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DIY Christmas Card Ideas

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These Christmas and holiday cards are fun for the whole family!

These Christmas and holiday cards are fun for the whole family!

Why Send a Handmade Christmas Card?

December is around the corner—the time to take trips to the post office and stock up on stamps and holiday cards. This Christmas, instead of sending ready-made cards to your loved ones, why not create some handmade cards that can be passed down from generation to generation?

Handmade Christmas cards are special and priceless. You will find an overwhelming selection of ready-made cards, but a homemade greeting card is something that your loved ones will treasure long after the season has passed. Here are some simple DIY Christmas card ideas with simple, easy-to-follow patterns. With a few basic techniques, you can create some beautiful cards in varying shapes, colors, and designs.

Types of Christmas Greeting Cards

  1. 3D Christmas tree cards
  2. Holly card
  3. Pop-up Christmas card
  4. Gift-wrapped cards
  5. Embossed holiday cards
  6. Rickrack card
  7. Ribbon tree cards
  8. Photo holiday card
  9. Glittery cards
  10. Cookie cutter cards
  11. Button cards
  12. Ornament cards
  13. Snowman card
  14. Doily stencil card

1. 3D Christmas Tree Cards

Making 3D greeting card is not as difficult as it looks. This tutorial will teach you to give your card a three-dimensional aspect. To make a three-dimensional Christmas tree card, you will need three Christmas cards with the same designs, double-sided foam pads, a craft knife, scissors, and a card envelope. Choose the part of a card that you would like to have dimension. Use another card as a base. Then use the last card to cut out the images. Glue the cut images over the actual images on the base card. Cut the smaller images from the Christmas card and then affix the images to the card with the sticky foam pads. Place the card in an envelope and then present to your recipient.

2. Holly Card

Holly has been traditionally connected with Christmas for centuries. It is considered a special gift that was exchanged during Christmas, with high regard for its symbolism. This is the reason why it can be a good way to convey your Christmas wishes. It was originally used in pre-Christian times to ward off evil spirits and celebrate new life. The leaves are now used to enliven the house with a little Christmas spirit. A sprig of holly can bring life to a somewhat plain card. The card is not suitable for mailing, so make sure you deliver it by hand. You can use felt for making holly leaves s seen n this tutorial.


3. Pop-Up Christmas Card

A pop-up card can never go out of fashion. It is a great twist to an ordinary greeting card. It is easy to create and will make the recipient extremely delighted. Create a pop-up card featuring reindeer, Santa Clause, or any other Christmas symbol. You can also create a nice background to go with the pop-up image. For best results, make sure the card is twice the height of the envelope and the pop-up cut out half the height of it. Too big a pop-up image will make it hard to manage. Now get creative and make a pop-up card of your own. You can use stock card paper for making this card, but scrapbook paper works best. It will be treasured and displayed year after year.

4. Gift-Wrapped Cards

This Christmas card will surely stand out from the crowd. Create a simple and beautiful card and then place it in a beautiful envelope. Then dress the envelope by tying a ribbon around it in the shape of a bow. You can keep the envelope simple or can decorate it as elaborately as you want. This can be a good Christmas craft for kids too.


5. Embossed Holiday Cards

Take your greeting card to a different level by using the technique embossing. Embossed greeting cards are no less than the little black dress of stationery. It creates a three-dimensional image on the card. It also creates a lasting impression on the recipient. You can send embossed greeting cards to both relatives and colleagues. You can use any embossing ink color you like to create a visually appealing card. The addition of metallic foil stamping will make the card stand out.

6. Rickrack Card

Rickrack is a wavy cotton trim that is used to create designs for Holiday greeting cards. You can use the rickrack to create the candy cane, Christmas tree, reindeer, wreaths, holly clusters or Christmas ornaments patterned card. All you need to do is to weave it into decorative braids and stitch or glue it to the card.

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7. Ribbon Tree Cards

A stock card paper, a few glitter pens, and a ribbon- this is all you need to prepare this card. Take a stock card paper of any color of your choice and then put some glue on it. You can also sew the ribbon to the card. Arrange scraps of ribbon in graduating length in the shape of a Christmas tree. It will give a beautiful and tidy look. You can also create different patterns with these ribbons.

8. Photo Holiday Card

Photo holiday cards are a decorative and fun way to share photos of your kids with your friends and relatives. It is also a nice way to reach out and reconnect with your friends and family. All you need is a high-resolution camera, clip art, and a printer. This card will surely make everyone on your mailing list smile even without having to say “cheese”. Invite a friend over to help you snap a photo. Capture a number of images and then edit the best one on your computer. Stick the photo on the card using glue. Do not forget to make a beautiful border. You may also try some hilarious family holiday photo poses to make your cards quirky and fun!

9. Glittery Cards

Glittery cards are the perfect craft idea for creating Christmas cards. Select a beautiful clip art template to create an elegant Christmas card for the Holidays. Landscapes and scenery are ideal subjects for creating glittery cards. They look great when dusted with glitter. The card is decorated with glitter on one side, and the reverse is kept plain. Shimmering and glittery cards can also double as Christmas tree ornaments. Affix glitter-coated leaves to cardstock and then write the greeting and your message on the back.

Did you know that you could use a cookie cutter to create holiday cards also? Yes, you read that right. Cookie cutters work as stencils for creating cards and gift tags and even seasonal-specific projects. Take a piece of card stock or scrapbook paper and fold it in half. Trace around the cookie cutter using a pencil and cut the design out. You can also reduce the size by tracing around the cookie cutter on white paper and then reduce the size of the outline on a copier. Decorate the cut-out any way you like. Use a punch hole at the top of the card and thread with twine. Write your message or greeting on the reverse side. Attach it to the gift basket and present it to your friends or relatives.


11. Button Cards

Why send regular Christmas cards when you could design a homemade card using buttons? Colorful and quirky buttons not only jazzes up a greeting card, but also give it a three-dimensional appeal. You don’t need an art and craft degree for making this card. A few supplies of buttons and some creativity can create a masterpiece. Instead of gluing the buttons, you can try stitching the buttons. Consider the overall message and card size before making the card. Determine beforehand whether you want an abstract or a traditional design. Sketch the design with a pencil before gluing the buttons. You can erase the pencil marks after the card is completed. Leave the card overnight to ensure that the glue is completely dry.

12. Ornament Cards

Christmas ornaments are decorations that are used to festoon a Christmas tree. They add merriment and beauty to your house during the holiday season. Christmas ornaments can range from a simple round ball to highly artistic ornaments. You can also use this idea to create Christmas greeting cards. All you need to do is combine papers and trimmings to create greeting cards that resemble festive ornaments. A beautiful envelope will make it stand out.


13. Snowman Card

This greeting card features an adorable snowman with a red wooly hat. This greeting card is guaranteed to brighten the day of the receiver. Print out or draw an image of a snowman on a card stock paper and then cut it out. Stick it onto the card and make a beautiful background or landscape to go with it. This greeting card is relatively simple to make. The recipient can display the card on the table or mantle. It will melt the hearts of the onlookers.

14. Doily Stencil Card

Crafting with doily stencil is one of the easiest ways to give plain greeting cards a cute makeover. Purchase a snowflake doily stencil for a Christmassy feel. The stencil with its unique and exquisite symmetry will dress up your greeting card. Stencil it onto a bright-colored card stock paper for a beautiful look. Use a narrow brush with a little, white acrylic paint at time and then stipple the pattern onto the colored card stock. Remove the stencil carefully while the paint is wet.

Whether your card is decked in ribbon or encased as a prized photograph, the extra time and labor will be worth it when your loved ones receive your cards. Hope you like our DIY Christmas card ideas. You can share some of your ideas in the comment section below.


Princess Jin on November 07, 2015:

This is amazing

Miss Craftsy (author) on December 12, 2014:

I'm glad you liked it. I usually go for personalized Christmas cards. This year, I tried the printed ones (the one I put the faces of my family in each Elf as part of the design). My friends loved it :-)

RTalloni on December 11, 2014:

I just sent both sets of our grands a snowman pop-up card that included a snowman for each child. It was so much fun to design and make that I decided to make this a tradition. Most of these I've seen, but the ornament card idea is one I may start on in March--6 grands and counting. :) Really enjoyed the art teachers video. Thanks for these great ideas to encourage creating personalized cards.

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