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Delightful Thanksgiving and Fall-Themed Window Paintings

I have gleefully painted windows for a couple of decades. Learn about my technique and decorate your windows this holiday season!

Fall window painting

Fall window painting

Thanksgiving Window Painting (And Other Fall Decorations)

Fall window painting themes include leaves drifting from branches in an array of color. They are fresh harvested gourds and pumpkins, grains, and corn stalks. The bright and vibrant autumn pallet is a wonderful decorating source. It includes adorable characters and motifs that honor the cooling days of fall and the promise of holiday hopes.

Fall window paintings are a nice seasonal flair and brighten the darkening days. A window painter has a vast library of decorating accents when utilizing these colors and items. Turkeys, scarecrows, and other playful creatures can be painted as serious or humorous scenes. The art represents and tributes the many elements of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Themed Window Paintings

The Thanksgiving centerpiece usually revolves around turkey and trimmings. These items are perfect models for fall window decor. In the following photos, the star of the window painting is a turkey set in full color and amusing situations.

Various details may be added to adorn bare corners on doors or windows. A slight touch of fall can be felt in leaves, swirls, and sparkles. The cornucopia (not pictured) is a popular painting theme during autumn. I chose instead to use a basket of veggies for the "How To Groom a Turkey" theme.

Your host of this walkthrough of window paintings is Slim Scarecrow. Slim is the ever-faithful caretaker of the farmer's fields. He represents the fall harvest and its rewards. His ever-watchful eye is on constant duty to ward off pesky creatures like crows so the crops may develop properly for a bountiful harvest. He stands ready to shoo away trespassers in the pumpkin patch and cornfields and is an ever-vigilant guardian. He has a love/hate relationship with Naughty Bird, a crow that lurks near Slim, waiting for his window of opportunity in the surrounding fields. You can see him here, peeking around a pumpkin.

Pumpkin patches may be used around Halloween and migrate into a generic fall theme if desired. Adding leaves and curly cues around the gourds sets the scene in a splash of color and motion.

Turkey Window Paintings

Turkeys are fun and jolly creatures. The paintings can be quite detailed. I have had to curb the amount of time I submit to them and design simple turkey images like Trixie, my full, fat bird, and Jive Turkey, my smart-aleck feathered friend.

I generally start off with a large circle for the body, then add the neck, head, and wing sections, followed by the legs when designing and eating turkey. That seems the most logical course of action. The details of the feather tail and details on the body are added with a fan brush or a stippling effect.

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Turkey Painting Details

Fowl, like turkeys, always have yellow legs in my painting world and need a liner of black to bring out the color nicely. The ends of the tail spread need a few white painted touches that can be accomplished with a fan brush and a light dip of paint on the tips of the bristles.

The feathers do not have to be realistic unless you want to take several hours on just the bird itself. It may be painted as stripes and bold lines, such as the subject of the "How To Groom a Turkey" bird.

Splashes of contrasting color bring out the feather effect well on Trixie's wing sections. The little dots and dashes of white enable the viewer to see the wing, as do the outlines of brown in the photo. Choosing an outline color is important. This will either fade a painting into the window, or it will bring the characters and images alive.

Eyes, beak, and waddle are the elements on a turkey face. Crafted correctly, your feather-painted friend will delight those with a light heart as they view the creature. We want them to be friendly and inviting, perhaps demonstrating a happy emotion.

The outlines of all my characters are always in standard black. They are huge cartoons, and the black outlines seal the image and set it apart from the surroundings. Occasionally, I will also outline them in white for an added distance effect.

The characters I design each year change a bit. They each are unique in their detailing and coloring, and I like it that way. Each of my clients is gifted with an original painting, and that set of images will stay as part of their themes in the years to come. I can repeat certain elements of the design, but I try to never duplicate a piece. That's what is fun about holiday window painting. The variety is never dull.

Celery, onions, carrots, garlic, peppers, and herbs are the stuffing choice for my holiday turkey recipe. I did what I could to represent these items carefully, but noticed I had forgotten Rosemary. Thyme and Sage are well represented on the right.

Celery, onions, carrots, garlic, peppers, and herbs are the stuffing choice for my holiday turkey recipe. I did what I could to represent these items carefully, but noticed I had forgotten Rosemary. Thyme and Sage are well represented on the right.

Fall Leaves

Fall leaves are the most popular images with window painting in autumn. Those lucky enough to live on the east coast are blessed with these wonderful colors live. The west coast has little color change during the season, so the painted images of autumn leaves are a welcome tribute.

The leaf should be close to the colors of fall. They are red, white, orange, and yellow. The outlines and fading colors contrast the base of the leaf itself, then graduate to the outline.

In closing, I would like to "leave" you with this reminder. Do not lose the magic of the holiday season. Let that childhood dream stay in your heart and capture that wonder each and every season. It is fun. It is amazing, and it can be felt year after year if you only hold on to it.

Thank you for visiting, and may you and yours have a wonderful holiday!

© 2015 Maria Burgess

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