Christian Poems for Father's Day

Updated on July 7, 2017


If you and your father attend separate churches, this is a wonderful time of the year to attend church with him or invite him to your place of worship.

Many gifts will be given on this day. Some items will be too big or too small. Some will be used, and some will be taken back to the stores for an exchange or refund.

But when you give the gift of poetry, it is a gift that will be heard or read, and you don't have to worry whether the size fits or not.

I would like to share with you some of my favorite Christian poems for Father's Day.


He leads our household well;

With instruction from the Bible,

Right behavior he'll compel.

Yet he steers us with compassion;

His gentle love is true:

He conforms to our Lord Jesus

He knows just what to do.

He teaches us with purpose,

Guides us in all Godly ways,

So we will take the right path,

And serve our lord with praise.

I'm glad you're a Christian, Dad

You help me see things clearly.

I'll look up to you,

And love you very dearly.

-Joanna Fuchs


God took the strength of a mountain,

The majesty of a tree,

The warmth of a summer sun,

The calm of a quiet sea,

The generous soul of nature,

The comforting arm of night,

The wisdom of the ages,

The power of the eagles flight,

The joy of a morning in spring,

The faith of a mustard seed,

The patience of eternity,

The depth of a family need,

Then God combined these qualities,

When there was nothing more to add,

He knew his masterpiece was complete,

And so, He called it ... Dad

Author Unknown


Dad, if all the fathers

Had lined up one by one,

And God told me to pick,

I'd still choose to be your son.

I'm proud to have a father

Who listens and understands,

Who teaches me and sets fair rules

Without unfair demands

Dad you are my hero,

My role model in all I do.

So dad, if I could pick again,

You know I'd still pick you!

Joanna Fuchs


If I went shopping for a dad,

Here is what I'd buy:

One who would always stop

To answer a little boy's "why?"

One who would always speak kindly

To a little girl or boy,

One who would give to others

A bit of sunshine and joy.

I'd pick a dad that followed

The Bible's Golden Rule,

And one who went regularly

To church and Sunday School.

I'd buy the very finest dad

To place on our family tree,

And then I'd try to live like him

So he would be proud of me.

Helen Kitchell Evans



We thank you for our fathers,

Who have gathered here today,

To praise your holy name,

For giving them strengh and courage

To make it along life's way.

We thank you for our fathers,

Who have loved us so well,

Clothed us, fed us, educated us,

Now we get a chance to tell,

To tell them how we love them,

To tell them how much we care,

To tell them we are ever so grateful,

Because they were always there.

D. Alsup

Thank you for visiting. Let us know if you enjoyed the poems. If you have any Christian poetry for Father's Day for kids you would like to share, please send us a comment with your selections for all to enjoy.

Thanks again.

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      • profile image


        10 months ago

        I'm so happy to join this powerful group.

      • BIGCSSHOP profile imageAUTHOR


        5 years ago

        jean yi, i truly thank you for visiting . i am so happy you love our site.

      • profile image

        jean yi 

        5 years ago

        i love this sighte

      • BIGCSSHOP profile imageAUTHOR


        8 years ago

        Thank so much ilove jmg, for visiting. I appreciate your comment. I tried to select some different poems for better variety. And please allways feel free to use any of my poem selections. Make sure you also check out:

        God Bless you.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        I also forgot, I will also be using one of these poems for my childrens class. Thank you. Hope you don't mind, God Bless.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Well on all the sites I have visited so far, they mostly have the same poem. I'm not quite sure who was the makers of these poems. But they made some great poems. They are simply beautiful and touching. God Bless you all.

      • BIGCSSHOP profile imageAUTHOR


        8 years ago

        Thanks so much, MaClyne Rendal for visiting,

        I'd be more than honored for you to use any of our Christian Poems For Father's Day. Sounds like you do have a lot of loving fathers to celebrate with!

      • profile image

        MaClyne Rendal 

        8 years ago

        Hope you don't mind us using your poem for our Father's Day programme in our church...although my father's not around, i still have my lil' girl's dad and the whole parishioner's dad to celebrate be happy with, rite.....Happy Father's Day

      • BIGCSSHOP profile imageAUTHOR


        9 years ago

        Thanks Neeze Cael and Danielle LeBlanc. I'm glad my poetry selections inspired you!

      • profile image

        Danielle LeBlanc 

        9 years ago

        Really awesome and inspirational poems,

        they will go really well with the letter i'm going to write for my dad for his birthday!

      • profile image

        Neeze Cael 

        9 years ago

        yeah............very very inspirational poems....... for all loving and adorable fathers we have......just like my lolo luis('',)

      • BIGCSSHOP profile imageAUTHOR


        9 years ago

        Thanks Lisa Henry.

        I'm honored that you used my poetry selections in your Father's Day program.

      • profile image


        9 years ago

        Nice poems hope to use them in church! P.s Thank u God because I have a #1 DAD!!!!:)

      • profile image


        9 years ago

        th3s3 ar3 such b3autiful po3ms!!! But it will b3 hard for my family this year bcuz its our first year with out our abuelito Jose:( But he is in heaven with our Lord and savior and the king of kings and lord of lords!!!:)

      • profile image

        mary ann calibuhan 

        9 years ago

        good poems which can inspire our fathers more

      • profile image

        Lisa Henry 

        9 years ago

        Really love the poems. Hope you don't mind I use them in my church Father's Day program.

      • profile image

        Alicia Baugh 

        9 years ago

        Such beautiful Father's Day poems-made me cry a little. Truly beautiful!!


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