father

Updated on June 19, 2013
Thank you poem for dad from a daughter.
Thank you poem for dad from a daughter.

Want to say thank you to your dad but just can't find the right words? This post gives ideas for messages, short poems, wishes, sayings or quotes that you can write on a Thank You card for your father. As a son or daughter, you are bound to express love for your dad on Father's Day or on his birthday. But if you say something sweet, write something funny or give him a warm hug on a random day to thank your dad for everything he has done, he will feel like the luckiest father in the world. You, your brothers and sisters, and your mom can pool in money to pamper your dad by buying him a gift.

Thank you poems for dad: Short rhymes to express gratitude for your father

Poems are supposed to come from the heart. Think about the special moments you have spent with your dad and jot them down on a notepad. Jog your memory and think about the time your dad sacrificed something to be there for you on your birthday, when he carried you on his shoulders or how he bought something that you always wanted.

You will find that there are thousands of reasons why you should thank your dad for making your life the sole purpose of his life. Instead of waiting for Father's Day, surprise your dad by giving him a thank you card out of the blue. He may or may not cry after reading your poem, but his heart will melt and he will give you a warm hug, like he always has.

1) On my 1st birthday

You gave me a toy car

On my 6th birthday

You taught me how to ride my bike far

On my 12th birthday

You gave me a Nintendo

On my 15th birthday

You taught me relationship stuff that I didn't know

On my 18th birthday

You told me I was your grown up son

On my 21st birthday

You taught me how to have fun

All the way to my rebellious youth

From my tender childhood

You were the perfect example

Of doing things that an amazing dad would

Thanks dad

2) Whenever you get mad

I get really scared

But I also feel bad

For making you feel sad

I just want to be the lad

Who makes his father glad

This gratitude is not a fad

You are truly the best dad

I could ever have had


3) No matter where I go

No matter what I become

I can always seek peace

By holding my daddy's thumb

No matter what I do

No matter how I am

I can always find support

In my dad, who is a gem

Thanks for everything dad

4) There are two things

That I have learnt from you

One of them is to never lie

And to always be true

The second one is

To never hurt anyone

And to treat people

As if they are second to none

Thanks dad

5) You didn't scold me

When I got bad grades

You didn't scold me

When I lied to you about the party

You didn't scold me

Even when I crashed you car

You didn't scold me

But the sadness in your eyes

I could clearly see

Thanks for being patient and mild

That was the biggest lesson there could be

Thanks dad

6) If life was a golf course

I would be a rogue golfer

Roaming the greens

Like a complete loafer

But you would be my savior

Like a wise caddy

I would survive on your advice

Thanks, my dear daddy

7) In every princess' life

There is always a prince

Who rescues her

Every time she winces

But more important than him

Is a genie called dad

Who grants all her wishes

And comforts her when she is sad

Thanks for being the genie in my life... dad

8) Don't lie

Don't break hearts

Don't cheat

Don't be over smart

Don't betray others

Don't break promises

Don't be too serious

Life is full of surprises

These are not just any lines

Out of a holy book

These are words of advice

From my daddy, that I took

Thanks for teaching me the ropes of life dad

9) You turned the worst strife

Into the best parts of my life

By teaching me to remember what I Iearnt

And forgetting how I got burnt

You taught me how to sail through

I wouldn't have made it, if not for you

Thanks dad

10) I am glad I have a father like you

Or I wouldn't have learnt to be honest and true

I wouldn't even have learnt how to be well behaved

My life's path, I wouldn't have so easily paved

But thanks to you dad, I have everything

With you by my side, I am scared of nothing

Thank you poem for dad from a son.
Thank you poem for dad from a son.

11) A dad who is loving

A dad who is so giving

A dad who is admirable

A dad who is so approachable

A dad who is so marvelous

A dad who is nothing less than tremendous

Is the kind of dad that God gave me

I am so lucky, now can you see

Thanks dad

12) How could I ever forgive

Myself for being so naïve

And rebelling against you when I was young

Little did I know that you were my hero unsung

But you never cringed or complained

Whether I hurt your feelings or your heart, I pained

Thanks for being such a tolerant father

Not everyone has such exemplary caliber

Thanks dad

13) It's all over Facebook and Google Plus

Today is the day when I will make all the fuss

It's all over Twitter and Pinterest

That I have a dad who is the best

It's all over MySpace and LinkedIn

That my dad is the one in my life who made me win

Thanks dad

14) I took too long to acknowledge

But now I take a pledge

My love for you, I will always confess

And ensure that my respect for you is never any less

That's because I have realized

That you are the person I have always prized

I wonder how I missed out on telling you

That you have been the best dad, all through

Thanks dad

15) Not everyone gets

A dad like you

I bet I am

One of the lucky few

And since I have

The best dad ever

I wouldn't do anything

That make our ties sever

Thanks dad

16) Cool and unruffled

In times troubled

Calm and peaceful

In times wonderful

Balance and stability

Is the secret key

To live an amazing life like you

Is what you have always taught me to do

Thanks dad

17) I am proud to have taken after my dad

My upbringing was the best I could have had

I am glad to grow up to be like you

To inherit your qualities, I want to continue

I thank God that he gave me your house to take birth

Of wonderful dads like you, there is a serious dearth

Thanks dad

18) In my tender age

On me, you made a perfect impression

When I started to grow

You showed me how the game of life is won

When I became an adult

You told me how

I should live in the moment

Here and now

At every stage of life

You gave me advice and some of your wisdom

Thank you dad, for being

So fantastic and awesome

19) Dear dad, today I am sad

Not because something bad has happened

But because I have just realized something

And my mind has been opened

All my life I was only thinking about myself

And wanted you to do stuff for me

But I have been very selfish all this time

Is what I can see

Let me start cleansing my conscience

By saying how grateful I am to you

For all the happy memories and happy times

Thanks dad, you have been great through and through

20) You are a great husband to mom

You are a great dad to us

You are a great employee to your boss

And all this, you do without a fuss

But more than all this

You are a great human being too

Today we just want to say something

That was much overdue, Thank You

Thank you messages for dad: Loving and funny messages to say thank you to your father

Thank You messages are awesome if you are no longer living with your parents and stay in a different city or state. Use Facebook, Twitter or text messages to make your old man happy every once in a while by thanking him for his contribution in your life.

Remember and pick out sweet and funny moments from your childhood. Jot the memory down in a message and express your gratitude to your father for giving you a reason to smile. Keep doing this every now and then so that you keep the smile on your dad's face everlasting in the true sense.

1) When I was shy guy, my teachers, friends and everyone else tried to force me to come out of my shell but it never worked. It was only you my dear father, who asked me to be myself and enjoy whatever I was doing. That naturally made me come out of my shell. Thanks dad.

2) My daddy does not wear the most expensive clothes but his hugs are still warmer than the most expensive sweater money can buy. That is because my daddy does not have the biggest bank balance but he has the biggest heart. Thanks dad, for teaching me that money is not everything.

3) I want to say thank you, not just for the money you lent me in college, but for the support you have given me all my life. Thanks dad.

4) Having you as my dad is like winning the jackpot of having a cool friend, supportive big brother and a patient dad all in one. Dear dad, thanks for effortlessly filling the shoes of many people in my life.

5) Some dads tell their sons to be strong, some dads tell their sons to be successful. Some dads tell their sons to be rich, some dads tell their sons to be flamboyant. My dad has brought me up, telling me to be honest as a person and loving as a partner. Thanks dad, for teaching me the core values of life.

6) My girlfriend asked me how I could be so rugged and so kind at the same time. I replied that it was because of growing up and watching you, a caring husband expressing love for his wife and children on a daily basis. Thanks for teaching me so much without actually teaching me.

7) I don't care whether Father's Day falls on June 16, June 25 or June 30. You are important to me every single day of my life. Thank you dad.

8) When I got a C, you frowned and pushed me to get a B. When I got a B, you encouraged me to get an A. When I got an A, you motivated me to get an A+. I never understood why you did that until I had my own daughter. Thanks dad, for being a motivation and inspiration every single day.

9) The only reason I have never felt the need of confessing to father at church is because I have a lovely father at home in front of whom I can purge my conscience. Thanks daddy.

10) Without you, parenthood would have been hell for mom and childhood would have been hell for me. Thanks father, for saving us both from hell.

11) Do you know what a simple action like putting your hand on my shoulder means to me? It means that you support me, love me, approve of me, respect me, care for me and agree with me. Thanks for always putting your hand on my shoulder.

12) Only few children are lucky to travel around the world when they are young. Thanks for working hard so that I could experience new places and new cultures in my childhood. It has made a big difference in my life, dad.

13) I would be wrong to say that I was born with a silver spoon. The way you brought me up, I can safely say that I was born with a platinum spoon. Thanks for being such a wonderful dad.

14) I hate it when you become so enthusiastic at functions in school because you embarrass me in front of my friends. But deep down inside, I find your antics cute and adorable. Thanks for taking interest in my life daddy.

15) In the past, I have goofed up, screwed up and messed up. But the only reason I have never given up in life is because I have the solid support of a father like you. Thanks dad.

A father's love for his daughter or son is unconditional in the true sense. Spare a moment to thank your dad for all the moments he has sacrificed so you could have fun when you were a child.
A father's love for his daughter or son is unconditional in the true sense. Spare a moment to thank your dad for all the moments he has sacrificed so you could have fun when you were a child. | Source

16) You are a cool dad not because you overlook my mistakes but because you let me make them and learn from them. Thanks dad.

17) I never had to convince you to get me a dog, an iPhone, a new laptop or a new car because you always gave me anything and everything I wanted. Thanks for being so generous dad.

18) My girlfriend asks me where I got my good looks from. I just showed her one of your pictures. I have a lot to thank you for, but let me start by thanking you for giving me your handsome genes. Thanks dad.

19) 2013 will see Superman being played by Henry Cavill but my Superman has always been played by one man – my father. Thank you dad.

20) You taught me that price tags aren't always important, but value is. You taught me that academics is not always important, but education is. You taught me that age is not always important, but experience is. Thanks dad, for me teaching the best things in the world.

21) From putting gifts in the my sock during Christmas, filling goodies inside the pinata during Easter and placing a token on my bedside every time I lost a tooth - you have always fulfilled my wishes in one way or the other. Thanks dad.

22) If my life was a movie, you would be its producer, director, lead actor and editor. Without you, my life would be impossible. Thanks for everything dad.

23) For me, it had always been very hard to forgive the people who lied to me or did something against me. But then I thought of the endless times you have forgiven me despite my naughty ways. Thanks for teaching me the art of forgiveness.

24) I want to say thank you to the man who didn't take holidays for months at a stretch, so that his family could holiday at the end of the year. Dad, your children owe their happy memories to you and only you. Thanks.

25) You are a good daddy. No, you are great daddy. No, you are a super daddy. No, you are awesome daddy. No, you are an uber cool daddy. I have run out of adjectives, but thanks for being all of these to me.

26) Instead of telling me what to do and how to do it, you did it yourself to show me how it is done. Thanks for always teaching me by example.

27) The biggest freedom you gave me was not to go out for late night parties or spend my allowance the way I wanted to. The biggest freedom you gave me was to take any decision I wanted, as long as I was ready to face the repercussions. Thanks for giving me the best freedom of my life dad.

28) I don't want you to be proud of me just for turning out to be the son you always wanted. I want you to be proud of yourself for having a son and bringing him up just like you wanted. Thank you for everything dad.

29) We easily beat the famous father-son pairs of Will Smith and Jaden Smith, David Beckham and Romeo Beckham and Kirk and Michael Douglas. We are actually the best father-son pair in the whole world. Thanks for being a fantastic dad.

30) When I was scared of an insect in the house, you got rid of it for me. When I thought that there was a monster in the bathroom, you drove it away for me. When I thought that my life was in trouble, you shooed my troubles away. Thanks for being my super hero.


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      8 months ago

      Nice feelings for father

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      18 months ago

      very nice

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      5 years ago from The Caribbean

      I never knew my Dad, but I'm sure I might have copied some of your lines if I did. Thanks!

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Wonderful feelings expressed for 'Father.' I really got emotional while going through your hub.

      Thanks for reminding everyone to express these feelings to our fathers.

      Many thanks for sharing this beautiful hub!


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