Christmas-Tree Theme: Miniature Baskets

Updated on August 28, 2019
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Decorating the Christmas tree is a wonderful tradition for the family. I love how a tree reflects your own personality.

My tree decorated with little baskets.
My tree decorated with little baskets. | Source

How to Make a Basket-Filled Christmas Tree

You can decorate a holiday tree with miniature baskets for a rustic theme. It's easy to do and not very expensive. It's a great way to display a collection of little hand-woven baskets.

These tiny collectibles look charming on one of those small trees, like a 3-foot tall one. It doesn't take too many to fill it up.

Years ago, I took several classes in basket weaving. It's not an easy craft, and I gave up after making one heart-shaped basket and 3/4ths of an apple basket. Still, I love baskets, but lack room to collect full-sized ones. I started finding tiny baskets at yard sales, flea markets, and even the local discount store.

The best of my collection hangs on two racks in my breakfast room. The lesser examples are stashed away with the Christmas decor. They decorate one three-foot Christmas tree in my dining room each December, which lets me enjoy them once again.

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What You'll Need

  • A small tree
  • Little baskets
  • Ribbon or yarn
  • String of lights (optional)
  • A tree skirt

1. Collect the Baskets

Collect a variety of miniature baskets throughout the year. They come in many shapes and colors. You can spot these at dollar stores or yard sales. Usually, they are priced quite low. I like little things, but still have to curb my collecting instincts. I don't feel guilty with these as they store away quite compactly in a single box.

I like the look of a variety of baskets rather than all the same. My tree includes vintage baskets and new ones of all shapes.

Look at the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors!
Look at the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors! | Source

2. Find a Small Tree to Decorate

Get a small tree. The three-foot artificial tree works well with tiny baskets. It's small enough to tuck into a dining room or an entryway or even feature on a tabletop. This size stores away quite compactly for next season.

I found mine at Walmart at the after-Christmas sale for just $3 a few years back. It even had lights already on it. It was such a good deal, that I bought three of them and decorated each one with a different theme.

My entryway has one with pinecones and items from nature on it. My guest room little tree has ornaments that are all glass, and it's really sparkly. The basket tree goes in my dining room adjacent to the great room where we spend a lot of time.

I place the diminutive tree on a box to give it a little elevation.


3. Start Decorating: Tips for Hanging the Baskets

Set up the tree, then hang the baskets on the branches. It's easy to slip the handles onto the branches or tie them on with red yarn bows or ribbon. You can use gold thread to tie them on the tree as well.

I put the larger baskets lower down and the smaller ones near the top where you can see them better. Some that are a little too large get placed around the base of the tree.


4. Fill the Baskets

Fill some of the baskets with varied objects for an element of surprise. One of my baskets has two hens in it. They're really old ones, possibly from the late 1800s, and they just seem right in their basket.

You could put some candy in some.

Two vintage hens in a small basket on the Christmas tree.
Two vintage hens in a small basket on the Christmas tree. | Source

5. Add a Cover to Hide the Tree Base

Place a colorful skirt around the base to hide the stand. This could be a scarf, a shawl, or a length of fabric from your sewing stash. I use some red fabric with a theme of teddy bears for my tree-skirt. Since it is unhemmed, I just turn the edges under, and it looks fine.

Fabric covers the tree base and the box that it sits on. Then I surround it with stuffed animals.
Fabric covers the tree base and the box that it sits on. Then I surround it with stuffed animals. | Source

6. Place Some Plush Toys Around the Base

I don't put gifts under this tree, they go under the big tree in the living room. So, I cluster some stuffed Christmas toys around the base. These go on sale at deep discounts after Christmas. Look in the pet section of the store too for dog and cat toys with a Christmas theme. Just the right size.


7. Place the Tree Topper

Use a straw star or cornhusk doll for the tree topper. That harmonizes with the natural materials of the baskets.

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      • PoetikalyAnointed profile image


        11 months ago from US

        This is such a sweet idea and I love how you've decorated the tree. It harmonizes well with the room.

        I love the baskets themselves.

      • Linda BookLady profile image

        Linda Jo Martin 

        11 months ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

        Very cute, Virginia! What a great idea. I really like how you're putting surprises in the baskets. Maybe even a gift for a loved one, if it is small enough?


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