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70+ Original and Creative Retirement Sayings for Cards

Happiness is not a destination, it's a way of life

Happiness is not a destination, it's a way of life

If you're looking for words to write inside a retirement card, you can be funny, serious, fluffy, or sarcastic. Here you'll find original sayings for each category. Things like, "So you're leaving the rat race . . . can you take a few more rats with you?"

Finding the right words to say when someone is retiring can be challenging, especially if they need to be written inside a card. Of course, it's easier to just get a ready-made card with the sentiment already expressed; however, perhaps that's just not personal enough.

Silly Sayings

  1. Going, going, gone . . . golfing!
  2. Retirement is the short form for 'Really Tired Mentally'!
  3. When you retire, can you leave all your knowledge behind?
  4. We are not glad to see you go, we are freaking out!
  5. We have done the math, and we figure it will take ten people to do your job.
Happy retirement! You can reorganize the garage now for 25 years!

Happy retirement! You can reorganize the garage now for 25 years!

Comical Sayings for Retirement Cards

Comical sayings you can write in a card for the lucky soul heading into their next chapter of life:

  1. Retirement is how we get all that undone housework completed.
  2. Now you can carry around your cell phone without worrying it will ring.
  3. Retirement is like sleeping while awake . . . lucky you.
  4. Retirement means never having to plan anything except golf and bingo.
  5. When you doubt retirement, think about my alarm clock going off in the morning.
  6. Retirement means your accountant now has less work.
  7. We are all cynics, so we don't believe you're retiring.
  8. You never have to laugh at the boss's jokes anymore, just his face.
  9. Retiring is similar to hitting the stop button on a moving train . . . sudden and shocking!
  10. Retirement is when everything stops moving, including yourself.
  11. I thought you started your retirement 10 years ago . . . now it's official, I guess.
  12. You get to do exactly what you want now. Wait . . . nothing's changing?
  13. You can reorganize the garage every day for 25 years now.
  14. Sleeping in every day means you're either retired or extremely irresponsible!
  15. Your intelligence is directly equal to the number of years you've worked—you're a genius.
  16. Face it, you'll still be trying to stick your nose into what we're doing.
  17. Incompetence and frustration . . . two things you won't miss in retirement.
  18. Retiring is fun... if you add a 'D' and an 'S' (funds!).
  19. No money, no fun, no retirement!
  20. Yes, you are daring to see what's around the corner! O.K., that's a crock.

Happy Sayings

You can always write something cheerful that doesn't directly fall into the funny category:

  1. It's your time to forget all the worries of work and dance, dance, dance!
  2. A new world is just beginning for you, simply open your mind to the unknown.
  3. Don't plan anything anymore, just relax, live and enjoy your days.
  4. Use this time of your life to continue to learn and grow.
  5. This is the August of your life: enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
  6. Time is now a user-friendly word.
  7. Your heart now has time to rekindle old flames, so go for it.
  8. While exploring new possibilities have a freaking blast!
  9. Remember to smile every day and that will double your retirement happiness.
  10. Retirement is the new second time around.
  11. You are now moving at a new pace . . . the pace of goodness and grace.
  12. Under the stars, laying on a beach, or just kicking up your feet—all your choice.
  13. Love and smiles bring you closer to who you are, and so does retiring.
  14. Check your plans, check them twice, then hit the road and toss the rice. Hooray!
  15. No clocks, no suits, no meetings, no more.
  16. So who's your boss now? Smile while you give us the answer, please.
  17. Upon retirement, your garage becomes your new office. Enjoy!
  18. You are a ray of cheerfulness, and we will miss that around here.
  19. Why are all the good ones gone . . . gone . . . gone fishing?
  20. No more golfing to unwind, it's all for fun now!

Inspirational Words

Say something memorable and moving in a card:

  1. You have been an inspiration to all of us, and we will miss your wise words.
  2. The shoes you've left to be filled will never be filled. You are truly an original.
  3. Your heart and your smarts, are truly unmatched.
  4. You earned that view from the top; now watch and enjoy.
  5. What you've accomplished with never be forgotten, thank you.
  6. This next stage of your life can be filled with adventures, take the leap.
  7. If you find a way to retire without leaving us, that would be best.
  8. Your contribution will always be respected, you're a first-class person.
  9. You've carved a path throughout your life, and only the best can walk it with you.
  10. Let the sand between your toes tickle your feet, you've earned that!
  11. It's hard to understand planning at 20, but you did; you're an example to all of us.
  12. The sun shines down on us during every stage of our life, no matter our age.
  13. Even during retirement, we won't be surprised to hear you're still making a difference.
  14. We'll always remember who you are, and what you've done for so many of us.
  15. Opening a new chapter in life can be a huge adventure.
  16. We are only limited by our own thinking. Even at this stage in life, you can think big.
  17. If we call you for advice, you'll understand it's because you are the best at this job.
  18. It is written somewhere that 'awesome' is not allowed to retire.
  19. Without you, it will be very difficult to get things done. Sure wish you were staying!
  20. Some people leave a huge imprint with the work they've done . . . that's you.
Retirement stands for, 'really tired mentally'

Retirement stands for, 'really tired mentally'

Words of Appreciation for a Retired Mom, Dad, or Other Family Member

Here are a few sayings that family members may choose to put in a card of appreciation to their retired parent, grandparent, or other relative:

  1. Dad, we think you deserve this retirement more than anyone else we know.
  2. Mom, we're looking forward to spending more time with you; thank you for all you did.
  3. Your hard work did not go unnoticed by us kids, and we're so lucky to call you Dad.
  4. You dedicated yourself to this family, now we want you to take some time for yourself.
  5. You've given us everything we've ever needed, and for that, we are honored and grateful.
  6. Dad, we love you for caring for us so deeply every day of your life.
  7. You can retire proudly knowing that you've earned respect from your family and your coworkers.
  8. Your heart has carried this family, and your wisdom helped carry your business.
  9. They had you for the first half of life, we get you for the back half. Yeah!
  10. The beginning of your new story with us, Dad: 'And on the first day, he slept in.'

Questions & Answers

Question: How do I thank a co-worker I've worked with for many years?

Answer: If you prefer to be serious, you could say, "thank you for being there for me over the years, you've made a big difference in my professional life", or "I'm going to miss you more than you know, thank you for being you", or "you've done so much for me over the years and I wanted you to know just how grateful I am"

Question: Any cute or funny lines for retiree calling cards?

Answer: Other than what is already on the page, here are few additional ideas for you: "So you've come to the end of the line, ok, not the real end, just the backend," "stay strong, it could be worse, don't make me say it!", "stay calm and laugh your butt off at the rest of us who have to get up for work on Monday," "Go skydiving, it ain't over unless your chute doesn't open." Hope these help, Barb

Question: I'm retiring from part-time work as an Office Manager for teachers. How can I thank my coworkers? What words can I write to thank the teachers for which I was an Office Manager?

Answer: "Teachers work hard with little thanks, so I want you all to know how much I've appreciated you", "thanks for the guidance, advice, help, support and general all-around fun we've shared", "it may have been for a short time, but I'm still very grateful for each of you"

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"Things won't be the same without you. Better, but not the same."

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I am retired - almost, still doing a couple of half-days but nnot in my old profession. I did not want to be tied down so I do a little in a job I can switch off from when I go out the door.

This is a great resource however, I hope you don't mind if I use some of these on Zazzle products.

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I am retired and I love it.

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