Messages and What to Write in a Thank You Note or Card for Teachers

Updated on December 10, 2016
Your teachers have tirelessly stood by your side no matter how silly or complicated your problems were. Spare a moment to thank them by leaving a warm thank you note on their desks.
Your teachers have tirelessly stood by your side no matter how silly or complicated your problems were. Spare a moment to thank them by leaving a warm thank you note on their desks. | Source

Thank you messages for teachers shouldn't just be limited to wishes on Teachers' Day. Use any opportunity to say thank you to your teacher, tutor or professor. Write a few words of gratitude on a card, scribble out a poem or leave a note on your teacher's desk. It could be a teacher in high school who inspired you to be creative or a professor in college who helped you chart out your career plan. It is never too late or too soon to say thank you to your teacher.

1) I was like wet sand and you were a mold. You made an impression on me for life. Thank you teacher.

2) You have taught us all kinds of lessons in life – the ones from the textbook, the ones picked up from the street and the complicated ones picked from real life. Is there any way I can thank you for this?

3) As, Bs, Cs and Ds – these grades would have been mere alphabets if you weren't around to teach us the meaning of life. Thank you teacher.

4) Teachers like you

Have the power to drive away the blues

Teachers like you

Have an effect like the perfect morning brew

Teachers like you

Would exist on this planet, I never knew

Teachers like you

Make the world seem like a place so true

Teachers like you

Are one in a million, very few

Teachers like you

Deserve a hug and a thank you

5) Nations are not just built by great leaders but also by extraordinary teachers like you. Thanks for bringing out the best in us.

6) You are like the beautiful oyster beneath the sea. When you open your mind to us, all we get is pearls and treasures. Thank you teacher.

7) I thought only Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Ironman went around changing people's lives. But you are on that list too. Thanks for being the awesome teacher. Happy Teachers' Day.

8) When I expected you to instruct

You taught me to observe

When I expected to be scolded

You taught me to stay calm

When I expected you to appreciate me

You pushed me to do even better

How can I ever thank you teacher?

9) I am glad you gave me the B's and C's even when I may have deserved a bit more because that just pushed me to do better and better. Thanks teacher.

10) We have struck a great deal in life, my dear teacher. You have given me the right attitude in life and I want to give you my gratitude for it. Happy Teachers' Day, have a good one.

11) Role model, educator, selfless giver, trainer, life counselor – how many more roles can you assume for us teacher? All I can say is that you are the best.

12) I have been angry at you for giving me bad grades

Little did I know, you were only correcting the mistakes I made

Years on, I am forever thankful to you

For making the tough years of my life, easy to pass through

13) You opened three things for me. A window to the world, a door to opportunities and a heart to be filled with dreams. Thanks for being an awesome teacher.

14) I did not understand half of what you said while teaching us in school. But now in hindsight I have learnt and realized everything. Not without you. Thanks.

15) As a former student, I know we can take you for granted

From you, the giver of knowledge and joy, we once fled

After all, it is hard to be mature when you are a teen

If only, your wisdom, in time had we seen

This message out of the blue

Is just to say thank you

16) The job of a teacher is to ignite a fire in the minds of their students and you did just that. The flame you lit in my mind is eternal. Thanks professor. Happy Teachers' Day.

17) The world would have gone insane handling crazy kids like me if it weren't for super cool and tolerant teachers like you. Thanks a ton.

18) The ultimate guide or the perfect mentor? The career counselor or the after-class tutor? The second parent or my source of inspiration? What do I call you? Until I find an answer to that, this message is to thank you for adding value to my college education. Happy Teachers' Day.

19) New beginnings, successful endings

Meaningful journeys, limitless soaring

This is not even an ounce

Of the opportunities upon which I pounced

Since the day you became my teacher

Thanks for being the awesome guide that you were

20) In the dark and unpredictable tunnel of life, you have been like a torch to me all the way. Thanks for showing me the way.

21) To Sir With Love, Dead Poets Society, Freedom Writers, The Miracle Worker, Mr. Holland's Opus - the only person I think of when I see the teachers in the films is you. You are the one to thank for the wonderful student-teacher relationship that we share.

22) Pure, glittering, white diamonds are nothing in front of your pearls of wisdom teacher. Thanks for helping us shine.

23) Umm err well I just can't seem to find the perfect word to describe how wonderful a teacher you have been to me and all of us. Cheers to a teacher like no other.

24) You taught me to read

You taught me to appreciate all things sweet

You taught me to talk

You taught me not to mock

You taught me to behave

Thanks for everything that you gave

25) Out of the many students you must have taught, I can personally vouch for the fact that you have made a difference in one students' life. That is me. Thanks for looking out for me when I needed it the most.

26) The fun I had in your class is a childhood memory that will stay with me forever. Thanks for being an amazing teacher.

27) You were a filter who helped me strain away bad habits and childhood issues from my life. Thanks for being around.

28) You keep giving

Only to get scowls in return

You keep loving

Only to get frowns in return

You keep bestowing

Only to get whines in return

You keep nurturing

Only to get grumpiness in return

From you I ask for forgiveness

Today let me tell you

Thanks for being there teacher

Teachers like you are few

29) The greatest of teachers in this world often come across as strict, angry and rigid. But the same teachers become heroes when students grow up and realize the value of their teachings. And I am one such student. Thanks professor.

30) Friends, philosophers, guides and well wishers are nothing compared to the moving force of a teacher. Thanks for everything.

31) I hope you have liked having me as your student as much as I have cherished having you as my teacher. Thanks teacher.

32) Commemorating Teachers' Day

Is nothing but a way

To honestly and solemnly say

That you gave us life's biggest lessons and a ray

Of hope, whether April, June or May

My thoughts are at play

For me, every day is my Teachers' Day

33) Teaching is too small a word to describe what you have done for us. You haven't only taught us, you have inspired us and changed our lives. Thank you teacher.

34) I could have liked your page on Facebook. I could have tweeted you a massage of gratitude on Twitter. But I chose to send you this handwritten letter with a thank you note because that is the least you deserve for being the best teacher in the whole world.

35) And the award for the best teacher in the whole wide world goes to – You. For your prize, you get the respect, admiration and love of hundreds of students like me who will thank you for the rest of their lives, and some chocolate too.

36) The only reason why I would want to be a teacher when I grow up is you. You are the coolest.

37) Teachers are the best people in the world

Because they selflessly give

Teachers are the most creative people in the world

Because they teach us new ways to live

Teachers are the most beautiful people in the world

Because they show us what good character is like

Teachers are the most patient people in the world

Since they help us deal with crisis and strife

Teachers are the most caring people in the world

People like teachers are few

Because you are the best teacher in the world

I want to say thank you

38) From winning the debates to getting good grades and from getting into a good college to landing a top first job, I have no one to thank but you. This message is a humble appreciation for the lifelong impact you have left in my life. Thanks.

39) I push myself harder every day just so that I can do justice to the truckloads of patience and hard work you put into making us better equipped to face out futures. Happy Teachers' Day.

40) You are the best teacher in the world because you are

T – Terrific

E – Enthusiastic

A – Approachable

C – Calm and composed

H – Honest

E – Encouraging

R - Rewarding


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    • Ingenira profile image


      5 years ago

      Meaningful quotes for teachers. Thanks !

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      5 years ago

      this is a wonderful page i have ever saw


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