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10 Timeless Philippine Christmas Songs

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Parol or Philippine Christmas star lantern

Parol or Philippine Christmas star lantern

10 Filipino Christmas Songs

Filipinos from the Philippines and across the world love our local Christmas songs.

As early as the first ber month of the year—September—many of us would play Christmas songs in our homes, offices, malls, and just about everywhere.

From December 16 up to the first Sunday of January—the official Christmas period in the Philippines—we would hear almost only Christmas songs on the airwaves.

Many of our Christmas songs reflect the religious importance of the yuletide season.

Still, some songs mirror the joy and festivity of Christmas as well as the sadness and longing for our loved ones during this special occasion.

Below is a list of the 10 timeless English and Filipino Christmas songs from the Philippines.

1. Ang Pasko ay Sumapit

Created by the legendary Filipino music composer Levi Celerio from the 1933 work of Filipino poet Vicente Rubi, the Christmas carol Ang Pasko ay Sumapit is arguably the most popular of all Christmas songs in the Philippines.

It can be heard from carolers or cumbancheros in the Philippines who go from house to house and sing Christmas songs in exchange for some coins or bills.

It has a strong recall, especially among kids.

2. Christmas in Our Hearts

An English Christmas song that has tugged at the heartstrings of millions of Filipinos is musician Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in Our Hearts.

This song is all about the true essence of Christmas—the birth of Jesus Christ—and how Filipinos honor the event by doing good things towards neighbors and families.

3. Himig ng Pasko

Himig ng Pasko is a hymn of how the Christmas season brings joy to almost everyone in the Philippines in December when the air becomes a little chilly and the view everywhere turns colorful and lively.

The tune of this song is certainly mellow, lending a feeling of charm to it.

4. Kampana ng Simbahan

The song Kampana ng Simbahan is all about the bells in the Catholic churches in the Philippines. These bells ring in the wee hours of the morning to wake Filipinos up so they can go to Catholic dawn masses.

Filipinos traditionally attend dawn masses that start as early as three a.m. each morning. This occurs from December 16 to December 24 every year.

5. Kumukutikutitap

A fast-beat and joyful Christmas song that Filipinos love is Kumukutikutitap, a song about the stars, star lights, and star lanterns that flicker, gleam, and shimmer during the yuletide season. Kumukutikutitap is also about the Christmas season’s gifts, candies, and ribbons that not only sparkle but also give joy to those who see them.

6. Mano po Ninong, Mano po Ninang

The Christmas song in the Philippines for expressing gratitude for gifts that would be received from godfathers and godmothers is Mano po Ninong, Mano po Ninang. This song is also about wishing for happiness, prosperity, luck, and peace. These are said to be priceless gifts for anyone.

7. Noche Buena

A Tagalog song about the special dinner that Filipinos eat with their families from midnight of December 24 until the early hours of December 25 is Noche Buena. This song tells how families get together and become closer as they share traditional Filipino foods like lechon and tinola.

8. Pasko na Naman

A Christmas song about how eagerly Filipinos anticipate Christmas day is Pasko na Naman. This song says that time flies and that soon people will again have to celebrate Christmas, a day when love reigns and people sing songs together.

9. Pasko Na Sinta Ko

A song about longing for a special someone on the very special day of Christmas is Pasko na Sinta Ko. The melody of this timeless Filipino love song is very melancholic, making it utterly fitting for people who miss their loved ones in the cold Christmas season.

10. Sa May Bahay ang Aming Bati

A favorite of kid carolers who sing Christmas songs for some favors is the upbeat Sa May Bahay and Aming Bati. This song is actually a greeting of the cumbancheros for the people in the household and a request for the household members to hand over some coins in the spirit of Christmas giving.

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Suzette Walker from Taos, NM on November 26, 2011:

What a beautiful hub! It is so interesting to learn the customs and traditions of your country at Christmas. The parol, the star shaped lantern, sounds so lovely. The Panuluyan sounds so much like the Spanish Posada procession - Mary and Joseph looking for room at the inn.And, the Noche Buena dinner sounds wonderful with the whole family gathered there. The Italians do something similar on Christmas Eve - a special fish meal. I have wonderful memories of every Christmas Eve having dinner at my grandparents with all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Then, we would all go to Midnight Mass. Then, in the morning we would open our presents. Christmas was such a special time for me when I was a child. Today, only a few aunts and my cousins are alive, so those memories are so special. Enjoy your family!

Suzette Walker from Taos, NM on November 26, 2011:

I love to read your hubs also, kerlynb. I have learned so much about the Philippines from you. What a fun journey! Thank you for such interesting an engaging hubs.

Mary Hyatt from Florida on November 22, 2011:

Another beautiful insight into your country. I always enjoy reading and learning about the Philippines. Would love to visit. I enjoyed the video too.. Voted this UP, etc.etc.

asmaiftikhar from Pakistan on November 22, 2011:

dear k that is amazing hub and whenever i visit your hub ;My heart wished to visit Philippians.Full of cultural values really inspires me.i giv u voted up!