Halloween Charades Clues: Word Lists and Other Game Ideas

Updated on August 16, 2019
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Kristy Callan enjoys coming up with fun ideas for the holidays ranging from charades lists to party games.

Charades is a great game for a group at a Halloween party, especially if you use thematic spooky words as clues!
Charades is a great game for a group at a Halloween party, especially if you use thematic spooky words as clues! | Source

Halloween is the perfect night for a party, and charades is a perfect party game. It is easy to understand how to play, suitable for all ages and can be played with any number of people. Why not give your game a Halloween twist by using these dark and playful words and scary movies?


  1. Put all of the Halloween charades ideas in a bowl.
  2. A person is selected to go first somehow (maybe the oldest, the youngest, or the host). This person gets to draw a topic out of the bowl.
  3. They must then try to act out this charades topic. They aren't allowed to talk.
  4. Everybody else must try to guess what is being acted out. The first person to guess correctly gets to act out an idea next.

The game can be as long (or as short) as you want it to be.


Halloween-Themed Words for Charades

Jack-o- Lantern
Candy Apple
Carving Pumpkins
Black Cat
Haunted House
Trick or Treat
Apple Bobbing
Freddy Krueger

Hard-to-Guess Halloween Words

  • Poltergeist
  • Ghoul
  • Haunted
  • Soul

Scary Movies You Can Use as Charades Clues

Nightmare on Elm Street
The Omen
Friday the 13th
Paranormal Activity
The Blair Witch Project
The Thing
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Night of the Living Dead
The Exorcist
When a Stranger Calls
House on Haunted Hill
The Amityville Horror
Pet Sematary
The Shining
The Grudge
Sleepy Hollow

Make It Spookier!

Why not include some pieces of paper in the bowl that have not only a charades idea, but also instructions to complete a secret task to scare everybody? Don't put one on every piece of paper, just some. That will add to the surprise because nobody will know who the people are that got a secret task.

For example, some secret tasks could be:

  • Sometime during the next person's turn, scream loudly.
  • Stare at somebody for 60 seconds without talking or moving.
  • Sometime after the charades game, grab somebody from behind.
  • Move all the food bowls from one table to another without anybody seeing you do it. (Then you, as the host, make a big deal of it—such as 'Hey guys, where did all the food go? How weird. Oh my gosh, it's all in the other room! Spooky!')

More Party Games for Halloween

  • Pin the Nose on the Witch
  • Dress the Mummy
  • Pumpkin Piñata
  • Halloween Word Hunt
  • Wink Murder
  • Zombie Chase


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