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How to Make a Woody Halloween Costume From "Toy Story"

L.M.Reid is an Irish writer who makes prize-winning Halloween decorations. Learn how to make them from scratch at home.

How to make your own DIY Woody Halloween costume from scratch..

How to make your own DIY Woody Halloween costume from scratch..

How to Make a Woody Halloween Costume

Whenever possible, I prefer to make Halloween costumes for my two sons instead of purchasing them. What I make depends on who they want to be for that year's trick-or-treating.

Last year, my youngest was the Hulk, so I had to buy the outfit. This year, he wants to be Woody from the film Toy Story 4, so I was able to make his costume. Here are step-by-instructions with my own photos to help you do the same!

Materials Needed

  • Shirt
  • Jeans
  • Belt
  • Cowboy hat
  • Holster and gun
  • Large coloured handkerchief

Tools Needed

  • Permanent fabric markers
  • Sewing needle
  • Yellow thread
  • White thread
  • Ruler
  • Yellow fabric dye
  • Sew-on letters to spell woody
  • White ribbon
  • Large hollow button

How to Make the Shirt

When I was a child we always had costumes that were scary. A sheet for a ghost or a blood-soaked top were popular choices. These days, the kids want characters from movies.

Instructions for Making the Shirt

Woody's shirt is yellow so you will probably have to dye one of the child's shirts.

  1. Dye the shirt using a yellow fabric dye.
  2. Leave to dry completely.
  3. Lay the shirt onto a flat surface.
  4. Use a ruler and a fabric marker to make the lines across and down.
  5. Sew each letter onto the shirt to spell out 'Woody.'

How to Make the Vest

This is just like a sleeveless cardigan. I had some material in my sewing box that suited the costume.

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Instructions for Making the Vest

  1. Layout a cardigan and used newspaper to cut out a pattern for the vest.
  2. Lay the pattern onto the fabric you are using and cut it to size.
  3. Sew one of the sides together on the vest.
  4. Tie some white ribbon around a button, like in the photo.
  5. Insert the ribbon through the vest as you are sewing it together.

How to Put the Woody Costume Together

Get your very eager young boy to try the costume on to make sure it all fits. I added an old handkerchief to finish off the effect of a cowboy.

In the last few years here in Ireland it has become a custom that the kids wear their costumes to school the day they break up for the Halloween holidays. Both boys are very excited and happy to go in their newest costumes.

How to make a Woody Costume from Toy Story 4 for the kids for Halloween

How to make a Woody Costume from Toy Story 4 for the kids for Halloween

Quick Halloween Fun Facts

Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?

In Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and Northern France, the people celebrated the Celtic festival of Samhain. They believed that departed souls would come back on All Hallows Eve, the 31st of October. They would roam the streets looking for their relatives until two days later when they would be at peace on All Souls Day.

Why Do We Wear Halloween Costumes?

In years gone by, which were full of fear and superstition, the people would light a bonfire and wear costumes and masks so they would not be recognised by anyone who belonged to them who had recently died. Today we follow this tradition because it is fun.

Why Do We Go Trick-or-treating?

Centuries ago, because of the connection to All Souls Day, poorer people would use this night of 31st October to knock on doors and ask for food and treats in exchange for prayers for the dead relatives' souls. belonging to the house. This was known as 'Souling.'

The modern-day version of trick-or-treating is more sinister. Give us a treat or we will play a trick on you.

My DIY Halloween decorations

My DIY Halloween decorations

More DIY Halloween Ideas

Here are some other Halloween ideas that I have made so far. Each article includes step-by-step instructions:

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  • Georgie and his boat from the horror movie IT—I love this one.
  • A coffin for your decorative skeleton
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  • A Chucky doll From Child's Play
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  • A scary wreath with snakes you can hang on your door

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