Handmade Valentine Gifts: How to Make a Heart-Shaped Ring Dish

Updated on February 11, 2017
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Jean has a passion to create beautiful artwork, jewelry and home decor items which she sells online. She also loves to teach others how.

Handmade heart shaped ring dish
Handmade heart shaped ring dish | Source

The Supplies You Will Need

One block of Premo Modeling Clay in the color of your choice

a piece of parchment paper or waxed paper

a rolling pin

a cookie cutter

an impression mat (optional)

a pie plate or piece of aluminum foil

a small oven safe dish with a rounded bottom

an oven or toaster oven

What The Supplies Look Like

You will notice that the rolling pin I am using has a ring at each end. These rings regulate the thickness of the clay, keeping it at an even thickness throughout. You can use pieces of dowel or two of anything that has an even thickness that the rolling pin can roll over. If you don't have a rolling pin you can use a bottle.

The Best Polymer Clay To Use

Polymer clay comes in little bricks in a wide range of colors. You purchase it at a craft store like Michaels. When you open a package of clay is appears to be quite stiff and hard. If you break the clay into four pieces and knead it with your hands, it warms and softens. This is called conditioning the clay. Some people have a pasta roller dedicated to polymer clay because they use so much of it.

There are various brands of polymer clay, all with different levels of cured hardness and durability. Experts say that Sculpey III is the hardest when cured but Premo Sculpey is the strongest. I use Premo Sculpey for just about everything I make.

What An Impression Mat Looks Like

An impression mat is a sheet of plastic that has a texture on one side. You can order them on line or buy them in a craft store or cooking store. The one I am using today has roses on it.

Roll Out The Clay To An Even 1/4 Inch Thickness

You will find it much easier to manage the clay if you roll it out on a piece of parchment paper or waxed paper. At the right time, it just peels right off without distorting or getting covered with your finger prints.

Use The Largest Cookie Cutter You Have To Fit On The Clay

Position the cutter, then push it into the clay all the way through. You will notice that I switched cookie cutter because I could not fit the cutter I chose on the rolled out clay. It was just about half an inch too big.

Push The Cutter Into the Clay All The Way Through, Then Remove The Cutter

If Using An Impression Mat, Lay It Pattern Side Down On The Clay

There may be part of the pattern on the impression mat you want to appear at the edge so position the mat accordingly. Using your rolling pin or bottle, roll with a firm pressure over the mat. Then carefully peel off the mat. With this part of the process you will be glad you used the parchment paper underneath.

Carefully Peel Off The Impression Mat

Shaping Your Ring Dish

Using a pie plate and a small over-turned bowl. We are now going to shape the dish and bake it so it become strong and rigid. Place the small bowl upside down on the pie plate.

Center The Clay Shape On The Bowl

If you want the textured side of the dish to be on the inside turn the clay over and gently center it over the bowl. If you want the textured side on the outside leave it right side up. Carefully without squashing the impression mat pattern, form the clay to the shape of the bowl.

Carefully Place The Pie Plate, Bowl And Clay Into The Toaster Oven

Bake the clay at 275 degrees F for about 11 minutes. Turn off the oven and let the clay sit in the oven until it is cold.

Your Valentine Gift Is Ready To Wrap

It's hard to see the curve in this heart dish but it is a nice gentle curve. It would be perfect for pocket change, rings, jewelry or even keys. It is a cute inexpensive gift that will tell anyone how much you love them.

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