DIY Christmas Tree

Updated on December 30, 2017

What You Need

  1. Branches: They can be of any type and shape, though I do prefer you use dry branches, they are easier to find and much easier to work with, but if you want a different look and something more green then a good branch with small green leaves will do just fine. Whichever you choose, make sure that they are close to equal in length.
  2. Zip Ties: You will need some metal wire or good quality zip ties, I would assume that most husbands will have these laying around somewhere, if you go with metal wire then don't forget the pliers.
  3. Matte Acrylic or PVA paint quick dry with a paintbrush, you can also thin out these paints with water and use a spray gun. You can skip the paint if you decided to go with fresh green branches or if you already like the look and texture of your dry branches.
  4. A decent-looking planter pot/box I ended up using a piece of a cement pipe.Led Strip, this is totally optional, I decided to use a piece that we had laying around, they can also be bought and they are fairly inexpensive.Led Strip, this is totally optional, I decided to use a piece that we had laying around, they can also be bought and they are fairly inexpensive.
  5. Led Strip: this is totally optional, I decided to use a piece that we had laying around, they can also be bought and they are fairly inexpensive.
  6. Decorations: this can be decorations you used last year or you can craft and make your own, I used some that we had left from last year.

Before we move on to the steps, we should get a few things out of the way, if you are letting your kids create this Christmas tree.

  • Make sure you do all the cutting especially if it was decided to use fresh branches.
  • Make sure you trim down any sharp edges or thorns if you decided to use dry branches.

Now we can get started.

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

  • Go find dry branches this can be of any size of any tree, as long as they are nearly equal in length, these branches should also contain more twigs at the top.
  • You can have as many as you like though I used only two branches, in some cases, you will have to snip off the twigs at the bottom so that you can use this side as the bottom of your tree.
  • Take some safety precautions and snip off any thorns or sharp edges.
  • Once you have the general shape of your tree, you can align the bottom of the branches and tie them down securely, using metal wire, zip ties/cable ties, make sure it's secure and try to tie them together as low as you can so that you can hide this part later.
  • If your kids are doing this project make sure you do the cutting if you only have metal wire at your disposal, tie it down for them, cut off any excess metal wire and fold the wire edges inward.

The branches i used.
The branches i used.

Step 2: Paint Things!

  • Lay down your tree and get your paint and paint brushes ready, I used white and only gave it one thin coat in order to keep some of the natural texture and color of the branches.
  • If you want it one solid color feel free to paint it as many layers as you like, though keep in mind the more coats you put on the longer it will take.
  • You can skip this step if you decided to go with a fresh green branch.

Step 3: Keep Painting

  • Get your pot of choice ready. If its plastic, you might want to sand it down and rough up the surface.
  • You can paint this the same color as your tree or another color if you so desire, I ended up using a cement pipe, you will see that I have used this for a project before and is already painted, though I ended up giving it one coat of white paint again.
  • If you are using a black pot you will have to give it multiple coats or it will look gray, if you are using a cement pipe or pot like I did, that has a thing or no coat of paint already applied, then again you will have to coat it multiple times, as the cement will suck up the paint and with that the color.
  • Skip this step if you are happy with the way your pot as is.

Step 4: Wait for It to Dry

  • Now that the tree is painted as well as the pot, all you have to do is wait for it to be dry to the touch, once dry you can fit your branch in your pot or cement pipe and secure it by using newspaper or dirt, ground or sand.
  • Try to place the tree in the center of the pot while keeping it straight, now simply push newspaper in on the sides until its firmly held up straight, or fill it up with ground or sand.
  • If you used a big, fresh, green branch, then this will be much heavier then a dry branch try using stones and ground or sand to secure it to the middle of your pot.

This is what mine looked like so far
This is what mine looked like so far

Step 5: Start Decorating

  • You can now start by decorating your pot only if you want to, you can either paint it more details, maybe stars or other shapes.
  • If you own led strips then you can wrap your pot or pipe up with this like I did, I also secured all cables at the bottom in the inside of the cement pipe so that it is entirely hidden.
  • Make sure you do this part as kids shouldn't play with electricity.

Here is the decorations i used, this included the led strip i used on my cement pipe.
Here is the decorations i used, this included the led strip i used on my cement pipe.

Step 6: Keep Decorating!

  • Dust off those old decorations. This is the final step, and it is also the most fun. All that is left to do is to start decorating. Let your kids do this freely.
  • If you don't have much, then you could always ask your kids to make their own decoration, once the decoration is hanging all you have to do is hang the lights and switch it on the see your new self-created Christmas tree come to life.

No Worries

I am sure everyone owns a Christmas tree and this project was not intended to replace that, but if there is one thing I can tell you, is that this Christmas tree created out of branches and other pick up materials, it makes one fine outdoor decoration without breaking your pockets.

It looks great in the yard, in the driveway, just make sure all your lights are waterproof:) I hope you enjoy this project, I will surely start writing more about other DIY projects as I test them myself.

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