Christmas Magic with New Picture Book Features the Popular Character Babymouse

Updated on November 3, 2016
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Babymouse and the Christmas Adventure That Comes with Being Four Years Old

Babymouse, a popular character with many children, makes her debut in her first full-color picture book for the Christmas holidays with Jennifer and Matthew Holm's "Little Babymouse and the Christmas Cupcakes". She is excited about the holiday and wants to prepare something special for Santa's anticipated visit. She must think of something that Santa really wants because she ate all of the cookies that her mom made for Santa. Babymouse really likes cupcakes and decides that cupcakes are the perfect surprise to replace the cookies. All of a sudden a loud roar interrupts her preparations for making the cupcakes. Babymouse must become a heroine to save Christmas and the all-important cupcakes for Santa.

Jennifer and Matthew Holm bring this adventure to life with large colorful pages and engaging presentations of some pages that resemble a comic book with illustrations and text inside individual panels. Pages with text in large print encourage dramatic reading that will have young readers eager to participate in the adventure. Babymouse's letter to Santa gives the clue to her inspiration for the magical thinking that sparks her adventure. Children will engage with Babymouse when given the opportunity to participate in reading and dramatizing the words in large print. This creative Christmas book will be a favorite for years to come.

"Little Babymouse and the Christmas Cupcakes" was published by Random House Children's Books and is recommended for ages 3-7. It has an ISBN of 978-1-101-93743-3.

Christmas Picture Book Inspires Magical Thinking for the Season

Magical thinking in a new picture book
Magical thinking in a new picture book | Source
Cupcakes for Santa
Cupcakes for Santa | Source
Babymouse's letter to Santa gives clue to her inspiration for magical thinking
Babymouse's letter to Santa gives clue to her inspiration for magical thinking | Source
Creative use of illustrations that resemble a comic book
Creative use of illustrations that resemble a comic book | Source
Babymouse saves the day
Babymouse saves the day | Source
One problem left
One problem left | Source

Get Acquainted with Author/Illustrator Team

Jennifer and Matthew Holm are a talented brother and sister team who are the creators of the beloved character of Babymouse. Their award-winning series with Babymouse has introduced children to the genre of graphic novels. You may learn more about Babymouse by visiting the Babymouse website at

Magical Thinking in Children's Cognitive Development

Christmas is the perfect season to encourage children to engage in magical thinking. Reading engaging stories such as Holm's "Little Babymouse and the Christmas Cupcakes" inspires young children to create their own adventures. Books play a part in Babymouse's magical thinking with the included illustration of a selection of books on her bookshelf. Young readers will notice her books about knights and dragons at the beginning of the story.

Imagination is important in the development of cognitive thinking in children. Parents can begin a conversation about magical thinking with children after reading this fun read aloud. Is Santa real? Is the dragon real for Babymouse? The answers will give parents a clue as to the developmental of cognitive thinking in their children. Magical thinking has a positive effect on learning and social communication. Magical thinking skills lead to creativity and increasing divergent thinking. Let children talk about their feelings about what they believe about reality and magic. Children can also use drawings to communicate their magical thinking. Reading and dramatizing a story also leads to creativity. The use of large print encourages children to dramatize a story.

Parents can jumpstart their children's magical thinking during the Christmas season by choosing to read engaging picture books. "LIttle Babymouse and the Christmas Cupcakes" can open the world of imagination by presenting the opportunity for questions and creative thinking. What else might Santa like besides Babymouse's cupcakes? Could Babymouse also make something for Santa's reindeer team? How could Babymouse calm the dragon besides offering all the cupcakes to it? Children might also like to bake their own cupcakes for Santa in lieu of the traditional cookies for Santa. Holm's creative story can add a wealth of magical thinking to your child's Christmas season.

Large Print in Text Encourages Dramatic Reading

Dramatize with Babymouse
Dramatize with Babymouse | Source

Christmas Magic in Your Home

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