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60+ Dollar Store Thanksgiving Decorations on a Budget

Stephen writes about home décor, gardening, and simple DIY projects around the house.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Every year we have many reasons to celebrate, whether its birthdays, summer parties, retirement parties, or anniversaries... the list is endless!

The great thing about Thanksgiving is that we have a celebration where we sit down with our friends and family and give thanks for all our blessings throughout the year.

So if you want to decorate your home with some amazing Thanksgiving decorations, then just follow the tutorials below. Most of the supplies can be bought in your local dollar store!

Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Outdoor Decor Ideas

I really love doing DIY projects, especially because I love getting creative and seeing something that I did for myself!

DIY Thanksgiving Crafted Glass Bottles

This is a super quick fall project idea, and I'm excited to show you how to make your own vibe for this project.

You'll need some tall glass bottles, and I found that clear bottles work best. You'll need adhesive, vinyl transfer tape, painter's tape, a weeding tool and scraper, wine cork lights, twine, artificial fall leaves, fall embellishments, and a hot glue gun!

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Decor

For these ideas, you can either use plastic pumpkins from the Dollar Store or purchase a real one. Once you have your pumpkins, get some paint and get to work on your festive fall design.

How to Decorate a Table for Thanksgiving Dinner

Nothing says Thanksgiving, like a beautiful dinner table decorated with leaves, pumpkins, and fall colors. Even if you only include a few things, your guests will love that you went the extra mile to make it that more festive.

How to Decorate a Lantern for Thanksgiving

The pictures above are some ideas on how to decorate lanterns for Thanksgiving that are super easy and very affordable!

I got a lantern at Hobby Lobby, some beautiful ribbon with a pumpkin pattern from the Dollar Tree, and some burlap.

Follow the instructions in the video below, and soon you'll have some amazing fall decorations that you'll love!

Thanksgiving Tree Turkey Wreath

When making my own Thanksgiving wreath, I found a felt kit at a Dollar Tree. However, if you cannot find it, it's a pretty basic shape; I think you can cut it out yourself out of felt. From there, you'll need some foam board.

How to Make Tiered Trays for Thanksgiving

These tired trays are simple yet effective. The best thing about these trays is that they can be reused for every holiday.