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75+ Amazing Christmas Decorations That Are Easy to Make

How to Make Amazing Christmas Decorations for Your Home

If you are tired of the same run-of-the-mill decorations that you see year in and year out, then it's time to get your creative mind working. You can combine all sorts of items to make something really unique and special for your home. You can wrap gift boxes and fill them with baubles and lights or create a crate. What about transforming dollar store wine glasses to make them look like lanterns using spray paint and battery-operated tea lights.

Without further delay, let's take a look at some amazing ideas.


Santa Centerpiece

Make this with a charger plate as your base. Fill a gift box with baubles and hot glue the lid at an angle to make it look like the box is overflowing. Add a Santa and a sign that says Christmas.



Keep things minimal by sticking to two colors, such as silver and white. Purchase a styrofoam cone and spray paint silver. Then hot glue mini ornaments around it in shape you desire.


Winter Wonderland

Build a winter scene in a crate for a look that is so different it is sure to be a conversation starter. You can add cotton to the bottom to make it look like snow. Then make the scene with a deer, some pine cones, and a bottle brush tree. Finish by suspending some baubles from the top of the crate.


Rose Gold

Make a lampshade-style decoration with a wooden post, a gift box, and baubles. You can hot glue the ornaments in a shape that's pleasing to the eye and then place your decoration somewhere that you will enjoy seeing it.


Illusion Tree

This decoration is so original! It's very simple to recreate with some baubles, a glue gun, and a gift bag. Make sure the balance is correct by placing the heaviest balls
at the bottom for stability.


Box of Baubles

This box of baubles could be used in place of a traditional tree. Begin by placing floral foam in the box, then hot glue baubles to this in a tree-shaped arrangement. Finish by hot gluing the lid of the box to the bauble arrangement.


Lit Box

Add firefly lights to your box decoration to make a really pretty and unique Christmas centerpiece. A little angel figurine is glued to the top of the box to make it look even more adorable.


White Wreath

A white wreath will really lend elegance to your door. Paint a wreath white and then add a collection of items such as garland and white baubles.


Box Centerpiece

A box centerpiece in pinks and rose gold is simply charming for your festive celebrations. String beads and tinsel are added for extra glamour.


Dollar Store Decorations

Keep it budget-friendly by making Dollar Store decorations. You can make an adorable-looking lamp post with supplies, including wine glasses and sugar bowl sets that are spray painted. Place a battery-operated tea light inside to provide the light.