70+ Different Sayings You Can Write in a Birthday Card

Updated on September 25, 2019
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Barbara has spent over forty years writing poems, lyrics, and sayings for cards, and interpreting the meanings and messages in song.

Different sayings you can write inside a birthday card
Different sayings you can write inside a birthday card | Source

Are You Looking for Something Thoughtful, Funny, Mushy, or Kind to Write Inside a Birthday Card?

Here you'll find an assortment of sayings you can write inside a birthday card for either friends, loves, or family. Things like, "Hey, gorgeous! Are you Benjamin Button's mother? Because every year you look younger!"

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right thing to say inside a card, especially if you're buying the card and gift at the last minute. We're so rushed these days, and because of that, the sayings below are designed to help you save a bit of time.

Here are five birthday thoughts and sayings to get you started, and you'll find even more featured below:

  1. When a light of love like you has a birthday, we are the receiver of the gift.
  2. Sending you hugs. Sending you kisses. The birthday girl is my hot Mrs.!
  3. A birthday hug for a class act with the power of grace, smarts, and beauty.
  4. Each year is filled with new possibilities when we open our mind to that possibility.
  5. You're not old; you're youthfully challenged!

Note: The sayings you see contained herein are by Brite-Ideas (Barbara Tremblay Cipak). Please feel free to share them in a handwritten card. Not for commercial use.

Life makes sense only when I see at the end of the day
Life makes sense only when I see at the end of the day | Source

Funny Age-Related Things to Write Inside a Birthday Card

Write something cute or funny inside their card:

  1. One, two, buckle my shoe... oops, you're too old to bend now.
  2. You're funny, charming, and awesome. Too bad you're also old, shrinking, and balding.
  3. Your birthday should last a week... giving you time to sober up.
  4. Don't drink on your birthday; we can't afford the bail anymore.
  5. You're not just over the hill. You are the hill. Can I climb you?
  6. Your special day fills us all with joy and laughter.
  7. You don't look a day over happy!
  8. Birthdays are like skunks: they look best from a distance!
  9. You are young at heart. Yep, in other words, old.
  10. Please don't mourn the loss of your hair; it's a sign of wisdom (and old age).
  11. You are one in a million; thank goodness, 'cause the world can't handle a lot like you!
  12. My heart skips a bit when you enter the room; yours skips a beat due to age-shock.
  13. Your lips are still soft; your heart is still soft... and your belly... well, it's not hard, ok?
  14. Life goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on; better to be on than off!
  15. Thirty-something... you wish!
  16. Your life is speeding up—well, that's better than slowing down!
  17. Looking fifty years old is amazing, when you're eighty... have a happy day anyway.
  18. Forget the candles; the whole cake would be covered in wax.
  19. Do not start counting wrinkles... you'll be tied up all day!
  20. Age is but a number, mind you, a hateful freaking number!
  21. Time is passing by; the good news, at least something is successfully passing
  22. Don't judge other people; unless they're younger and hotter, then judge away.
  23. Incredible things happen to incredible people, everyone else just gets old!
  24. In the spring of your life the sun shines bright, in the winter of your life, it's constant white-outs!
  25. Only you could keep getting older and looking hotter, peeves me off so much.

I Don't Do Birthdays
I Don't Do Birthdays | Source

Things You Can Say in a Birthday Card to a Friend

Some special sentiments to express on a friend's special day:

  1. You are not just a friend; you are my sister for life. Happy birthday.
  2. It's my friend's birthday today! The world needs to celebrate with me.
  3. Happy birthday to the classiest friend a person could ever have.
  4. Your special day is my special day because you're my special friend.
  5. We traveled through time together and as friends shared a million birthdays.
  6. I wish I could get you a birthday gift that would make you as happy as Sheldon Cooper.
  7. You're the kind of friend people fight over... literally! Because we all love you.
  8. You give endlessly, and today, I want to spoil my generous friend.
  9. I think you wrote the handbook on friendship. In fact, I know you did.
  10. You are a rare friend, and I'm so lucky to share this life with you. Happy birthday.
  11. In no way could I ever repay you for being the amazing soul that you are.
  12. In this life, I am blessed to call you friend; I hope for same thing in the next.
  13. Happy birthday, beauty, brains, and kindness... to you.
  14. You are the sunniest person and the happiest friend. What a joy to be around you.
  15. You could teach classes on how to be a best friend. Have a great day!
  16. The stars in the sky are in awe of your dedication as a friend.
  17. Your arms carry a lot of people; let me carry you on your special day.
  18. As my friend, I hold you close to my heart. Happy big day; you deserve it.
  19. Let's party till you drop, then I can carry you home like good friends do.
  20. I feel like we've known each other for a million years; you're an amazing friend.

Friends Make The World an Easier Place
Friends Make The World an Easier Place

Write Something Inspirational Inside the Card

If your aim is to inspire on their big day, then here are some ideas to consider writing inside the card:

  1. You have grown into a wonderful man. We're so proud.
  2. May your year be filled with peace, pleasure, and prosperity.
  3. May you have a year of growth, a year of grace, and a year of goodness.
  4. Happy birthday to the most inspiring person we know.
  5. May the sun shine on your soul for the whole year.
  6. We are the gatherers of knowledge and love in every new year of our life.
  7. Giving hope is your gift; happy birthday.
  8. Live this year with passion for life and see where that promise can take you.
  9. Blaze a trail, build memories, and leave the dust of troubles in the rear view.
  10. A year of building and moving forward, may your year be just like that.
  11. The grace of character and integrity is your greatest gift.
  12. You are the author of your life. Write a great year for yourself.
  13. Reorganize your thoughts to include peacefulness in this next year of your life.
  14. Being present in your own life is sometimes difficult; take each day as it comes.
  15. Kindness is your strength, and you deserve a year filled with it in return.
  16. Look at each star in the sky this year as a possibility for something great in your life.
  17. You are only limited by your own thoughts, so have a year filled with powerful thinking.
  18. May the door of opportunity open wide, and may you walk through without hesitation.
  19. Your birthday: an annual reminder of how lucky we are that your soul lives at the same time we do.
  20. You've already left your mark on this world; each year from here on is just a bonus to all of us.

Loving things you can write in a card for that special someone
Loving things you can write in a card for that special someone

Things to Say to Someone You Love in a Birthday Card

Do you need to write something loving to your significant other for their birthday?

  1. You have given so much to me in life, but today I want to spoil you treat you for being the wonderful person you've been.
  2. Your birthday is a reminder to me on how lucky I am to have you. Your character and class touch my soul deeply; you are my gift.
  3. I can't believe how much I love you! Time keeps marching on, and my love for you grows stronger with each that goes by. Happy birthday, honey!
  4. To celebrate your special day, I've planned a night under the stars because you make me feel like a star everyday.
  5. Gather round: the love of my life was born on this day, and the world needs to know how amazing she is. She has given herself to me, and I am a fortunate soul.
  6. If there were a way to measure love on a scale, there would be no scale large enough to measure my love for you. Every birthday you have is the first day of the rest of my life.
  7. For so long, I held onto the possibility of our being together. I would picture in my mind, my lips meeting yours, and now 20 years later, and on your birthday, I can honestly say my heart still skips a beat knowing that today my lips will touch yours once again.
  8. How can one woman love one man so much. Happy day, my love.

Age is merely a number - a nasty unnecessary tracking system - also known as A-nuts.
Age is merely a number - a nasty unnecessary tracking system - also known as A-nuts.

Questions & Answers

  • What are birthday sayings for uncles?

    You can always switch up the words in the sayings to make a dedication to an uncle, but I haven't done a page specifically for uncles.

  • What would you say in a Birthday Card for twins?

    You may look the same, but you're both one of a kind.

  • What would you write if it was your (boy) crush’s birthday and you didn’t want to be too obvious?

    I would probably just go with a generic happy birthday card that focused on being nice. Perhaps pay them a truthful compliment in the card about their character or the kind of person they are.

  • I'm looking for something to say to someone who was born on the day of the crash in 1929. He will be 90 on that day which is in a week. We've said so many things like "the world went berserk that day", we have run out of funny comments. Can you help?

    I have ideas, but they depend on whether you're looking for something serious or comical. I'll give you a couple of thoughts in both categories: It sounds like you prefer something amusing though - Ok, how about "you were born during a crash, but turned your life into a smash" - or, "We think your birth caused the crash in 1929", "You arrived during the big crash of '29, and we suspect you've been helping to correct the planet ever since, better stay another 90 years, it might take that long!" "The crash of '29 sent everything into a tailspin, today we're tail spinning back to 1929."

  • I am in charge of birthday cards in a senior living facility. Do you have any suggestions for things to say in birthday cards for seniors?

    How about "It takes a lot of time to get things right in life, and it looks like you've gotten a lot right in your life, thanks for helping the world out with your wisdom" - "You are a one-of-a-kind soul who we all appreciate" - "birthday's in our later years are worth celebrating, always remember you matter to all of us" - "we're happy to celebrate the day of your birth with you, you make us happy, thank you for that"

© 2013 Barbara Tremblay Cipak

When You Give Someone a Card, Do You Usually Write a Personal Note Inside of It, or Do You Just Sign Your Name?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      very nice

    • Craftymarie profile image


      6 years ago

      I love your card sayings and suggestion lenses because they're so useful for adding that special extra touch - this one's bookmarked as I will be using it year round :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Yes i always write some special quotes.

    • gottaloveit2 profile image


      6 years ago

      I always write a personal note and you've just helped me figure out what to pen. Thanks.

    • John Dyhouse profile image

      John Dyhouse 

      6 years ago from UK

      Another great resource, thanks for these

    • jemacb profile image


      7 years ago

      I would always write something personal in the card. Nice lens.

    • profile image

      chi kung 

      7 years ago

      I write a personal note as well


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