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30+ Budget Friendly DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations That Are Eerily Fun to Make

Elaine is an avid crafter who enjoys celebrating holidays with beautiful DIY decorations and gifts.

Spookify Your Home for Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun time for decorating and it's a great time to get your yard ready for the season. Spruce up your outdoors by adding decorations such as log pumpkins, skeletons walking spiders, and even a skull fire. So check out these DIY front porch Halloween decorations that are sure to creep you out!


Ghost Logs

For some last-minute Halloween decor, try these super easy and affordable DIY log ghosts made from tree trunks. You could also turn these into snowmen for your Christmas decorations.


Pumpkin Logs

Similar to the ghost logs, you can create these pumpkin logs if you want decorations that will last all through fall. Simply paint the tree logs orange and they are suitable for the whole season, not just for Halloween.


Log Pumpkins

Log pumpkins are also super easy to make. You can use branches found on trees in your yard and then cut your branches to size with a miter saw. Paint them orange and then add features such as eyes.


Skull Fire

For this idea, you'll need to find some ceramic skulls and arrange them on top of the fire logs.


Timber Halloween Figures

Timber Halloween figures are so much fun to make with kids. You can make ghosts, pumpkins, and even Frankenstein. You could paint Christmas characters on the back so they have a dual function and become reversible decorations.


Skeletons by the Fire

You could do this with scare crows or pumpkins too. Build a faux fire using outdoor lights and frame it with logs.


Scary Tree

Transform the tree in your yard by surrounding it with dried corn stalks, Home Depot usually sells them around Halloween.


  • For the hands and face, you could make the hands with chicken wire and paper mache.
  • Since it's an outdoor decoration, after you paper macher the hands and paint them, you should spray them with a matte clear coat to protect them as best as you can.
  • For assembly, attach the arms and head first and then the corn stalks.
  • Maybe even splash some fake blood on it.

Skeleton Walking Spiders

Surely nobody has ever seen a skeleton walking spiders, so this really will be the talk of the neighborhood.


Day of The Dead Scarecrow

Have this Day of The Dead scarecrow guard your yard to really creep the neighborhood out.



This graveyard is based on the film Hocus Pocus. You can buy the fake headstones and then make sure to put plenty of fake skulls around.


Pennywise the Clown Halloween Scene

For this Pennywise scene, you'll need a yellow raincoat and an IT clown mask. Kids will really love entering this scene as they trick or treat.


Dead Body

This is a great way to recycle all those old cartons and plastic bottles you have lying around. Simply tape them together to form the shape of a body. Then wrap this in a black plastic sack and tie it from a tree to really give guests a scare!


Pallet Halloween Yard Decoration

Pallets are so easy to come by and are great for decorating outdoors. Make this ingenious decoration by digging enough space in your yard to fit the pallet and place two fake hands and a red light.

Tomato cage and lights Scarecrow

Tomato cage and lights Scarecrow