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30 DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Nicole has a degree in psychology and is a mom to four sons. She has four cats, three of which were once feral kittens found in her backyard

30 DIY Mother's Day Projects for Adults and Kids

If you're an adult child and want to create something unique for your mom for Mother's Day (or any special woman in your life, really!), here are a few ideas.

1. Cozy Slippers Stuffed With Goodies

This is such a cute idea (and one I'm planning on using this year!) Get a cute pair of fuzzy slippers, and fill them with goodies such as lip balm, lotion, nail polish, or whatever else mom might like! Slippers are nice to have any time of the year. They're so cozy to walk around the house in, especially in the morning when mom is making breakfast or even just sitting down and watching a little television.

For my goodies, I'm thinking about going to Whole Foods or Mothers and getting all-natural, chemical-free products for mom! Some Burts Bees lip balm sounds like the bee's knees!

2. Creative Photo Display

Our cousin made these one year for Christmas presents. She gave them to a bunch of ladies in the family, and they were definitely a big hit!

You can change out the word "Mom" for "Aunt," "Grandma," etc. If you have a piece of wood, you can stain and a printer, you can create this lovely photo display for your mom or another special lady in your life!


3. Pedicure in a Jar

If mom loves doing her nails, she'll love this adorable pedicure in a jar! Simply place a couple of her favorite colored nail polishes in a decorated mason jar, a nail file, clear coat nail polish, and whatever else she might need for the manicure process, like cotton balls, mini nail polish remover, etc. This is a great way to utilize any mason jars you might have around the house!


4. Personalized Succulent

Succulents are a great gift for mom because they're so pretty, just like her! Here's a great idea for making your succulent personalized for that special mom in your life! You can find pre-made tags like this on Pinterest, or you can create your own in your handwriting.


5. "Exploding Box" Scrapbooking Craft

A gal at our church introduced this craft to all the ladies in our bible study. There are lots of tutorials online on creating this "Exploding Box" craft for moms! You can also personalize this craft for many other occasions and holidays as well.

If you have extra scrapbooking paper and photos lying around, what better use for them than to create this beautiful keepsake for mom to treasure? Hand-crafted gifts like these are sometimes so much more meaningful than store-bought! Plus, look how creative and beautiful they can be!

6. Coffee DIY Gift Basket

If mom is a coffee connoisseur, she'll adore a DIY coffee gift basket created by yours truly! Simply pick out some of her favorite coffee, a special mug, and fun chocolates. Then dress it up with silk flowers and a bow. How fun and inviting does that look?

Add a special book or magazine for mom to read while she sips her coffee for an even more personalized touch! Hint: If mom's taste buds aren't suited to coffee, try using tea in the gift basket instead!


7. Mason Jar Sewing Kits

My husband's grandma is an excellent seamstress, and so is my mother-in-law. My mom also likes to sew occasionally. This is just another way to get creative with the mason jars I have around my house, and I'm super excited about it! Isn't the pincushion on the lid of the jar a darling idea?

Anyone who loves to sew can always use an extra pin cushion and thread. This gift is perfect for the expert seamstress or the novice who is just learning how to sew!


8. Watercolor Bookmark or Card

If you're artistic at all and enjoy using the medium of watercolor, why not create a fun watercolor bookmark or two for mom? Painting your own personalized watercolor Mother's Day card for mom would also be a nice touch.

Sure, you could buy an overpriced card at the store, but where's the fun and originality in that? Add a colorful ribbon and some stamping effects to your bookmark and card, and mom will surely be wowed!


9. Breakfast in Bed With DIY Napkin

OK, this is just downright adorable! If you're blessed enough to live close to your mom (or even in the same house), why not make her a delicious breakfast in bed? Or, if you're a hubby looking to please your wife on this special day, get the kids involved and whip up her favorite breakfast! Then place it on a special tray and serve her! Why not add a personalized napkin?

Create a beautiful paper flower and wrap it, along with a note and ribbon, around a tea towel. Viola! Mom will be so stoked, and the best part is that she won't have to cook or clean up!


10. Coffee Date With Mom With DIY Coffee Bar

Whoever came up with this idea is a genius! If I woke up to this DIY coffee bar, I would totally bawl my eyes out! The only thing better than waking up to this beautiful set-up will be the wonderful bonding and conversation you'll be able to have with your mom as the two of you enjoy a special coffee date together!


11. "Grandkids Are Grand" Sign (Can Be Modified for Mom)

Isn't this sign adorable? You can use the clothespins to pin up photos of the grandkids and give this to Grandma or Grandpa. Or you can change the phrase to "Look what I made!" and pin-up artwork the kids have done.

If you want to make this for mom, just find or make up a cute phrase geared toward moms and use that instead (i.e., "Mom, look what I made!" for artwork)—such a cute idea.


12. Painted Rocks for Her Garden

This is a very cute idea for the mom or grandma who loves to garden! Paint rocks for different types of crops, i.e., basil, pepper, marjoram, basil, etc. Mom will love these! It's an inexpensive gift, and handmade too, which mom will be so excited about!

Also, painting little birds on the rocks for each child or grandchild and using this sweet little phrase is a fun idea. The phrase this person used is "Mom's Little Tweet Hearts." Adorable! Painting the rocks to look like cacti is a fun idea, too!


13. Stroller Cell Phone Carrier

What a functional and awesome idea! This would be a perfect DIY for a young mom with small babies or a grandma who often babysits her grandchildren. Love it!

14. Painted Wooden Kitchen Utensils

If mom loves spending time baking and cooking in the kitchen, DIY painted kitchen utensils might be the perfect gift! They're inexpensive and fun to make, too! Wrap it up with a cute tag and ribbon, and you have a wonderful and unique gift!


15. Shower Spa Pampering Basket

Using a shower caddy or a gift basket, give mom some fun towels and body soaps to help her relax and pamper herself. Since mom is always giving to everyone around her, she will really enjoy taking a nice relaxing bath and getting a little break!

If you don't mind spending some extra cash on her, why not include a gift card to a place like Massage Envy, where mom can really get pampered in style!


16. Button DIY Crafts for Mom

This is a different idea. If you have an assortment of colorful buttons around, consider creating a unique craft for mom utilizing them. This makeup brush holder and candle holder are wonderful and unique ideas. Kids could easily make these with the help of an adult, as well!


17. Homemade Apron

Creating an apron from an old shirt is pretty easy, and there are lots of tutorials online to show you how. So, if mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen and doesn't want to get her clothes dirty, you might want to make her one of these adorable aprons.

If you like to sew, this is a great item to make for mom and one that won't cost you too much cash, either! The best part is that she will feel so blessed knowing that you spent your time and energy on making something personalized, just for her!

I really love how the contrasting blue and orange make this cute little apron really pop!

18. Hand-Painted Pots

There are so many cute phrases out there that you can borrow to paint on pots for Mother's Day. Handprints from the kids or grandkids are also an adorable way to decorate flower pots for Mother's Day. Having kids put their handprints on anything will create keepsakes she'll want to treasure forever!


19. “Mom” Wall Display With Fake Succulents

All the supplies above can likely be found at your local Michael's, JoAnn's, or Hobby Lobby Craft store. Simply arrange the fake succulents inside the metal letters by positioning them into Styrofoam inserts, and voila!

This would make such a cute wall decoration for mom. You could also make the letters say anything you wanted, so if you found a short and cute catchphrase, you could definitely do that as well.


20. Get Groupon for Flower Delivery! (Not Exactly DIY, oops!)

I just discovered something really great! If you are opting for a more traditional gift for your mom, and she lives fairly far away, you can choose to send her flowers at a discounted rate by getting Groupon.

Through Groupon, I was able to find a great discount for! I paid $20 for a $40 value! Since my mom's favorite flowers are carnations, I purchased a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her, including carnations and sunflowers, and some other gorgeous flowers. Flower delivery is usually so expensive, so I wanted to share this great deal with you all! (No, I'm not getting paid to share it, I just felt like passing on the love!)


21. Salt Dough Garden Stones

Salt dough stones are relatively simple to make with the help of a parent or adult. The stones can be purchased inexpensively at a place like Wal-Mart, Target, or your local craft store. Handprints placed in the stones will ensure that the recipient will treasure this memory stone for years to come!

22. Popsicle Stick Flower Pots

Painting popsicle sticks is fun for toddlers, and gluing them together around a can or flower pot can create a uniquely decorated container for mom or grandma to put her flowers into—such a perfect craft for kids of all ages.

If you wanted to get even more creative, you could add glitter, stickers, or glue on photos (that is, if the flower pot will be inside, like on a windowsill in the kitchen, for example).

These are so cute, I might even have my kid make one for Grandma and for me, too!

23. Puzzle Piece Photo Frame

Such a simple yet fun idea for mommy! Simply print out your favorite photo of your child and have them glue puzzle pieces onto Popsicle sticks to form a photo frame. Or, you could glue puzzle pieces onto felt instead and use that for a frame. The sky is the limit! I love this cute little phrase you can use, "We Love You to Pieces!" Awww!


24. "You Have My Heart" Photo Card

If you have some time to plan, have your child stand outside and hold their arms up as you take a photo of them. Then, get the photo printed (either on your printer at home or at a place like, and then have your child cut out a construction paper heart like this and create your card!

You could even add a cute little phrase to the bottom of the card, like "Mommy, you have my heart!" So adorable and fun!


25. Handprint Mason Jar Craft

This craft is so easy and trendy! Mason jars are so in right now, and mom will love anything with her kiddo's hand-print on it! Simply paint the mason jar a light color with acrylic paint, and then have your child dip their hand into another color paint and make a hand-print on the jar!

Voila! Let it dry overnight, and then place a silk flower inside for a beautiful decoration for mom!


26. Hand-Print Flower/I Love My Mom Because Painting

Some crafts are so simple, but they really tug at your heartstrings! If you have a pre-schooler who can answer questions about mom, you can write their answer, or if the child is an elementary schooler, they will be able to write out their answer about why they love mom in their cute little handwriting. So precious!


27. Butterfly Footprint Flower Pot

Footprints are just as sweet as handprints, so mommy is sure to love this one! Simply dip your little one's feet in paint and create the prints on the side of the flower pot.

Allow to dry, and then go back and color in the rest of the butterfly, including body and antennae. Use multiple colors to make your butterfly really pop! Mom will not be able to wait to put this in her garden and display it for the world to see.

28. Hand-print Wreath

I, personally, love wreaths. I also love my kids' hand-prints. So, as far as I can tell, this one is a win-win! Create a bunch of cut-outs of your child's hand-prints, and have your child paint/decorate them any way they would like (with paint, stickers, jewels, etc.). Then, paste all the handprints into a wreath shape, and you have a beautiful and unique decoration for the house!


29. Tissue Paper Mason Jar Vase

Mason Jars are certainly popular right now, and what better way to use one than to create a special vase for mom? This gift is easily made using colorful tissue paper and mod podge.

Simply place some of mom's favorite silk flowers inside, and you have a fun vase to give to her on her special day.


30. Altoids Prayer Box

Ok, this is one of my favorites! Decorate the outside and inside of an empty Altoids box, and it instantly becomes a prayer box for mom! What a sweet and thoughtful gift this would be! I love the way this one is decorated.

You can use stickers, buttons, colored paper and tape, magazine clippings, and all sorts of other supplies to make this tin into a functional prayer box. Hope you have fun getting creative!


Nicole K (author) on November 16, 2018:

You're very welcome, Dora! I had fun putting all these ideas together in one place!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on April 30, 2017:

Quite a collection! These are all very special. I especially like the apron from the shirt and the sewing kit in a jar. Thanks for the ideas.