What to Write Inside a Thank You Note

Updated on September 27, 2019
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Carly is an artist and therapist who likes to write content that helps others live mindfully.


Use the grid below to create a one of a kind, enduring thank you note. You can use the grid as a word bank full of ideas to inspire you.

Or you can follow this simple template. All you need to do is pick any word from each category and finish the sentence provided. You do not have to choose words linearly or straight across the grid. Feel free to choose any word from each category to help you write your note of thanks. Note: you may have to change verb tense or add a word or two make a coherent sentence.


I want to say... (choose any phrase from column 1)

You are so... (choose any phrase from column 2)

I am... (choose any phrase from column 3)

for (state the name of the gift or the act/favor the person provided).

I feel (choose any phrase from column 4).

The gift or Favor (choose any phrase from column 5).

That is it. You just wrote an amazing, powerful and heartfelt note.


I want to say what a difference you have made. You are so thoughtful. I am overjoyed for the handmade quilt. I feel loved and cared for. Your gift will always be cherished.

Words to Use

I want to say...
You are so....
I am...
I feel...
The gift...
Thank you
Fullfilled a wish
Deeply moved
Knocked my socks off
I very much appreciate
Is excellent
You rock
In ecstacy
Just what I needed
How gracious I feel
Cared for
Is so considerate
How thankful I am
Attened to
Is perfect
With sincere appreciation
In wonderment
Comforted by
Moved me to tears
How Lucky I feel
So happy
Humbled by
Warmed my heart
You're the best
Tickeled pink
Brighten my day
What a difference you have made
In awe
Made me smile
I am so glad
Surprised me
I appreciate
Is a treat
You're freaking amazing
Made me feel special
Thank you for your generosity
Will always be treasured
How blessed I feel
Was so thoughtful
I am really glad
Kind hearted
Blew me away
The joy I feel
Pleasantly surprised
Enriched me
You are so kind
Humbled by your gift
In seventh heaven
Overwhelmed me
You brought a huge smile to my face
Warm hearted
Contented now
Is perfect for...
I am speechless
Deeply touched
Made me feel so loved
On cloud 9
Healed my sadness

Be Creative!

The above grid can be used to make hundreds of one of a kind thank you notes. Use words and phrases that are more common in your personal vocabulary so your note does not seem fabricated.

You can also be creative and combine words and phrases suggested above in any order to make your unique thank you note.

Remember, a thank you note is honoring and recognizing a gift or favor received. It is respectful to offer a moment of thankfulness.

The best etiquette is to hand write the note and send it in the mail. It is better to acknowledge a gift or favor than to not do anything. So if you do not send one in the mail, at least do one of the following.

How to Send It

What You Will Need
Estimated Time
Level of Respectful Thankfulness
Write a hand written note
Thank you card, note paper, pen
10 to 30 Minutes
* * * * * (5 stars)
Computer, printer, paper
10 to 30 Minutes
* * * * * (5 stars)
Digitial thank you e-card
Computer, e-card template
10 to 15 Minutes
* * * * (4 stars)
Computer, Email account
5 Minutes
* * (2 stars)
Text message
Cell phone
1 Minute
* (1 star)
Phone or one on one conversation
5 to 10 Minutes
* * * (3 stars)
Photography, music, art
Anthing that allows you to be creative
30 Minutes or more
* * * * * (5 stars)
Doing nothing
0 (No stars)

Example Note Thanking Someone for a Favor

August 10th, 20__

Dear Nana,

I want to say what a difference you have made. You are so helpful and kind hearted. I am grateful for the meal you made for me when I was sick. I feel so nurtured from the homemade chicken soup. The soup warmed my heart and my whole body.

After I had a big bowl of your soup I took a much needed nap. I woke up feeling so much better. It must have been because of all the extra care you put into your soup that made me heal quicker from the flu.



Example Note Thanking Someone For a Gift

December 28, 20__

Dear Mitch,

I want to take a moment to tell your holiday gift brought a huge smile to my face. You are so generous. I am grateful and tickled pink for the gift card to Target you gave me. After all the holiday expenses your gift card was just what I needed. I purchased a small trinket for myself and a few other necessities with your helpful and considerate gift card.

With deep gratitude,


Salutations You Can Use


With deep gratitude,

Gratefully yours,

With much appreciation,

Many Thanks,


Love always,

Thank you for your kindness,

Kind thoughts,

Thank you for caring,

© 2013 Carly Sullens


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  • CarlySullens profile imageAUTHOR

    Carly Sullens 

    7 years ago from St. Louis, Missouri

    Teaches, I agree. I remember my mom sitting me down at the table after Christmas and helping me write notes to my grandparents and other family members. It is so important, and I too hope it because the norm again.

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 

    7 years ago

    I remember when you were taught by your parent how to write these types of notes. Sadly, we have lost this character building trait over the years. Great article and I hope many will take note of the positive impact it makes on those who receive words such as those you have suggested. Voted way up!

  • kansasyarn profile image

    Teresa Sanderson 

    7 years ago from Rural Midwest

    A very creative and useful article! Thank you notes are sadly becoming a thing of the past. I love the grid that can simplify the task of thinking of "just the right words" to write. Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

  • CarlySullens profile imageAUTHOR

    Carly Sullens 

    7 years ago from St. Louis, Missouri

    I agree, it is extra special now of days to receive a hand written note. An 88 year old senior's personal hand written thank you note is a special note.

  • breakfastpop profile image


    7 years ago

    I long for the days when people put pen to paper and expressed their thoughts. I actually received a written thank you the other day and it was lovely. The sender was an 88 year old woman with a beautiful handwriting and a terrific way of expressing herself. I think it's a lost art. Your hub is awesome and useful.

  • Learning in Life profile image

    Megan Dodd 

    7 years ago from Florida

    This is great. My mother always encouraged me to write thank you notes but I never really knew how. The table helps a lot.

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    7 years ago from Olympia, WA

    This is a lost art in today's society, don't you think? I can remember my mom sitting down and writing thank you notes after my dad died....and I learned from her. Somewhere along the way I got out of the habit of handwritten notes and turned to the internet. Another part of the past lost unless I choose to revive it. Anyway, good job on this, Carly!


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