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Printable Rooster Templates: Kid Crafts for Chinese New Year

Adele has been a youth services librarian for 25 years and a mother to a daughter from China for 20 years.

Printable Rooster Templates: Crafts for the Year of the Rooster

Printable Rooster Templates: Crafts for the Year of the Rooster

Easy Printable Craft Projects for the Year of the Rooster

Here are some quick craft ideas for the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese New Year zodiac cycle.

The roosters here use simple shapes that will be of use to teachers, parents, and librarians who are putting together craft programs for preschoolers or elementary school children. They include printable templates that kids can color, cut out, and assemble.

All of the artwork here was created by me, and you have permission to print any of it for personal and educational use. Commercial use is prohibited.

How to Use These Templates for Chinese New Year Craft Projects

The images are all loaded as jpegs, which means you can click on them, then right-click to copy them and paste them into a program like Word or Publisher. That way, you can enlarge or minimize the image as you'd like.

Shapes Rooster Patterns to Print

These shape roosters are the building blocks you can use to make several other quick and easy Year of the Rooster projects.

Shapes Rooster in Oval to Print

This rooster has been placed in a black oval to make him easier to color and cut out. You can use him in a variety of crafts, from a puppet (tape him to a popsicle stick) to a bookmark to a greeting card.

Shape rooster in oval

Shape rooster in oval

Circle and Heart Shapes Pattern

Here is another rooster made with hearts for the tail and comb. You will also find the following templates for him:

  • Black and white, if you want the kids to color him themselves
  • One that you can use to cut out the shapes in colored paper or felt

Rooster Head Pattern

Here's an even simpler pattern for children to color and cut out. You can talk about ovals, triangles, and hearts while they are assembling the roosters.

Half-Circle Roosters to Print

These roosters use a half-circle base to make a charming little rooster. Use yarn or string to make the legs and attach to the feet.

Half-Circle Rooster Paper Plate Template

If you've worked with preschool or elementary children for a while, you know that any time you see a circle, you can use a paper plate, and so, accordingly, here is a pattern you can print, cut out, and attach to a folded paper plate that the children can then decorate.

Paper plate template for rooster

Paper plate template for rooster

Half-Circle Rooster Pattern to Print and Color Your Own Design

Most of the fun of these whimsical roosters is creating your own design. Here is a template you can use that gives a little guidance but lets you fill in your own design—from doodles to zentangles.

Rooster to decorate

Rooster to decorate

Half-Circle Roosters with Designs Inspired by Papercuts and Embroidery

Traditional Chinese folk arts include some wonderful designs in fine papercuts and also in embroidered items. Just do an Internet search for "Chinese rooster," and you'll see many of the dots, swirls, and circles that are used in the following printable templates.

Half-Circle Rooster in Color

Here is one way to color this little rooster. I did it in Photoshop, but you could also get out the markers or colored pencils.

Colored rooster

Colored rooster

Assembled Half-Circle Roosters to Print

In case you don't want to cut out and assemble the roosters, here are some that you can just print and color.

Ways to Use These Printable Patterns

You can use these shape roosters for all sorts of crafts—bookmarks, lanterns, ornaments, and greeting cards, to name a few. Check back later because I might have added even more.

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