How to Make a Flip Flop Card with Template

Fun Summer Paper Crafting with Flip Flop Shaped Cards: FREE Template Included

See how to make a fun shaped handmade greeting card which is ideal for summer birthdays and celebrations with its footwear and vacation theme of flip flops. The tutorial shows you how to create a card which has an optional stand you can use to make a version which can be placed upright but you can also use the enclosed free template to create a more traditional card that opens like a book or use it for a cute beach or vacation theme scrapbook layout.

This is an easy make that older children and adults can enjoy and you really only need a selection of card, patterned paper, ribbon and a hole punch to be able to create your own version. Enjoy using this pattern design which is freely available for your non-commercial use.

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Life is Better in Flip Flops - How Will You Decorate Your Card?

Summer Flip Flop Shaped Card Tutorial and Free Template
Summer Flip Flop Shaped Card Tutorial and Free Template

Choose Sunshine and Summer Shades - For Your Patterned Craft Papers and Embellishments

If you want your finished project to have a real kiss of summer choose summer and sunshine shades like sky blues, sunflower yellows, hot pinks, citrus oranges and sandy shades. There are plenty of vacation and beach themed scrapbook papers and pads which are filled with all the coordinating patterns that you could want or need to make lots of cute flip flops.

Flip Flops Card Tutorial - With a FREE Template Provided Below Instructions

I can't wait for hotter weather and getting my feet back into sandals and open-toe footwear. These cute handmade cards are fun to decorate and embellish and make ideal greetings to send for summer season birthdays, parties and other fun occasions. You can also use the template for making backgrounds for scrapbook layouts too. Let's see how quickly you can make this.

Difficulty: easy


  • Summer colored card
  • Patterned Ribbon
  • Embellishments
  • Summer themed scrapbook paper


  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Printer for Template

Cutting out flip flop designs.
Cutting out flip flop designs.


1. Using the free template provided on this page OR by drawing your own, cut out a larger flip flop shape in a thick card, a smaller one using some patterned paper and a rectangular section from thick card also if you want the card to be able to stand up once complete.

Using ink to edge the paper.
Using ink to edge the paper.

2. I love to edge my hand cut papers with craft ink in a slightly darker shade - it gives a neater finish to the cut edges but make sure the ink is dry before moving to the next stage.

Sticking the patterned paper in the middle.
Sticking the patterned paper in the middle.

3. Glue or stick the patterned flip flop shape in the middle of the larger piece of card. For this, I prefer to use a stick adhesive although normally I prefer double-sided tape. It just happens that the stick adhesive is easier with all the rounded edges.

Punching holes in the design.
Punching holes in the design.

4. Mark out where the holes need to be for the straps. You can punch holes in the correct place on the free template so that they are easy to mark out by laying the template over the cut paper and drawing a dot through the holes. Punch out the three holes.

Making a stand for the card.
Making a stand for the card.

5. If you want this flat card to be able to stand up, you will need to make the rectangular stand which is folded into a z shape - that's what it looks like when placed on the side. Just fold one flap one way and the other flap in the opposite direction.

The card stand at the back.
The card stand at the back.

6. This is what the stand will look like when placed at the back of the card. The top of the Z shaped stand is glued or taped to the back of the card with the crease line along the lower fold being lined up with the bottom of the card.

Adding the ribbon.
Adding the ribbon.

7. Choose some summery craft ribbon - I liked this orange one which looks good with the patterned paper. Cut off two lengths of ribbon, no longer than the length of the flip flop. Push two ends of this ribbon through the top hole. I find it easier to use pointed craft tweezers to help me push the ends of the ribbon through.

Putting the ribbon into the flip flop card.
Putting the ribbon into the flip flop card.

8. Push the left ribbon end through the left hole and the right ribbon through the right punched hole and adjust the straps until they look just like sandal straps. Tie or stick all the ribbon ends at the back of the card. I prefer to knot the ends at the back but you could fix them with a glue gun or tape.

Adding floral embellishments to the shoe card.
Adding floral embellishments to the shoe card.

9. I like to add in a flower embellishment in the middle of the straps, just as you would see on some real versions of these summer footwear. You can buy ready made flower embellishments or make your own as I did using a mixture of fabric and paper flowers with a craft brad through the middle.

Completed flip flop handmade greeting card.
Completed flip flop handmade greeting card.

10. Add on any other decorations or embellishments and a greeting to suit the occasion. You can go wild and have lots of fun decorating these. I hope you've enjoyed reading my lens or article today, thanks for your visit. Don't forget to grab the free printable below if you need it.

Flip Flops Shaped Pattern Template - Right-Click and Select Save Image As to Download

Shaped summer flip flop template to make cards and handmade crafts
Shaped summer flip flop template to make cards and handmade crafts

Craft Ribbon Makes Great Straps - Lots of Fun Colors and Patterns to Choose From

You can use cord or cardstock but pretty patterned ribbons in bright shades are really the perfect thing to use as straps for your handmade card. Polka dots are always good for summer themed projects and can be used for adding decoration to lots of other projects too.

Turn Your Cards into Invites

Having a beach party or a summer occasion? Turn this template into handmade invites by making a little pocket on the front of the design and using that to hold folded paper containing all the details of your event. Or you can type out the details and make them small enough to stick onto the flip flop.

Make a Traditional Folded Card - By Using the Pattern Up Against a Folded Sheet of Cardstock

Making a traditional card style with the flip flop pattern
Making a traditional card style with the flip flop pattern

If you'd prefer a more traditional style of card for this design instead of having a stand at the back, you can do this too. You'll need a folded blank greetings card big enough to accommodate the pattern or use a scorer to crease down the middle of a large piece of chosen cardstock. Keeping it folded, push the larger flip flop pattern so that a small part of the design on the left goes over the fold. Draw around the pattern on the front and then cut out the shape. Unfold for a more traditional greeting card design that is ready to decorate on the front and to pop your message inside.

Add on Matching Embellishments - Or Have a Go at Making Your Own

I love the selection of cute embellishments that you can get to match in with this project from stickers, buttons, scrapbook paper and more. And, despite enjoying making my own, I always keep a good stash of embellishments for when I'm short on time or need a project to be completed in a hurry. You can see how I made my own decorations below using fused plastic Perler beads.

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VanessaPrieto profile image

VanessaPrieto 2 years ago

What a great idea!! So super cute. I think I now need to find an excuse for a summer party. :)

Corrinna-Johnson profile image

Corrinna-Johnson 2 years ago from BC, Canada

I love this! I am so ready for flip flop weather!

Heidi Vincent profile image

Heidi Vincent 2 years ago from GRENADA

Indeed, kinworm! This is a really cool project.

Susan Zutautas profile image

Susan Zutautas 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Oh I love this idea and can think of so many people that would like to receive this as a birthday card. I live in flip flops most of the summer and have been even known to wear them all year round :) Only in the house when it's wintertime though :)

Craftymarie profile image

Craftymarie 2 years ago Author

@Margaret Schindel: Thank you, Margaret. I want summer here so much :)

Craftymarie profile image

Craftymarie 2 years ago Author

@ColettaTeske: It sounds like the perfect card project for you then, thank you :)

Craftymarie profile image

Craftymarie 2 years ago Author

@aesta1: Thank you, I hope so :)

Margaret Schindel profile image

Margaret Schindel 2 years ago from Massachusetts

Marie, this is adorable! Easy, fun to make and receive, and just screams "Summer!" Thanks so much for sharing this. :)

ColettaTeske 2 years ago

I lived in Hawaii for 10 years. My Island friends are going to love these! Thank you!

aesta1 profile image

aesta1 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

This is so clear, it is easy to follow.

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