25 Funny Ways to Say Happy Birthday

Updated on September 6, 2019
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"Happy birthday" is old news—find a funnier and more creative way to wish them well.
"Happy birthday" is old news—find a funnier and more creative way to wish them well. | Source

Let’s face it: we all know that we are going to hear at least one person sing the “happy birthday” song on our birthday; how predictable! People like surprises, especially on their birthdays. So along with a gift or a nice card, say happy birthday in a new, unique way!

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sing the happy birthday song at all; you totally should for sake of keeping tradition alive. Just try adding something a little extra with some pizzazz and a little bit of umph. Here are a few tips to jumpstart your brain cells for thinking of funny ways to say happy birthday:

  • “Happy birthday” parody: This is the traditional song but with some crazy, awesome twist. Whether you decide to replace words with other words that rhyme, or choose to keep the tune and ditch the normal lyrics all together, have fun with it.

  • Create a phrase: Simply saying “happy birthday” is nothing short of boring. Find other creative and amusing ways of delivering the same message.

  • Wear a costume: If you have access to costumes, have at it! This makes things amusing and even more memorable!

  • Toss some confetti: This is bound to make someone feel extra special, just don’t get it in their eyes!

  • Know your crowd: This means being careful about the “whos” and the “hows,” as you don’t want to offend anyone on their special day!

So now that you have a few ideas to get you started, read through these alternate ways of saying happy birthday to help give you a few more ideas. You may use these if you want, but it’s best to come up with something that is exclusive to you!


To Friends

Chances are, if they are your friend, you know them well. You know their sense of humor, their limits, and their pet peeves. Here are a few funny ways to say happy birthday to friends. Some of these may be suitable for others you know as well! Trigger warning: some of these are pretty raunchy.

  1. “Happy day of birth!”

  2. “Happy day you came out of your mom’s vagina!”

  3. “Ermahgerd! Herppy Berfday!"

  4. “Happy fetus eviction day!”
  5. Sing “happy birthday, Mr. President” while dressed up like Marilyn Monroe (particularly funny if you’re a guy singing this to another guy).


To Children

When it comes to saying happy birthday to children, common sense should tell you to keep it clean!

Find a way to impersonate their favorite TV character and sing them the happy birthday song. You might not find it very funny, but everyone else—including the birthday boy or girl—will find it funny, and that’s what matters!

  1. “Appy-hay irthday-bay!” (Pig Latin. Sing the whole song in Pig Latin if you dare!)

  2. “Birthday happy, I mean, happy birthday to you!”

  3. “How old are you again? 21? 22?”

  4. “Time for your birthday tickles!”

  5. “(Insert age here) years ago today, the coolest kid I know was born! Happy birthday!”


To Your Significant Other

There are many ways to say happy birthday to your significant other without actually saying it, but we are going to keep this clean. Just don’t forget to pass the bottle of liquor or wine—oh, and don’t forget to say “cheers!”

  1. “Time for your birthday spankings!” (Crack a whip or leather belt on a nearby table)

  2. “Bottoms up, birthday (boy/girl/expletive)! I was talking about the glass…”

  3. “The only hill you’ll be over is my beer gut!”

  4. “Happy ‘over the hill’ day!”

  5. “I don’t know how you made it over any hill with gravity pulling everything else down!”

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To Siblings

Siblings share a special kind of relationship, and no one knows your siblings' limits as well as you—you’ve likely pushed them many times in the past. Nostalgia goes a long way here.

  1. “Time for your birthday punches!”

  2. “Dogpile on the birthday boy/girl!” (Tackle victim and convince others to pile up on top!)

  3. Give a wet willy and say “because of you, I’m not an only child!”

  4. “Happy birthday, but I’m still the favorite!”

  5. “Birthday bear hug!” (Hug and squeeze while making them count up to their age.)

To Parents

You should typically be sweet and sentimental to your parents on their birthdays, but as with any group of people, there are exceptions. If your parents have great sense of humor, then they’ll likely enjoy hearing your funny ways to say happy birthday.

  1. “Happy birthday! I’m your karma!”

  2. “Happy birthday! Your gift is me admitting you were always right!”

  3. “Happy birthday, mom/dad! I was a gift to you, it’s called ‘my’ birthday!”

  4. “Happy birthday! The only thing getting old is that phrase!”

  5. “Happy belated birthday, sorry I was (insert age here) years late!”

Saying "Happy Birthday"

Whether you decide to make up your own creative way of saying happy birthday or use one of ours from the list above, it will mean a lot to the birthday boy/girl that you took the time to come up with something special for them on their big day. That is sure to make anyone’s birthday a happy one!


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    • profile image

      Ruot khan dak duop 

      8 weeks ago

      That was very great poem of happy born day

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      6 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Great ideas! My favorite way to sing Happy Birthday is in my Marilyn Monroe voice as she sung it to JFK. Everyone enjoys that greeting. So they say :)


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