Disney-Inspired Easter Eggs

Updated on April 27, 2017

Happy Easter everyone! I can't believe how fast the year has gone already. I wanted to take some time this year to really appreciate the holidays and not feel like I'm rushing through them. So I decided to do something that I haven't done in a really long time...dye Easter eggs. I really wanted to make them Disney eggs but not everyone wants to have Disney egg so herein lies my problem: how to make them Disney without being too Disney? I decided to take some inspiration from some of my favorite movies and Disneyland.

What I Used

All I really used for these eggs were dye kits from Target and some sharpies.

Ohana Means Family

I love Lilo and Stitch so of course I had to do some inspired by my favorite blue alien. I felt like Ohana was the perfect theme because it means family and the thing I love most about Easter is spending time with my family.

How About A Nice Cup Of Tea?

I love Alice in Wonderland in the springtime and thought it would be so cute to do some eggs inspired by it! I went with the Cheshire Cat for my inspiration and I love how it came out. Im simply mad about it!


These are inspired by Disneyland. In the park this year everything seems to be galaxy themed for 2017 and I wanted to play on that. I put dream on the purple egg because Disney is all about dreams and I felt it was fitting. I used a silver sharpie to write on the egg and add in some specks to look like stars.

Some Tips!

  • After you dye the eggs and they have dried write on them with the sharpies. I waited until the next day to write on them and it was very difficult.
  • If you put them in the fridge over night after they have been dies and you take them out the next day, when they precipitate the dye will come off.
  • Have fun and be creative! there is no wrong way to decorate an Easter egg.


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    • Penny Sebring profile image

      Penny Sebring 11 months ago from Fort Collins

      Those are insanely cute!