Wedding Wishes: Messages and Quotes

Updated on March 8, 2018
Wedding Wishes Quotes
Wedding Wishes Quotes

Introduction: How to Write a Wedding Wish

It's no easy feat to write a high quality wedding wish—especially for a close friend or a relative. Much like all other wishes for special occasions, wedding messages rank up there in terms of difficulty. If you've stumbled upon this article by Googling, then welcome! Also, you're in luck because I've compiled a collection of some wedding messages for you to use. Feel free to take and modify them as you please.

Let's not beat around the bush any longer: on to the quotes!

Wedding Wishes

  • You're now a team of two. Congrats on an unbeatable union! Wishing you a happy and successful marriage.
  • My best wishes to two very exceptional people. Nothing makes me prouder than to tell the world that both of you are my friends. Enjoy a happy, fulfilling married life!
  • Congratulations on the most important union of your life! May you two always find love and hope in the company of one another.
  • Marriage is about finding true love and sharing a common, beautiful dream. Congrats on the find, and here's to making that dream come to life!
  • Like today, may every other day of your life be filled with love, sympathy, and compassion! May the foundation of your relationship always be as solid as a rock.
  • You are a perfect pair. You are an inspiration to us. Have a blissful conjugal life!
  • Heartfelt congratulations to a perfect pair! Here's to a beautiful couple and a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Marriage Day Wishes

  • You are one of the best, nay; you are the very best couple I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my life. Congratulations and a happy wedding day to the both of you!
  • Here's to you two—wishing my two favorite lovebirds a lifetime of happiness and love. Congrats on a beautiful wedding!
  • I hope that every day you two spend together is as blissful and love-filled as possible. Here's to one of my all-time favorite couples! Congratulations.

Beautiful Wedding Wishes Card
Beautiful Wedding Wishes Card
  • The two of you are meant for each other and this day only cinches it. My very best wishes to the both of you for a wonderful life together.
  • Good things happen to good people, and I don't know two people who are more well-deserving of the kind of love I've witnessed. My very best wishes to one of the best couples ever!
  • Wishing you lots of joy and happiness on this very special day and for the rest of your lives together! Don't blink too much—you might miss something. Happy wedding day, you two!
  • Warmest wishes to a fantastic couple. Here's to a lifetime of adventure, love, and happiness! Congratulations on your matrimony.

Wedding Advice and Well Wishes Card
Wedding Advice and Well Wishes Card

Funny Wedding Wishes

Note: Funny messages may not be for everyone. Depending on your relationship with the recipient of your message and their individual personality traits, not everyone will take such wishes lightly. It may be safer to reserve funny or sarcastic wedding messages for those who you are closer to or those who you for sure know won't be offended.

  • Thanks for all the champagne and free food! Oh, and also congratulations on your marriage.
  • John, enjoy your last day of freedom. Oops, I meant, enjoy the cake? P.S. Congratulations on your marriage, guys!
  • What do parties, fun, and freedom have in common? They're all things you're giving up today!
  • Welcome to a lifetime of always saying "yes" when you really mean "no." In other words, welcome to married life, buddy! Just kidding—congratulations on your marriage!
  • Weddings are not for those with weak hearts - check my bank balance and you will understand... Nothing more to say!
  • You are most welcome to the most dangerous part of your life. Now, it is too late to save you.
  • You have a romantic relation which results in your marriage. Congratulations to you for killing your love by the hammer of wedding.

  • Congratulations on only having one option for the rest of your life! P.S. I'm glad that you opted for the right one. Here's to a happy marriage, you guys!
  • I'm not sure why the portion allowing those to protest this union was taken out of the ceremony, but that's why wedding cards exist, right?
  • Here's to your lifelong commitment to each other. Remember, that only applies to your relationship, and not your wardrobe, John.
  • Do you know the secret of happy married life... sorry it is still a secret.

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Final Words

I welcome all your comments and suggestions on these wedding wishes. Also, remember that you can use my collection of wedding wish messages as merely a template—you're free to modify them however you'd like.

You can also share your own creations or collections with me if you like. Feel free to comment here but please do not use short SMS type words.

Enjoy the wedding!


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