Easter: Funny Images of the Wild and the Weird

Updated on September 6, 2019
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Beth is a homemaker and professional author. She lives with her family close to the scenic Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

For Christians, it is called Easter. For Pagans, it is Ostara. For retailers, it is a time to make more money on clothes, shoes, candies, chocolates, baskets, eggs, decorations and anything else their clever minds can dupe us into believing we just gotta have this spring season. But when it comes down to it, celebration is the foundation of whatever holiday you observe. And I, for one, believe that no celebration is complete without something to grin about.

The following ads, classifieds, and notices were taken from magazines and newspapers, while the greeting cards come from my personal collection. Several of these items may come across to some as strange and at times a little irreverent; so if you are easily offended or simply don't have a sense of humor, you're probably better off leaving this page before continuing on. However, if you do have a good sense of humor and appreciation for the bizarre, I think you'll enjoy what's here.

My mom used to say that the preacher's children are typically the worst behaved kids in town, so I'm sure she understands where this poor person is coming from.

There's just something about this greeting card sentiment that seems a little out of season.

I guess chicks and ducklings aren't the only baby animals popular at Easter time?

This Ostara greeting card demonstrates that some folks calling themselves Pagans are just new age hippies, plain and preachingly simple.

My guess from this recipe is that Shirley is probably a little lacking when it comes to creating culinary offerings?

But then again, it is certainly possible that Shirley works as a greeting card designer!

I may not be Christian, but I'm pretty darned sure Jesus didn't advocate putting yourself in major debt.

Because the world is full of highly imaginative and creative individuals who don't mind losing a finger or two in the name of observing the sacred...

Your husband might only have his eyes on the credit card statement, but your priest or minister is sure to notice!

The newspaper editor probably should have added a divider between these ads, but then it wouldn't have been so funny!

Ah man, this greeting card downright borders on the sacrilegious! But it also gives me an idea about what to make for dinner tonight, so what the heck?

We come to the last, and my personal favorite, of this collection. And it's my favorite because this news story was the talk of the town here last summer and fall until, of course, the national epidemic of stalking clowns stole the thunder.

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