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18 Free Amigurumi Christmas Angel Patterns

I have a passion for anything crochet and love to collect, try out, and share the best free crochet patterns I discover!

Crochet Angels

Crochet Angels

18 Amigurumi Angels (Free Crochet Patterns)

There is something very Christmassy about angels. They have a solid place in the Christmas season and certainly in the Nativity story—and when crocheted, they're unbelievably cute!

This article features my favorite free patterns of the world wide web. How awesome is it that some designers provide us with such loveliness for absolutely no charge? What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit! (Should you choose to make one of these designs, please make sure to thank the designer!)

I already picked my favorites, and I'm sure there is enough choice in styles, shapes, and sizes for you to pick yours! Some will become fast favorites to make as an ornament for your Christmas tree, to give as a supercute present to friends and family, or just to snuggle with on the couch on those long winter evenings.

Though some of these patterns are quite tricky to make and therefore more suited for more experienced crocheters, I'm sure their wonderful faces and sheer cuteness will provide Christmas inspiration for all. And don't worry, amigurumi beginners: There are some that are excellently simple and are waiting for you to make! So whether just starting this wonderful hobby or already a seasoned yarn veteran, let's get crocheting and make our favorites this Christmas.

Happy crocheting!

Common Abbreviations (US Terms)

ch = chain

sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet

hdc = half double crochet

tr = treble crochet

st = stitch

sl st or ss = slip stitch

dec = decrease

inc = increase

tog = together

blo = back loops only

Miniature Angel

Miniature Angel

1. Miniature Angel

This pattern is definitely one of my favorites. I have made this pattern a couple of times in various colors and with various hairstyles, and every time they come out so cute! The website shows this little angel in a blue dress and a dark-haired pixie cut, so head over there for some inspiration! Feel free to experiment with the decoration on the dresses: You can sew little sparkly beads on them or embroider some snowflakes or even elaborate patterns. And don't forget her little bejeweled crown—so cute! The possibilities for variation are endless.

This little doll will look perfect as a Christmas tree topper or hanging from its branches. But she'll also look absolutely adorable just the way she is presented by the designer: standing next to the little beautifully decorated Christmas tree with her amigurumi sister. It just doesn't get more Christmassy than that!

The pattern is a free download and includes instructions for both the doll and the Christmas tree. The designer provides links to tutorials for the hair. The pattern is not very complicated and is suitable for beginners. Let's spread some Christmas cheer with this cute little design!

Love Angel

Love Angel

2. Love Angel

This little cutie patootie has such a cute little face and hairstyle! I just love her bob haircut and her little hair bow! She's not originally designed specifically for Christmas—hence all the hearts—but you could certainly "Christmas her up" a bit by giving her a little Christmas star or Christmas bell or some other Christmassy prop to hold. Or maybe embroider some snowflakes on her body instead of the little heart! The little star and lines embroidered on her wings are already Christmas-ready and just add the perfect finishing touch to this sweet amigurumi.

As a small doll, she is perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree, and at a little bigger size, she will be a fantastic addition to your Christmas decor or even as a snuggly doll on your couch! If you leave her as is—hearts and all—she is just the perfect little guardian angel or all ready for Valentine's Day! The possibilities are endless for this little cutie!

The pattern is written in Spanish and can easily be translated by Google. The instructions are clear, and there are extra photos to showcase the wings with their shape (no template provided, though) and embroidery. The hands are made separately and sewn onto the sleeves. The designer even provides the link to the pattern of the big red heart!

3. Angelic Angela

Meet Angela! She's an adorable Christmas angel with pink flushed cheeks and the best hair in town! I love her, from her little dainty halo to the scalloped edge of her simple dress. She is ready for some choir singing or some other angelic duties!

The pattern is originally written in Spanish. The link provided here will guide you to a Google-translated page in English, and you can watch the video tutorial for the project above—so even if the translation is not perfect, it is still fairly clear what to do. You can use gold pipe cleaners or gold aluminum foil for the halo!

Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament

4. Christmas Tree Ornament

This little angel is a bit different from the rest of the patterns in this article as she is meant to be a hanging ornament. You can put her in your Christmas tree, hang her on the wall or from a shelf or mantelpiece, or use her in a Christmas door wreath to greet your visitors. The pattern works up pretty quickly and is a great way for beginning crocheters to get into the Christmas spirit. There are plenty of possibilities for personalisation: Make one for each of your Christmas dinner guests as a name card and embroider their names on the felt wings. Make heaps of them to attach to your Christmas presents as a very cool gift tag!

The pattern is available in Dutch and English and offers both a template for the felt wings and the instructions for the lazy daisy stitch embroidery finish. The crochet part of the pattern is fairly simple. You do need some more craft supplies to finish this cute little project (wooden beads and buttons, for instance). If you prefer, you can always choose to crochet a simple ball and use that for the head.

Dangly Angel

Dangly Angel

5. Dangly Angel

How cute is this amigurumi with her frizzy hair and dangly limbs! I love the sweet expression on her face and her oversized feet. With her cute little dress and her blue wings, she will truly bring the Christmas spirit to your home. Her gold threaded halo and the gold threaded accents in her dress are sheer perfection! Just let her dangle her feet on your shelf or mantel, dangle her as an ornament on your Christmas tree or snuggle with her on those cold winter nights—this little Christmas angel will bring out the best in all of us this Christmas season.

The pattern is written in Dutch—remember, Google Translate is your friend! The basic shapes are fairly simple and work up pretty quickly. The eyes are embroidered on with black and come to life when a small white embroidered dot is added. The hair is crocheted with especially fluffy yarn and attached to her head as a whole. Let's get her little angel feet dangling this Christmas!

Trumpeting Angel

Trumpeting Angel

6. Trumpeting Angel

This amigurumi, with its sweet golden hair, will look perfect on top of your Christmas tree. The details of this design are truly lovely. From his cool trumpet to his little wings and golden belt, this angel is ready to announce the birth of Christ to the shepherds in Bethlehem and the rest of the world! Originally designed as indeed part of a wholly crocheted Christmas manger, this doll also is very cute just by itself. Just let him trumpet the Christmas spirit throughout your house from the top of the Christmas tree or from a shelf or mantelpiece! Christmas is here: Let's go and celebrate!

The pattern is written in English and uses British/UK crochet terms. Should you not know these terms, check out this guide or just do a Google search in order to "translate" to terms you are more familiar with. The crocheting of the body, head, hair and arms is pretty straightforward. The pattern provides instructions for weighing down the body (in order for it to stand up by itself) using a plastic bottle cap and plastic granules. You can choose to do this or just leave the doll as is. The gold accents (halo, wings, trumpet and belt) are crocheted using gold memory wire—this way, the items don't need to be starched. Instructions are given for crocheting all these little details and also for the final assembly.

Mischievous Angel

Mischievous Angel

7. Mischievous Angel

This little angel most certainly sports a mischievous streak. She looks like she's gonna pull some naughty prank! I just adore her little face and, of course, the great volume of curly hair. Her little white robe is truly angelic, and she'll feel right at home in any gospel choir. It is easy to imagine her belting out some hallelujahs! She looks like she'll bring the fun to the party. And what about those fantastic hands and feet? I'm almost tempted to knit (or crochet, of course . . . ) her some awesome Christmas socks so she will not have cold feet. And as a finishing touch, she's wearing a heart necklace—just perfect! Should you wish to, you can change the color of her robe or her hair (just don't lose those gorgeous curls!). Make some room in your home for this little naughty one this Christmas!

The pattern is written in German and is, unfortunately, only available as a pdf, so Google Translate will not work. You'll just have to muster your best language knowledge and crochet skills and try to figure it out as you go. This little cutie is certainly worth the effort! The designer does provide some very clear photos and stitch counts for every row: These really help to work out the pattern.

Angel Mouse

Angel Mouse

8. Angel Mouse

How sweet is this little mouse with its wings and wide-collar dress? Animals dressed up as angels are just too cute, and so I had to include this sweet creation in this list of angel amigurumi. And, on top of everything, this lovely little mouse is holding the Christmas star! This amigurumi will make a great addition to your holiday decor. As a small version, she can hang on your Christmas tree, and as a larger version, she can stand on a shelf or mantel or even sit on your couch to snuggle!

If baby blue isn't your color or if it doesn't fit your Christmas decor, make the dress in the color of your choice! And, apart from the Christmas star, the mouse could be holding a little gift or some holly or a little Christmas wreath.

The pattern is very clear and not very difficult. Special stitches and abbreviations are explained. The dress and yoke (the collar) work up separately and are sewn closed on the mouse body. The pattern includes the instructions for the little star and halo. The little whiskers are made with carpet thread, and the eyes, nose and mouth are embroidered on using French knots, satin stitch and straight stitch (instructions not provided, but easy to Google).

Crochet Angel

Crochet Angel

9. Crochet Angel

This amigurumi truly looks angelic. You can't tell from this photo, but her backside is really spectacular. Her hair is fixed in a long braid, and she has fantastic wings. Make sure to check out the pattern just to see that side of her! Her little halo and wings are just darling, and I love the expression on her face. This little angel just embodies the Christmas spirit, so what are you waiting for? Get crocheting!

The pattern is available as a free download (after free registration to the Ravelry website). The pattern is very clear and, perhaps apart from the wings, fairly simple. Special stitches and the abbreviations used are clearly explained. Crocheting the wings might be a little tricky for beginners, but hang in there because the result will be great! After crocheting, the wings are folded and sewn around some plastic templates (shape unfortunately not provided) in order to stand up and out. So a little craftiness should come in handy for assembly!

Fluffy Angel

Fluffy Angel

10. Fluffy Angel

She's so fluffy I'm gonna die! This lovely angel was made to be the Christmas tree topper and radiate the Christmas spirit throughout your home. I just love her cute fluffy hairstyle and her fluffy dress—and just look at the gold trim of her wings! The little bow in her hair is just the perfect finishing touch. Of course, you can make this amigurumi with non-fluffy wool, and she'll be just as cute. So get your crochet needle out, and let's celebrate a fluffy Christmas this year!

The pattern is very clear and contains a lot of photos for extra instructions for every step of crocheting and construction. This project is made as a stuffed amigurumi doll and has a flat base that will enable her to stand by herself. So, if you prefer to put her on a shelf instead of on your Christmas tree, you can easily do so. The clear instructions with accompanying photos make this pattern also suitable for beginning crocheters who don't mind a bit of a challenge!

Sassy Angels

Sassy Angels

11. Sassy Angels

Just look at these two little sassy dolls ready to celebrate a very cool Christmas! I love the delicate look of their wings. If you pay close attention, you can see that the two skirts are a little bit different. The designer has included the instructions for both skirts in her pattern, so you can choose your favorite and go for it! I also love their crocheted hair and the little halo stars on their heads. Let's sass up this Christmas with these cute little angels!

The pattern is written in English and has a picture of the wings—the finishing with picot stitches might be a bit tricky for beginners. I love the way the hair has been designed: It is a combination of round crochet with crochet bangs and curls. This will take a little time to master, but once completed, you can style the doll's hair to your liking, adding bows or other decorations.

Blue Choir Angel

Blue Choir Angel

12. Blue Choir Angel

This little angel is truly the holiest of the all the blue boy choir. Just look at the serene expression on his little face and the way he folds his hands in supplication. I love the way the designer has embroidered his little mouth and given him the perfect angelic haircut. His little halo just shines like a bright star on Christmas Day, and in his blue robe, he is ready for any gospel choir! I love the wide sleeves. Feel free to choose any color you like for the robe and give this little doll any hair color or style that you want. Make this Christmas extra holy with this little darling in your home!

The pattern is written in Portuguese, so give a Christmas cheer for the Google Translate function—this pattern is just too good to miss just because you didn't speak the language! The pattern itself is pretty straightforward and should not pose a problem for more experienced crocheters. The designer provides some graphics to clarify some of the areas that might otherwise be confusing.

Chubby Angels

Chubby Angels

13. Chubby Angels

These adorable chubby angels have lovely pastel-colored hair and booties. They seem to be such close friends—it wouldn't do to just make one! I just love the contrast between their chubby bodies and their itty-bitty legs and shoes. And their little halos are just perfect! I personally like the choice of pastel colors; it gives extra sweetness to the design. But of course, you can choose any color you want—just make sure the hair matches the shoes!

The pattern is written in Spanish, so if necessary, hit that Google Translate button! The pattern has clear step-by-step instructions and features many photos for extra instruction and clarification. Also, diagrams for crocheting the halo and the super cute little wings are provided. Should you need some extra instruction on a particular part of the crocheting or the assembly, just fast forward to the appropriate part of one of the two instructional (Spanish) videos provided by the designer. You can find those videos embedded on the pattern website. The second video (scroll all the way down!) also shows how the hair is made and attached.

The Littlest Angel

The Littlest Angel

14. The Littlest Angel

Love came down at Christmas,
Love all lovely, Love Divine;
Love was born at Christmas,
Star and Angels gave the sign.
(Christina Rossetti)

With this lovely Christmas poem, we are introduced to this "littlest angel". And what a lovely design it is! I just love the details of her feathery wings, and of course, her dress is the height of angelic haute couture! And how cute is the fact that she's holding a little Christmas wreath or carol songbook? This little doll will surely fill your home with the spirit of Christmas! She'll grace your Christmas tree as a lovely ornament or will make a spectacular centerpiece on your Christmas dinner table. Either way: Get crocheting!

The pattern includes the instructions for the amigurumi angel herself as well as the songbook and Christmas wreath (with bow!). The special stitches required for the dress are shortly explained. There is definitely some assembly required with this design, so get in touch with your inner crafter! Most of the elements (halo, arms etc.) are glued into place. You could also opt to sew them in place, although that might be a somewhat fiddly exercise. Her dress and wings are starched. This will give you nice flat wings and the ability for the doll to stand up. If you choose to make her into a hanging ornament, you probably don't have to starch the dress. All in all, this design is not really suited for absolute beginners.

Boy and Girl Angels

Boy and Girl Angels

15. Boy and Girl Angels

What a cute set of guys and gals! How perfect is that little halo headband? And I just can't get over the cuteness of their little pigtail hair! You can create your very own choir of angels using this fairly simple pattern. The design provides inspiration for both the boys and the girls—make them in the traditional blue and pink colors or go for the more angelic white. These little amigurumi dolls are perfect as ornaments on your Christmas tree or for giving away to friends and family to spread the Christmas cheer. With their hands demurely folded together, they are just ready to burst into song and fill your home with sweet-voiced Christmas carols!

Please note that the pattern is only for the head and bodies of the dolls. The designer provides a photo tutorial link for the hair, a separate link to a free tutorial for the base (crocheted around a wooden base for putting the dolls on), and a link to a paid pattern of elves, angels and witches for the wings. Of course, you can always make up your own pattern for the wings or use the free wing pattern from another project. The head and body themselves work up quickly. I love the simple detail of the sleeves and arms. It is a great idea that you can use in any other amigurumi doll!

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

16. Guardian Angel

This little abstract amigurumi doll is the perfect gift for a close family member or loved one who is going through some tough times. As a sweet guardian angel, she'll remind them that somebody is thinking of them and cares for them. Of course, she'll also make a fantastic tree topper or Christmas tree ornament. If you'd like, you can "Christmas" her up a bit by decorating her with a little sprig of holly or some other Christmassy item.

The pattern is written in German but is simple enough and works up quickly. If you need a little bit more help, you can follow along with her instructional video (in German) posted on her website and here below. I just love her little bun hair and cute little wings! So let someone know you care and start crocheting!

Blue-Winged Angel

Blue-Winged Angel

17. Blue-Winged Angel

I just love this little angel and her cute little halo. The choice to make her wings blue is unusual, but it really works very well. This way, the wings truly stand out. Should you prefer a more traditional white for the wings, of course, go ahead and do that! Or maybe lilac? Or pink?

The website shows this same pattern with different hairstyles, so get over there and take a look to choose your favorite! I just love the way she's holding her arms and hands in front of her. If you'd like, you can have her hold a little Christmas bell, or a heart or some holly—anything goes! The details in her dress are simple and cute. Variation is possible by choosing different colors and/or by making thicker stripes. As said before: More inspiration can be found on the designer's website!

The pattern is written up in Russian, so Google Translate is probably required. This should not be a problem for more experienced crocheters. After all, the shapes are fairly standard and straightforward. So get over to the website and make these dolls with every hairstyle imaginable!

Weeping Angels

Weeping Angels

18. Weeping Angels

Every Doctor Who fan will agree that the Christmas season is not complete without the Doctor running around London protecting the earth from a terrible alien invasion. My personal favorite "baddies" are the super-scary Weeping Angels. In my opinion, they are amongst the scariest monsters ever imagined! They start off as innocent statues, but when you blink or look away, they transform into hideous creatures that will suck out any life you have left and send you to the past. Yikes! Merry Christmas!

The pattern is primarily for the statue hiding her weeping face—the innocent stage—but she also shows the embroidered face of the creatures when they take away their hands. The hands and arms themselves are kept in place by using some wire inside the arms before attaching them to the body. This way, the effect of the weeping angels is almost lifelike! I love the way the curly hair of the statue is incorporated into the design. The wings are starched (method provided) to stand out properly. The special stitches needed in this pattern are clearly explained. Let me give you this word of warning when starting this project: Whatever you do whilst crocheting this project... DON'T BLINK!

Happy Crocheting!

I hope you found the perfect angel pattern for you! You can also find some additional video tutorials below.

Not all of these videos are in English, and they aren't accompanied by written-out patterns, but they will be useful for experienced crocheters and anyone looking for some more visual aids.

Enjoy your creations!

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