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60+ Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

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Valentine's day is a day of love!

Valentine's day is a day of love!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Valentine's day is more about love than gifts, but who doesn't love a homemade present? Taking the time to make something from hand is so sweet and personable.

These crafts are sure to mean more than something store-bought since there's nothing like the sincere gift of time and effort.

Check out these easy DIY Valentine's day gift ideas for him!

Open When Envelopes

This gift idea is my personal favorite.

Create as many special envelopes as you want, and watch his face light up as he opens one for when he needs to be cheered up.

What you put in these little pockets of delight is up to you—maybe a silly picture of you or some poetry.

These are a real hit depending on how creative you want to get with the project.

Make a Love Note Jar

Create a gorgeous love jar with little surprise notes that can either be wishing your partner a lovely day, kisses or anything that will brighten up their day!

365 Note Jar, this idea is great for someone special in your life, especially a boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend. It may be a little time-consuming but it’s worth it. This idea takes time, heart and love, but it’s still worth it.

Valentine's Gift Basket

You know the way most guys hate shopping? Think how great it would feel for him to have you make up a bundle of his favorite things—a travel version of his favorite board game, a box of his most treasured sweets, or maybe even tickets to see a game. The sky is the limit for this one.

It really shows how much you listen and care when you take the time to make this extra special gift for him.

Date Night Jar Ideas

Dates don't have to cost much—you can go for a picnic at the closest park or nice scenery spot, give each other massages, or just go down to your local dollar store and buy each other something cheap but funny.

It's all about spending time together! Fill up a jar with a bunch of ideas, and then have fun throughout the year carrying them out.

DIY 5 Senses Gift for Valentine's Day

Today I am gonna show you guys how to do a DIY five senses gift for your boyfriend or your husband!

This could also work for a guy giving a gift to a girlfriend or wife. Obviously, I'm doing it for my boyfriend, so I just kind of googled up gifts to give your boyfriend on Valentine's Day. A lot of things came up, but this one was my favorite!

How to Make a Candy Bouquet

Today I'm sharing all about how you can DIY your very own candy bouquets! These are super simple and extremely affordable to make, and they make the perfect gift for anyone from eight to 80. Also, they're so versatile you can give them for any special occasion, from Valentine's Day to birthdays, graduations, Mother's Day and Father's Day; they make the perfect.

They make the perfect standalone gift or a great addition to any gift you're giving, so let me show you what you'll need before you get started.

How to Make Melted Crayon Art

Today we are going to do crayon melting, and we're gonna try one with wrappers around the crayons and one without wrappers on the crayons. You can decide which you like better!

So you can see we've laid the crayons out the order that we want them just like that we're doing it in a rainbow and so the first thing we're gonna do we're using Mod Podge you can also use hot glue but just put it just paint a line of glue right over right across the top of the canvas like this.

DIY Explosion Box Tutorial

An explosion box is an amazing gift for Valentine's Day as it contains lots of lovely things like photos, love notes, poems, memories of past dates, etc.

is made from sheets of cardstock that nest inside each other, it looks quite complicated, but if you follow the tutorial step by step you'll soon master it! When it’s folded up and the lid is on top, it looks like a normal gift box.

Candy Bar Poster

A Valentine's Day candy bar poster is a sweet way to express your feelings to your boyfriend or husband!

You can also make them for children or the special person in your life. Start with their favorite candy bars and make the poem.

DIY Candy Tackle Box

This video is for people who are wondering what to get their boyfriends for Valentine's Day!

Make sure that the tackle box is fully cleaned then start filling it with all his favorite candy, then after that we'll start decorating it to make it look all lovely for Valentines day!