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75+ Amazing DIY Christmas Stocking Holder Ideas When You Have No Mantle

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DIY Stocking Holders

For those of us that don't have a mantle, we have to get creative with how we hang stockings. This is particularly challenging during the festive season. However, you can make stocking holders from all sorts of items, including pallets and ladders.

It makes a great craft, too, and you can personalize the stocking holder by adding names and messages with Christmas cheer. Check out these ideas for inspiration.


Christmas Stocking Ladder

Ladders are a fantastic idea for storage and also for decorating. You can find a ladder like this just about anywhere.. a very common 5ft folding ladder! Adorn with a string of lights around the ladder, and hang your stockings to make it even more festive.


Pallet Stocking Holder

A pallet stocking holder is perfect when you don't have a mantle. Pallets are so cheap and versatile and you can decorate them exactly as you like. Place hooks on the pallet and add fairy lights for an extra magic touch. You can hand paint your lettering and use screw-in cup hooks.



For example, this is an excellent use of leftover wood from craft projects. You can use an 8-foot 4x4 post, which can be made bigger or smaller by choosing different sizes. Paint it white and hot glue a white styrofoam ball on the top for the head. Decorate the head to look like a snowman, and then add branches on both sides where the stockings will be hung.