Halloween Safety for Your Little Ones

Updated on September 17, 2019
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Cammie has been an online freelance writer for over three years. Her articles often focus on parenting and holiday celebrations.

Come Halloween, it's important for parents to keep a few important safety tips in mind.
Come Halloween, it's important for parents to keep a few important safety tips in mind. | Source

Between the fun costumes and abundance of candy, you'd be hard-pressed to find a child who isn't a fan of Halloween. It's important for parents to keep a few important safety tips in mind. Whether it's an app that tracks your child's location, a light to make them noticeable in the dark, or simply a curfew, enforcing a few rules will allow them to enjoy this year's festivities without any undue worrying on your part.

How to Make Halloween Safe for Your Kids

  1. Enforce a curfew.
  2. Make sure they are noticeable.
  3. Decide on a route.
  4. Have a cell phone for communication.
  5. Safety in numbers.
  6. Make sure costumes fit correctly.
  7. Download a GPS-enabled app.

1. Enforce a curfew.

If your kids are old enough to trick-or-treat on their own, they're likely to get caught up in the excitement of Halloween and may try to push the envelope when it comes to curfew. Remind them that their curfew is still important even though it's a holiday; allow them a slightly later curfew due to the special occasion and they are more likely to listen thanks to the compromise.

2. Make sure they are noticeable.

As kids cover the street trick-or-treating, it's important they are noticeable to any cars that are passing. If your child's costume isn't bright, consider adding reflective tape to certain areas of their costume or trick-or-treat bag. If they object, consider purchasing a blinking safety light or glow stick they can wear around their necks.

3. Decide on a route.

Before your child leaves the house, use a map or Google Maps to agree on which areas they will go trick-or-treating. They shouldn't stray past the agreed upon locations and should only visit well-lit and busy areas.

4. Have a cell phone for communication.

It's important that your child has a cell phone to call you if there is an emergency. Make sure their costume or bag has a safe spot for their phone where it can't fall out.

5. Safety in numbers.

If your child is old enough to go out with friends and not need an adult, make sure they go with a large group of friends. Emphasize the importance of safety in numbers and make sure they understand it is unacceptable to leave the group or go on ahead by themselves.

6. Make sure costumes fit correctly.

If a child's costume is too big or too long, it can cause a child to trip or fall. Make sure their costume fits correctly and has no areas that are dragging. Masks should fit properly and not obscure a child's vision. Ensure that any costume accessories (canes, swords, staffs, etc.) are not too big and bulky, otherwise a child can fall and hurt themselves with it.

7. Download a GPS-enabled app.

If this is the first time you're allowing your child to trick-or-treat on their own, chances are you will feel a little overwhelmed with worry. For more peace of mind, you can download a GPS-enabled app for your android or Apple device to track your child's whereabouts.

Happy Haunting!

Halloween curfews

Do you adjust the time of your child's curfew on Halloween if it's a school night?

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