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A Really Fun Christmas Party Mad Lib Story Game

I wrote a fun mad lib you can play at your Christmas parties or family get-togethers. We tried it at one of our gatherings, and everyone was rolling in laughter.


Tell your guests you have an unfinished story that you need them to help you complete (but don't read them the story until it's completed). All they need to do is sharpen up their grammar and give you adjectives, adverbs, nouns, specific names, and other words. Below, you'll find the template that explains how to fill in each empty line.

When you're done, try reading the story aloud in one go without wetting your pants laughing. I am not responsible for any complications from the hysterical laughter you are sure to expect. Be sure to encourage creativity and have fun!

Christmas Ad Lib Mad Lib Game

(n=noun, v= verb, adj= adjective, adv=adverb)

It was a (adj)________ Christmas morning when a group of (adj)________ friends gathered to drink (type of liquid)_______. The group consisted of six old-time buddies. Their names were (name 1)______, (name 2)______, (name 3)______, (name 4)_______,(name 5) _______,and (name 6)______. They always talked about their (adj)______ families and shared their (adj)______ dreams.

Today is Christmas, so they are planning on sharing some of their (adj)_______ Christmas memories. (Name 1) ________ has kinda been the (n) _____ of the friends so he will lead the (adj)_____ trip down memory lane.

(Name 1)______ begins, "I think my most fondest memory was when I was a (n)____ kid. We loved to go out and play in the (n)______. We always had (n)_______ fights. We were too poor for a lot of toys so we would make our own. Me and my best friend (name)_______ put our (adj)_____ brains together and made a (n)_____ and we brought it to the top of a hill and (v)_____ on it and slid down the hill. We played until my face was (color)____.

(Name 2)______ begin to tell their favorite Christmas memory, "I think my (adj)_____memory was when my mother took us to (place)______ and let us pick out a gift and I chose a (n)______ it was so (adj)______ I still have it to this day and I will pass it down to my children."

(Name 3)______ then gave their Christmas memory. "My fondest memory was when my (adj)______ family went to our (adj)_____ church on Christmas Sunday I wore a (adj)______ outfit with (n)_____ all over it . I got up in front of everyone and sang the (adj)_____ hymn (any song)__________. Everyone (past tense verb)_______ after I was through singing. Then I performed in the Christmas play, I acted out a (n)______. I enjoyed every minute of it."

(Name 4)_____ then gave their cherished memory: "My best memory was when I cooked Christmas dinner with mom. I got to (v)______ and bake. She even let me taste the (n)______ . Yum yum, was it ever good eaten!"

(Name 5)_______ shared their memory: "My most (adj)_____ memory was when I was the host of a Christmas party. I had #____ guests and lots of (n)____ to eat. We played (a game) _______ and (a game)_______ so hard our (plural n)______ were hurting. It was a (adj)______ success."

Finally, (Name 6)______ gave their favorite Christmas memory. "It was the most (adj)______ moment of my life when I met (name)______ . On Christmas, I bought (him or her) a (n)_______ as a token of my (adj)_____ love and (adj)_____ dedication. He or She gave me a (n)______ in return . I will marry this (adj)______ person (adv)______."

By this time there was (n)______ flowing down the group of friend's eyes. What (adj)_____ Christmas memories they had to share.



I would love to hear what storyline turned out the funniest at your party. Please leave a comment below.

Be sure and keep your funny, finished product for your scrapbook and enjoy years to come. Make merry with fun, wholesome activities this year with your family and friends, the memories will last forever. It is good to lighten up and be silly once and a while. Merry Christmas!

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Virginia Allain from Central Florida on December 04, 2019:

This sounds like great fun. I should try it on our writer's group when we have our holiday party.

Candace Green (author) from OKLAHOMA on December 11, 2010:

Great, i am so glad!

Jace on December 06, 2010:

Thank you so much! I was struggling to find something exactly like this to use with my students the week before Christmas break! It's perfect, thanks!

suuperrbored on June 26, 2008:

im gonna print dis out soo i can doo it with ma bro :)

Carla Chadwick from Georgia on December 22, 2007:

I'm going to bring this to Christmas dinner! Thanks for posting it.

Candace Green (author) from OKLAHOMA on December 19, 2007:

We tried this at our party last night. I told them to be very creative and off the wall with their answers. I thought we were going to have to bring in the oxygen. It was sooooooo funny how it turned out.

MrMarmalade from Sydney on December 16, 2007:

This looks lkie a great game to place before the grandchildren

Great Hub

It appears a little like a charades in a differenet way

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