100 Happy Easter Words to Use in Charades and Other Word Games

Updated on September 18, 2019
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My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I love writing articles that bring a little creativity to everyday life.

Easter is a great holiday for word-games. Use these words in charades, word-searches, and other fun activities.
Easter is a great holiday for word-games. Use these words in charades, word-searches, and other fun activities.

“Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail. Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way!” Ahh. . . we’re all familiar with this classic Easter song. Although there’s a lot of emphasis on the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, and candy, let’s not forget what the holiday is really about!

The Religious Significance of Easter

Like many holidays, Easter is about celebrating Jesus Christ. More specifically, Easter is the day when Jesus rose from his tomb. It’s actually quite interesting to think that somewhere along the line, Easter became associated with colorful Easter eggs and a bunny that fills baskets with goodies!

Easter Word Games

Regardless of how or why you celebrate Easter, there are plenty of games to be played in observance of the holiday. Easter words can be used in many different games to play at school, church, or even during family celebrations! Just what kinds of games can be played with Easter words?

  • Easter Egg Memory: You’ve probably played “the matching game” with a deck of cards or even an official Memory game, and this is the same concept. Rather than using playing cards, use plastic Easter eggs, making sure to use two of each word in separate eggs. Why not put a jelly bean in each one for the person who finds matches?

  • P’egg’tionary: Fill a basket with plastic Easter eggs that each have an Easter word inside. You must draw a picture of the word you pull in 60 seconds or less while everyone attempts to guess your word!

  • Crossword Puzzles: This is just like any other crossword puzzle but all of the words are Easter—themed.

  • Word Search: Just like crosswords, everyone knows how to play word searches! Use only words related to Easter, of course.

  • Charades: Fill an Easter basket with plastic eggs that contain Easter words. You must act out the word you picked while everyone tries to guess!

  • Easter Stories: Everyone picks an Easter word, whether it’s out of a hat or plastic eggs. Then everyone works together to write an Easter story with their words. Once they write their story, it can be read aloud for everyone! Make a few separate teams if there are a lot of people. This is a great group activity!

  • Scrambled Eggs: Take a bunch of Easter words and jumble the letters up. Set a time limit to see who can get the most!

  • BIBLE BINGO: Choose a word bank of religious words related to Easter. From this word bank, everyone can fill in a blank BINGO grid and mark off each word as it is called.

When planning games, be sure to have prizes ready for the winners! Jelly beans make the perfect reward as they are small and strongly associated with Easter. Otherwise, a chocolate bunny or chocolate cross is always a welcomed surprise for many! Now, here’s a list of words to use broken down by category

Playing themed word games on holidays is a great way to help kids improve their vocabulary.
Playing themed word games on holidays is a great way to help kids improve their vocabulary.

The Easter Story

Holy of Holies
Ash Wednesday
Joseph of Arimathea
Last supper
Mary Magdalene
Crown of thorns
Palm branches
Palm Sunday
Doubting Thomas
Easter lily
Easter story
Empty tomb
Eternal life
Good Friday
Third day
Three days
Three nights
Easter is a very important Christian holiday. If your family is religious, use word games to help the kids brush up on their bible study.
Easter is a very important Christian holiday. If your family is religious, use word games to help the kids brush up on their bible study.

Names of Jesus Christ

Alpha and the Omega
Lord of Lords
Prince of Peace
I Am
Jesus Christ
Son of God
King of Kings
Son of Man
King of the Jews
The Bridegroom
Lamb of God
The Good Shepherd
Light of the World
The Rock
Make this Easter a fun and educational one!
Make this Easter a fun and educational one!

Easter Fun

Easter service
Egg and spoon race
Bunny Trail
Egg hunt
Cadbury Eggs
Egg toss
Chocolate bunny
Jelly beans
Paiting eggs
Dying eggs
Easter basket
Easter bonnet
Peter Cottontail
Easter Bunny
Plastic eggs
Easter dinner
Easter eggs
Spring Break
Easter grass
Easter parade

Holiday Blessings

Make Easter even more fun by making it tradition to include a few games in your celebration. Don’t forget to take a moment to realize why this holiday is being celebrated in the first place. It’s easy to get caught up in the Easter Bunny, Easter this, and Easter that. Bow your head, say grace, count your blessings, and eat some Peeps!

DIY Vibrant Easter Egg Colors


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      Thank you sooo much!!! I hope you have an awesome Easter!!!

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      i'm writing a pub quiz, found this very helpful, thanks

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      cool thanks

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      Fun topic


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