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Adorable DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreath Ideas to Welcome Every Bunny

Joyce loves finding and sharing holiday DIY craft inspirations with her readers.

Easter Wreath Ideas

As spring begins to rear its head, we can turn our attention to spring cleaning and sprucing up our home. Use your front door as a beacon of joy to reflect the season by making a beautiful wreath to transform it. Use a base of pastel colors that scream spring. Or make a decor mesh carrot wreath for a pop of color.

Take inspiration from these DIY Easter Wreaths, which will totally spruce up your front door, ready for the season. Keep costs down for supplies that can be purchased at your local Dollar Store, such as bright orange yarn carrots, bunny heads, deco mesh ribbon, and much more.

Tutu Wreath

Doesn't this tut wreath just scream spring? You could use an old tutu from your costume closet, thrift one, or buy one from a dollar store. Add some plastic easter eggs or a cute little chick, and this craft will brighten your front door!

Fuzzy Bunny Wreath

This super cute bunny wreath is so easy to make, and kids can join in on the fun. If you want a different color, simply purchase the feather boa in your preferred choice.


  • Wreath form
  • Bunny ears headband
  • 2-3 feather boas
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Use scissors to cut off the sides of the bunny ears headband
  2. Then you can glue the bunny ears to the edge of the wreath
  3. Glue one end of the feather boa to the wreath form
  4. Coil the boa around the wreath.
  5. Repeat until you have completely covered the wreath form

Easter Mesh Wreath

A deco mesh wreath is always a hit for crafters. This one in blue is really eye-catching. You can purchase deco mesh at a dollar store in the color of your choice and then arrange this on a wreath form. Use hot-glue to adorn it with finishing touches such as a bunny head and plastic eggs.

Plastic Egg Wreath

Make a colorful Easter wreath using wood rings and plastic eggs. You can purchase the supplies from your local dollar store. Using pastel tones really looks so cheerful and bright for your home decor.

Orange Bunny Wreath

Make a bright orange clothespin wreath to greet visitors over spring. You can purchase wooden clothespins from your local dollar store and paint them like carrots. The bunny head is also from a dollar tree sign to complete the look.

Bunny Outline Wreath

How cute is this soft and fuzzy bunny wreath? You'll need to pick up some soft fabric, metal shaping rods, and any other accessories you see fit! This craft is something that looks store-bought, and everyone will be so impressed!

Braided Wreath

This wreath looks like it came straight out of a magazine! You could hang this up on your front door all spring long. Just pick up some stuffing, fabric, and a bunny accessory, and you're good to go!