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7 Nice Things to Write for Your Mom on Mother’s Day

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Write something nice for your mom for Mother's Day with a lovely card, journal, poem, or collection of quotes.

Write something nice for your mom for Mother's Day with a lovely card, journal, poem, or collection of quotes.

What Can You Write About Your Mom for Mother's Day?

Mother’s Day is coming up, and if you still haven’t gotten a gift for your mother, then you may be panicking about what to give her. The truth is that no matter how old you get, you’ll always be your mother’s kid.

What does that mean? It means that your mom will be happy to get anything that you make for her by hand, just like she was when you were in kindergarten. Because of that, it’s better to save your money and stop looking for the perfect gift. Instead, you should give her something that comes from the heart. Even those who are not great writers will find that they can give their mom a great Mother’s Day gift using just a pen and paper.

In this article, you'll find seven examples of things you could write for your mom for Mother’s Day this year.

7 Creative Ways to Wish Your Mom a Happy Mother's Day in Writing

  1. Write her a beautiful poem.
  2. Pen a sweet love letter.
  3. Create a shared journal.
  4. Make or buy her a Mother's Day card.
  5. Write a nice list for her.
  6. Compile a collection of lovely quotes.
  7. Write a message on a cake.
Cards, poems, letters—your mom will love any creative writing you gift to her for Mother's Day!

Cards, poems, letters—your mom will love any creative writing you gift to her for Mother's Day!

1. Write Her a Beautiful Poem

It really doesn’t matter how bad you are at writing poetry. Your mom will think it’s cute that you made the effort to write her a poem. The sappier, the better, when it comes to most moms, although you’ll want to adjust your level of sappiness to what you know about your own mom. The idea is to express in a short series of lines what you appreciate about your mom.

The best poems will describe her and the little things that you love about her. It can rhyme, be a haiku, or just be several sentences. Mom will be so surprised that you did this that she’ll love it even before she reads it.

2. Pen a Sweet Love Letter

We always think of love letters as romantic things that we have to give to spouses and significant others, but the truth is that they can be written for anyone that we love. Sit down with a piece of paper and really pour your heart out in telling your mom why you love her so much. Let her know what you remember from the past that has stayed with you and what you’re thankful for about her today. Write it on nice stationery, and seal it in a pretty envelope. Your mom won’t want anything else for Mother’s Day.

3. Create a Shared Journal

One of the things that can really bring two people close together is sharing a journal. One person starts the journal and then passes it along to the other person who adds to it and then passes it back. Simply buy a blank journal, make that first entry, and then give it to your mother as a gift for Mother’s Day. This is a great gift for siblings to give to their mom together since all of you can write in it and pass it among the entire family. You can write about memories, dreams, thoughts, or anything you wish you said more often to your mom.

4. Make or Buy Her a Mother’s Day Card

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the traditional. Even if you can’t afford to get your mother a gift for the holiday this year, you can certainly afford to get her a Mother’s Day card. Make the card from scratch if you want to do something really special. Or simply include a heartfelt message that tells her why you wanted to write something for her in the first place.

5. Write a Nice List for Her

If you don’t fancy yourself as the writing type, then you can probably at least muster up the courage to write a list. After all, everyone can do that. Ideas of lists that you might make for your mom include a list of all her great traits that you hope you’ve inherited, a list of the best memories that you have shared with her, or a list of things that you’d like for the two of you to do in the upcoming year. A simple list written on a nice piece of paper can go a lot further than you might think.

6. Compile a Collection of Lovely Quotes

If you can’t quite find the words that you want to say from your own mind, then maybe you would prefer to borrow the words of other writers. There are many, many quotations out there about mothers.

Search around online to find the quotes that really resonate with you. Copy them carefully into a small journal and decorate the journal to give to your mother. The words may not be your own, but they’ll send the right message to your mom for Mother’s Day.

7. Write a Message on a Cake

If even the idea of writing out a card is a bit much for you to consider, then maybe what you’d like to do is to send your mom a simple "I love you" message. You can bake a homemade cake for her and write that message on it in icing. This means that you’ll be giving her a handmade gift that she will know was crafted with love. Similar options include embroidering the message onto a pillow or blowing up a favorite photo and writing it on the bottom.

Even writing a simple, sweet message on a cake you made or purchased will make your mom's day!

Even writing a simple, sweet message on a cake you made or purchased will make your mom's day!

Give Your Mom the Gift of Words

These are just seven options that you might consider that will allow you to express your feelings for your mom in writing to give her a wonderful, creative gift this Mother's Day.

There are many other creative things that you can write for your mom, and none of them requires you to take a lot of time or spend a lot of money. All you need to do is consider what you want to tell her and figure out the best form to say it in. Believe me; your mom is going to remember a gift of words far longer than she’s going to appreciate anything that you might think about buying for her this year.


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