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Clues for a Halloween Candy Hunt

When Halloween fell on a cold, nasty night, Abby Slutsky used to plan a candy hunt for her children.

Make the clues a little more festive by affixing them to paper pumpkins.

Make the clues a little more festive by affixing them to paper pumpkins.

Clues for a Halloween Candy Hunt

A Halloween candy hunt isn't a hunt without clues. If each hidden treat is connected to a clue, there's no chance of treats being forgotten in the nooks and crannies of your house (eventually attracting gross bugs!).

Writing clues takes time. But fortunately, I've collected clues just for you! Below are twenty candy hunt clues (plus a few extra replacement clues) that you can use to hide Halloween candy in your house. If you have multiple children, put their names on pieces of masking tape and attach them to the Halloween candy so they can go to the exact locations without arguing over who gets which treats.

Just print off the clues, cut them into separate strips, and place one with each piece of Halloween candy. Aside from the final clue, you can put them in any order. If a clue does not work for your house, skip that one or create a replacement clue. If you prefer to make these clues more festive for the Halloween holiday, consider printing them on pale orange paper cutouts decorated to look like pumpkins.

Your kids will love following clues to find their Halloween candy.

Your kids will love following clues to find their Halloween candy.

20 Rhyming Halloween Clues

Read through these Halloween candy-hunt clues carefully. Most of them will probably be appropriate for any household, but you can exchange some of these clues for some of the optional ones if they do not work in your house. (For example, maybe your child does not play music or does not have any trophies.)

Remember to remove the location of the Halloween sweet when you cut out the clues. I have written these clues with extra spacing, so you can conveniently cut them into strips.

Clue 1

It's where we keep a lot of our food—
Where you get a drink when you're in the mood.

(Put it in the refrigerator.)

Clue 2

We wrap leftovers with things in this drawer—
It's in the kitchen, above the floor.

(Put candy in a drawer where you keep wraps or foil.)

Clue 3

They never match, but they're in a ball,
Look in your drawer, go through them all.

(Put candy inside a ball of socks.)

Clue 4

Mom or Dad keep their work papers here,
But is there something near the chair?

(Put under a cushion or on the floor near the chair in the home office.)

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Clue 5

The trick-or-treaters come to the door,
But what is nearby that's on the floor?

(Put under a front mat.)

Clue 6

It sits on a ledge, upon a wall,
If you need a stool, take care not to fall.

(Place on the ledge of a frame.)

Clue 7

When someone wants money, they use this phone,
It's hardly answered unless an adult's home.

(Put it under a landline phone.)

Clue 8

The shampoo and conditioner are kept in here,
Check to see what else is there.

(Place in a tub, a shower, or a medicine cabinet.)

Clue 9

It won't get washed if you don't put it away,
Put it in the hamper today.

(Hide under dirty clothes that are on the floor in a kid's room.)

Clue 10

In a pocket, in your pants,
Find it, so we don't get ants.

(Put in each child's pants pocket in their closet.)

Clue 11

Tap on the keyboard; the screen is near,
Look closely, and you'll see it there.

(Put it under the keyboard or computer.)

Clue 12

The place where guests, they always go,
And what they do—well, you know.

(Place candy in the guest bathroom.)

Clue 13

Along a window's ledge at last,
There is candy you want to grasp.

(Put on a window ledge.)

Clue 14

In the main room where we watch TV,
Are treats for you and treats for me.

(Hide in the family room.)

Clue 15

The music room is a lovely space,
Your practice books are in their place.

(Put inside a music book.)

Clue 16

Your trophies sit upon a shelf,
Your candy, have you had enough?

(Place on a trophy shelf.)

Clue 17

Whose bed it's under, I do not know,
Check them all, off you go.

(Put under the bed of your choice.)

Clue 18

Shoe size (shoe size of someone in the house) is where you'll find
Halloween sweets of a favorite kind.

(Tuck into a shoe.)

Clue 19

Set the table, as you go,
What you'll find, you soon will know.

(Put in a silverware or placemat drawer or put in a glass.)

Clue 20

A single chair, your favorite one,
This is where the candy stash is done.

(Put under a favorite chair on the floor or cushion.)

A travel bag is one place to hide Halloween sweets for a candy hunt.

A travel bag is one place to hide Halloween sweets for a candy hunt.

Replacement or Optional Candy Hunt Clues

These Halloween candy hunt clues are for parents who want more printable clues or need a replacement clue because their children do not have trophies, music books, or some of the other items mentioned in the clues above.

Optional Clue 1

A bag you take when traveling light,
When you visit a friend overnight.

(Put in a small travel bag.)

Optional Clue 2

Tea or coffee? It's where you'll find,
Candy of a yummy kind.

(Put in tea canister or coffee box.)

Optional Clue 3

Near an item a shade of blue,
Is where you'll find a treat that's new.

(Place near or under any blue item.)

Optional Clue 4

In a place where we keep lean,
At first, the treat may not be seen.

(Hide somewhere in a home gym.)

Optional Clue 5

It's the bag where you keep books,
Go right now, and take a look.

(Hide in a backpack.)

Keep the Halloween Scavenger Hunt Fun Going

If you think your children will enjoy the Halloween scavenger hunt and you want to prolong the fun, check out this article for another 23 Halloween candy hunt clues. Keeping your children happy, safe, and engaged on Halloween is easy. Enjoy the candy hunt!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Abby Slutsky


Abby Slutsky (author) from America on August 28, 2020:

Thanks for reading.

Danny from India on August 28, 2020:

Abby nice treat package for Halloween. I am sure kids would love to search the candy.

Abby Slutsky (author) from America on August 27, 2020:

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. It is such a shame that most of them probably won't have a traditional Halloween this years. At least, my kids are adults now and don't have to worry about it.

greg cain from Moscow, Idaho, USA on August 27, 2020:

Hi Abby - I used to do something similar to this, a sort of scavenger hunt, for my kids on Easter morning. Great fun. I love this article, love the ideas that will be very useful for parents wanting to give their children a unique way to celebrate Halloween. I know we had tons of fun doing this and video'ing it as the kids read each poem and clue excitedly. Nice work!

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