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DIY Cat Christmas Ornaments

As an artist and homeowner, Donna enjoys creating unique decorative items and holiday ornaments to welcome all to her artistic abode.

How to Make a Cute Cat Ornament for Your Christmas Tree

How to Make a Cute Cat Ornament for Your Christmas Tree

This cute cat ornament is a cheery addition to any Christmas tree. I've added a bright green ball of yarn with a swirl of stitches since I'm using this decoration for my knitting group's annual ornament exchange. But you can personalize this ornament in many ways with more embroidery or different accessories.

I also knit the wreath for my cat ornament. I've included a link to the free knitting pattern for this wreath below, but I've also included a template for making a wreath for felt fabric for your convenience.


Materials for Making This Cat Christmas Ornament

  • Felt fabric in two or more colors—I chose to use a few different colors to make my cat's body, but you can make your pieces out of all the same color if you wish. I would, however, recommend making the wreath from a different color of fabric.
  • Embroidery needle and floss in a few different colors
  • Fiber fill or cotton balls to stuff body (optional)
  • Sewing needle, thread, and scissors
  • Buttons, ribbon, beads, or sequin to decorate your wreath
  • Knitting supplies if you choose to knit your cat's wreath (optional)
Templates for Making a Cute Cat with Wreath Christmas Ornament

Templates for Making a Cute Cat with Wreath Christmas Ornament

How to Make a Cat With Wreath Christmas Ornament

1. The first step for making your ornament is to print out the template sheet above. The pieces are all on one sheet as one image so they should be sized to fit together properly. You should be able to click on the image above, save it, and resize the image as you wish to print it out. I printed out these images, so my cat's body was about 4.5 inches in length from right to left, but you can make your cat any size you wish.

2. Then cut out the pieces for your cat's body. Do not cut along the interior lines, like the paws and face. These are just suggestions on how to complete the decoration on your ornament.

The wreath template is optional. You can use this template, adjust it as you wish, or knit a wreath using the knitting pattern below.


3. Once you've cut out your paper template pieces, pin them down on your felt, and cut out your fabric pieces. You can make your cat body parts whatever color you wish, though I would suggest making the face and the front section of your cat's body in the same color.

I made the front and back of my cat in two different colors. Then I also used the back fabric for my cat's back leg to add some additional color to my ornament.

Optional: If you want, you can make your ornament double-sided. To do this, reverse the template for the cat's head and back leg and cut out additional pieces to sew on the back of your ornament at the end of these directions.

Adding details to the cat's face for Christmas ornament

Adding details to the cat's face for Christmas ornament

4. Once your fabric pieces are cut out, you can start adding your embroidery details. I have only very basic embroidery and sewing skills, so my details were pretty simple. I added some color inside my cat's ears, and stitched a nose and whiskers on his face. Then I used a couple of small sequin for the eyes. You can add more details and decorative stitches as you choose.

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5. Then add details to the front of your cat's body. I stitched in my cat's front paws, and added toes to his back leg. Since I am using this cat decoration for my knitting group's ornament exchange, I added a green yarn ball in front of his back leg.

To do this, I cut out a circle of felt that was about the size of a quarter coin. Then I sewed it in position to the back leg using a circular swirl of stitches in a bright color. You can add whatever accessories or cat toys you want to your ornament to personalize it.

Lastly, sew the back leg piece to your cat's front. You can do this using sewing thread so it won't show, or use embroidery floss to add more handmade details.

Sewing Your Cat Christmas Ornament Together

Sewing Your Cat Christmas Ornament Together

6. Now sew the front of your cat's body to the back piece. Note: You will want to sew in a loop of ribbon or string where the cat's head meets the horizontal line of his back. This loop will serve as a hanger for your ornament.

Before you finish closing up your cat's body, you can also add a little bit of fiber fill or cotton balls for stuffing. I only put in a little bit to give my cat's front a slightly rounded shape.

Adding a Ribbon to the Wreath

Adding a Ribbon to the Wreath

Making a Wreath For Your Cat Christmas Ornament

7. There are a couple of options for making a wreath for your ornament:

  • You can use the template in this tutorial and make your wreath out of fleece or felt. Then decorate your wreath with little felt leaves, buttons, beads, or ribbon.
  • You can adjust the template and create a more decorative edging, then add additional details as above.
  • You can knit your wreath as I did using this free pattern. I used dk weight yarn and #5 needles to knit my wreath. I then added a bow by weaving some ribbon through the loops in my finished wreath, tying it into a bow, and trimming the ends of my ribbon. After weaving the ribbon through, you can pull your wreath in some, so it is the right size for your cat ornament.

8. Once your wreath is complete and decorated, you can attach your cat's face to the front of your wreath. I used sewing thread so that my small stitches wouldn't be noticeable. I also put a little bit of stuffing behind my cat's face to make it stand out a little bit against the wreath.

Finishing Your Cat Christmas Ornament

Finishing Your Cat Christmas Ornament

9. Lastly, sew the back of the cat's head to the back of the wreath, hiding any stuffing you might have placed behind your cat's face. I used green thread so you could see my stitches, but you want to use thread that will match the back of your cat's body.

As you sew, be very careful that your stitches do not come through to the front of your wreath or through your cat's face. Just use little stitches to tack the back of the head to the wreath.

10. (Optional) If you cut out another head and back leg to make your ornament double-sided, sew them on now. Add the face and paw details to these additional pieces. Then sew them in place on the back of your ornament, being careful to only sew on to the back piece, not through to the front of your ornament.


© 2017 Donna Herron


Donna Herron (author) from USA on December 19, 2017:

Hi Dianna - Thanks so much for your sweet comments! I appreciate it! Happy Holidays and Have a Wonderful New Year!

Dianna Mendez on December 18, 2017:

Such a sweet idea for cat lovers! Hope your Christmas is wonderful and have a great New Years!

Donna Herron (author) from USA on November 28, 2017:

Thank you so much, Jill! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Looking forward to reading your hubs in the new year!

Jill Spencer from United States on November 28, 2017:

Very sweet, Donna! And your work is so neat and exact. A lovely hub. Hope you have a great holiday season.

Donna Herron (author) from USA on November 28, 2017:

Hi Patricia - Thanks so much for your kind comments. I hope you sister is in a crafty mood and you are able to enjoy this ornament. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Donna Herron (author) from USA on November 28, 2017:

Hi Kristen - Thanks so much! This cat ornament is quite easy, especially if you use the pieces from the templates provided. Thanks, as always, for reading and commenting. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on November 27, 2017:

Great directions....I will share with my sister who loves to create ornaments such as cute. Maybe she will make me one as I am a huge kitty lover. Angels are on the way to you this evening. ps

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on November 27, 2017:

Donna, I so love this hub. It's so adorable and easy to do. I think it's clever as well. I love your crafty hubs--which I could do them sometime, maybe in the future.

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