DIY: Crisscross Ribbon on Your Christmas Tree for This Elegant Look

Updated on September 16, 2019
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When I find an easy way to create something cute and useful, I can't keep myself from sharing it with others.

A Christmas Tree With Crisscrossed Ribbons
A Christmas Tree With Crisscrossed Ribbons

Crisscrossing Ribbon on Your Christmas Tree Is Easy

If I can make a tree look glamorous, anybody can! To be honest, I never thought I would be one to own a beautiful and glamorous Christmas tree. There were five kids in my family growing up, and let's just say that anyone looking at our tree could tell that it was decorated by five kids.

I confess, I was the one with the idea to bend a toothbrush so that I could hang it on the tree as if we were decorating a tree in a dentist's office instead of our family room, and I admit I wasn't exactly a little kid anymore when I came up with that brilliant idea either.

What I'm saying is that I didn't exactly grow up with fancy Christmas trees, and really I'm not exactly a fancy person. In fact, I'm just about as casual as they come. This is probably partially because I'm a little bit nervous about trying to do something fancy and having it fail miserably.

Well, I took a chance with the crisscrossed ribbon when I saw it in another article (Yep! There's no way I could have come up with this on my own), and it turns out it's not as intimidating as it looks. In fact, it was surprisingly simple, and this is definitely the most glamorous-looking tree that has ever graced our home.

Hopefully, now that you know a little bit of background about me, you realize that if I could do this, you can do it too. Go ahead! Push any intimidation factor aside, and give this a shot!

Have you ever been too intimidated to try a decorating project even though you really liked the idea of it?

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Step 1: Cut and Secure Your Ribbon

Before you start, it's important for you to know that you should have the lights on your tree before doing anything with the ribbon. Now that you know that, you're ready to begin!

The first thing you need to do is cut six pieces of ribbon (or more if you have a really wide tree) that are about twice as long as your tree is high. For example, if your tree is eight feet tall, you will need each piece of ribbon to be at least sixteen feet long.

You will want to use a ribbon that has wire in it, because this will make the next step of this project much simpler.

Once you have your six pieces of ribbon, you will need to attach all six of them to each other on one end. You can use a twisty tie or a rubber band to do this, or if you don't have either of those handy, you can just tie them in a knot.

Next, you will want to secure the ribbons at the top of your tree. I did this by sticking them up inside our Christmas tree topper as you can see above.

Step 2: Distribute the Six Ribbons Evenly Around Your Tree

Now that you have the ribbons secured from the top of the tree, you will want to distribute them evenly around the tree so that everything ends up looking well proportioned.

I'm sure this is easier for most people than it was for me, but like I said, I'm not exactly an interior decorator or a person with an eye for crafts.

Don't worry if it's a bit of a struggle. It might take a few minutes, but you'll get it eventually.

Step 3: Your First Set of Crisscrosses

You can start anywhere on your tree for this part, so don't worry about where to begin.

All you need to do is take two ribbons that are next to each other and twist them around each other two or three times, making a diamond shape (this is where the wire in the ribbon comes in very handy).

Next, repeat this same twisting with the other two sets of ribbons that are remaining. Do your best to make sure that the twists are all done at the same height.

It's up to you how far down you want to do your twisting. I thought it would be good to twist them about a foot below the top of the tree, but I just eye balled it. It's probably not perfect, but I don't think anybody would ever be able to tell.

If you are more concerned about making everything perfectly proportional, you might want to measure.

The picture above is a picture of my tree after I did this step. I took the picture, because I actually thought it looked really weird like I was doing this wrong, and I thought this might be a concern for others like it was for me.

As you can see below, the tree turned out great, so don't worry if it looks kind of weird after this first round of twisting. It will get better!

Step 4: Continue Crisscrossing Until You Get to the Bottom of the Tree

Well, if you mastered step three above, this step will be quite simple for you. All you need to do is keep repeating that same process over and over again until you make it to the bottom of the tree.

There are just two things that you will want to be careful of as you finish this process:

  1. Be careful to make sure that you are making all the twists for each level at approximately the same height.
  2. Check and make sure that each twist lines up with the one two levels above it.

As long as you do those two things, you can't go wrong. Even if you don't get those two things perfect, it will still probably be fine.

If you look carefully at my tree, you can tell that the twists don't line up perfectly, but my guess is that you didn't notice until I pointed that out.

Don't ruin your tree decorating experience by worrying too much. Just do your best. Your tree's going to look great!

When I got to the bottom of my tree, I felt like it could use a little finishing touch, so I used some extra ribbon to tie bows and attached them to my tree where the ribbons met at the very bottom.

Does this whole crisscrossed ribbon thing seem simple enough that you could do it?

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© 2015 Rebecca Young


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    • profile image

      Jolynn Petrlich 

      3 years ago

      Very Beautiful and without extreme complication...

      Love this idea

    • listsnthings profile image

      Anna Christie 

      4 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      What a fantastic idea for decorating the tree. So easy to do as well

    • Linnea Lewis profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      Looks very beautiful, I actually saw Christmas trees decorated like that, but I've never tried it myself and now I really want to! :) Thank you for this tutorial.

    • Becca Linn profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Young 

      4 years ago from Renton, WA

      I'm glad you liked it! Like I said in my hub, it's way easier than it looks. You should give it a shot!

    • purl3agony profile image

      Donna Herron 

      4 years ago from USA

      Your tree looks really beautiful! I've seen this decorating style in magazines, but had no idea how it was accomplished. Your photos make it look easy and totally doable. I love the finished look. Pinned to my Christmas board!


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