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20 Birthday Wishes for a Baby Girl

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Looking for the perfect way to tell your baby girl "I love you"?

Looking for the perfect way to tell your baby girl "I love you"?

Wishing Your Daughter Happy Birthday

Baby girls are everything. How can you wish your baby girl "happy birthday" in a way that captures how much she means to you? Birthday greetings will be different depending on the sender, so these messages will vary accordingly. I've tried to cater to all needs by including a mix of different kinds of wishes.

Here are 20 special wishes for your special little girl!

Birthday Messages

  1. You have grown up into a beautiful girl. You've already made us so proud, I just know you'll continue to make us even prouder. Have a blissful birthday!
  2. I wish you nothing but happiness from anything and everything you do. May your days be filled with blessings! Happy birthday to you, my dear girl.
  3. A special child like you deserves nothing but love and blessings from everyone. Your days should be full of happiness and fulfillment, sweet one.
  4. You may be small in size and not very heavy in weight, but your presence does nothing but fill all of us with a tremendous amount of happiness and joy. May the rest of your life continue to be a great success story, birthday girl!
  5. A baby girl like you is rare. Here's to the cutest, sweetest little girl in town. May all your days be filled with ever-increasing happiness. Happy birthday!
  6. Your smiles are more beautiful than the colorful corals of the Pacific Ocean. You are no less than an angel. Happy birthday, sweet girl! You are as magnificent as the sun. You naturally attract people with your rays of cuteness. Celebrate your birthday with joy and happiness!
  7. Happy birthday to my special little girl. I hope you enjoy these years of innocence, imagination, and grace for as long as you can.
  8. You bring nothing but pure joy and happiness to all those around you. I hope that we can do the same for you in the many years to come. Happy birthday to my baby girl!
  9. Happy birthday, Princess! Put on your best dress, your shiniest shoes, and your glitziest jewelry—you deserve nothing but to be treated like royalty on this day, and every day.
  10. I hope for a safe, fun, and special birthday to you. May God bless you with everything you deserve and wish for in your life. Happy birthday, little one!
  11. You are God’s most precious gift to your parents. Here's to a wonderful little girl on her very special day. Happy birthday to the best little girl I've had the pleasure of getting to know!
  12. Happy birthday to someone as sweet as, but better than, sugar. While too much sugar isn't good for anyone, there's no such thing as too much of you. You always make everyone around you so much happier. Here's an extra sweet birthday wish to the sweetest girl!
  13. Today is a real holiday for you, sweet girl. Here's to no homework and no chores. Instead, here's to gifts, cakes, and candles! Happy birthday.
  14. Happy birthday to a very special girl! What do very special girls get on their special day? That's right, all the cake you can handle.
  15. To the most lovable and fantastic girl on her special day—happy birthday! You're going to continue to make us so proud, birthday girl. Here's to many more years to come.
  16. Wishing you all the best for your birthday, cutie pie. May God continue to preserve your innocence for as long as possible. Happy birthday!
  17. Lots and lots of love and a huge load of best wishes for you! May God give you all the success that you deserve!
  18. Sending this birthday message to the little lady who gave us all joy since she came into our lives. You are, no doubt, an angel. Happy birthday!
  19. Nothing but kisses, hugs, and huge blessings from all of us to you on your birthday and for the coming years. Happy birthday to you, sweet girl!
  20. Happy birthday to your special little girl!

Want More Unique Birthday Quotes for a Little Girl?

The quotes listed above cannot be found elsewhere. So, go ahead and grab one to write on a card. But, of course, if you want to customize the messages to your liking, go ahead and modify them as you please.

There will be more wishes soon. I shall update my list regularly. Keep coming here for more. Also, if you have your own ideas, then please feel free to share them with others in the comments below.

Last, but not least, happy birthday to your special little girl!

Write Your Own Birthday Quotes

Ranjith Kumar on April 12, 2020:

Wish u happy birthday Jeevanthika

Gradness on April 11, 2020:

Wish u happy birthday to my sweet baby girl

Angel on December 10, 2019:

Wish you a very happy birthday to you my sweet baby

Nila vishal..8 yrs on November 04, 2019:

You are the one i loved most in this world my child..may God bless u..a special gift for me from the God is u my dear baby

Dugu on September 15, 2019:

Happy bady bhanji

Harshita khande on September 13, 2018:

My sweet baby for many many happy returns of the day Happy Birthday my gudiya

Diksha baby on August 30, 2018:

Wish you a very happy birthday..lots of hugs and kisses from all of us cutie pie

Sumukha on August 30, 2018:

Wish you happy birthday Ridhi

iqra on June 19, 2014:

happy birthday