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75+ Lovely DIY Christmas Presents for Co-workers to Say Thank You

Christmas Cheers to Co-workers!

Whether you are going to a work party over the festive season or just having a festive work lunch, you will probably want a few little to get a few gifts for your co-workers. You may even be doing a secret Santa or need a white elephant gift.

Since this time of year can be quite an expensive one, you need to be creative when it comes to gift giving. Be friendly to your bank balance and take inspiration from these budget-friendly DIY Christmas presents that can be gifted to colleagues, neighbors, and even teachers.



Who doesn't love baking gingerbread cookies? Especially during Christmas time, these treats are an easy and cute Christmas present. All you need to do is purchase a gingerbread cake tin and a spiced cake mix. Once baked, add some edible decorations!


Socks and Wine

This gift will cost no more than $10 to make and could be given any time of the year. Who doesn’t like socks and wine? If wine isn't their thing, then you could use grape juice, some bubble bath, or other items.


Snowman Poop

This is a great gag Christmas gift that will bring a smile to anyone's face. It's a handy one if you have many co-workers you want to get a gift for. Buy a multi-pack of tic tacs, print out a label or make your own, and tie it on with some ribbon.


Wine Hamper

This is a great gift idea for those people who are hard to buy for. Purchase a bottle of wine and some festive wine stoppers. Include a voucher for their favorite coffee shop and then add the signs "Before Work" and "After Work."


Gifts in a Jar

Make budget-friendly gifts from old mason jars lying. They are just waiting to be upcycled and filled with thoughtful gifts. They can be filled with anything from soaps to candies to nail polishes. These jars have been given festive makeovers to look like characters including Rudolph and Santa.


Lotto Holiday Cheer

Wish your co-workers a "Lotto Holiday Cheer" with this cute idea. Fill treat bags with scratch-off lottery tickets and staple your message to the top using festive card stock. Treat bags can be filled with just about anything so take inspiration from this idea and use whatever you like.


Christmas Mixers

Share a tipple with your co-workers with this Christmas coke with mini liquor bottles idea. Why not add a set of festive glasses too for extra cheer? If they prefer wine, you could also recreate this idea using mini wine bottles.


Candy Bar Wrapper

This idea would also make great table gifts during Christmas dinner. It'd also be a super cute idea for kids stocking fillers. Purchase a batch of chocolate bars and make festive wrappers for them.


Cute Stocking Stuffer

Purchase shave gels and razors and use gloves or socks for the hats. You can add googly eyes to give them a little face. Finish by tying a bow around the center to secure the razor to the gift.


Money Gift

If you want to gift some money then this is a great idea. All you need is a roll of toilet paper, a clear plastic bag, ribbon, wiggle eyes, orange foam/paper, hot glue, and a black marker! Simply put your money in the middle of the roll.

The tag says "In case you get CRAP for Christmas!"



This is a great DIY Christmas snack jar gift for co-workers. Fill jars with treats and candy to sweeten their day. You could take it even further by turning the jars into festive characters with pipe cleaners and googly eyes!


Sweet Tree

If you have a lot of teammates then make these super easy and cheap Reese’s pipe cleaner Christmas trees for your co-workers. You could make them from any candy, using the candy as a base for your tree.


Stress Relieving

Work is stressful, so help them unwind by making up this relaxing hamper. Buy some stress-reliving bubble bath, candles, and other goodies. Present it in a gift bag or basket for them.


"Thanks a Latte"

As a very last-minute gift idea, if you have forgotten to bring anything, you could surprise them during lunch hour by purchasing a tray of coffees. Including a tag that says "Thanks a Latte" is also a very cute touch. This is sure to brighten their day.


Random Mini Bags

These mini bags make a great Christmas gift for school staff or another big group. Plus, you can make them for less than $3 each. Start out by purchasing a mini wine bottle, scratch ticket, and a candy cane and place in a treat bag.


Ghiradelli Squares

Ghiradelli squares make for great party favors as well as cute little gifts for colleagues.


Filled Bauble

A filled bauble makes a great inexpensive and easy Christmas gift for friends, co-workers, etc. Simply fill them with red and green M&Ms for a really festive look.


Santa Jars

How adorable are these Santa Jars? Simply fill jars with sweets and add a Santa hat and googly eyes to complete the look.