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Simple Ways to Effectively Decorate a Small Apartment for Christmas

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Lighting gives warm cozy feelings to a small living space.

Lighting gives warm cozy feelings to a small living space.

Decorating a Small Space Is a Snap

If you live in a small apartment or house, then you know decorating during holiday seasons can be quite challenging. Especially at Christmastime, when buying and decorating a Christmas tree is a special treat. But of course, cutting up a beautiful big pine tree and hauling out a dozen boxes for Christmas is not exactly ideal for your small living space. But you don't have to let that stop you from making your apartment a quaint treasure this holiday season.

If you are short on space for a life-sized Christmas tree, there are several excellent and very doable solutions just right for your small living space. You could choose a beautiful, artificial table tree or something in a smaller size that can be placed in such a way that it won't take up a lot of space. A tree doesn't have to take up a large amount of room.

Most apartment complexes will not allow you to have a real Christmas tree, so an artificial tree is one way to spice things up. Walmart, Target, Kmart, Meier, and other name-brand stores always carry a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to choose from. They also carry trees that have pretty lights already placed on them. All that is left for you to do is add your favorite Christmas decorations.

Decorate With What You Have

More decorating ideas include placing soft, white lights around windows or sliding glass doors. White lighting gives off a warm and cozy feeling as opposed to the often brightly-colored lights. Choose what lighting gives you the most comfort. Putting lights around a mirror also reflects a soft, happy feeling at Christmas time. Wrap a short string of lights around a floor lamp or other shelving in your apartment. Using a white string of lights offers a soft elegant mood.

Make Your Bookshelves Festive

Bookshelves are another way to add the holiday spirit to your home. Wrap some colored garland around the bookshelf to add a pretty hue to the lighting. Garland now comes in a variety of colors, like silver, gold, blue, and red. Pick your favorite color and go with it. You may also add some holiday stockings since most small apartments have no such thing as a mantle.

Put Lights Up on the Balcony or Porch

If you have an outside porch or balcony it is an ideal place to add a couple of strings of lighting. Add some bright red ribbons and a wreath to complete your holiday look. Or if you have a bit more room you could put a small artificial tree and other holiday decorations in this area as well. At night there is nothing like looking at a well-lit Christmas scene in your outside living area.

Make a Christmas Bulletin Board

Temporarily replacing the photos on the wall with Christmas ones is also one way to bring the holiday spirit into your small apartment. I have a very large bulletin board that I decorate each season with that particular theme. At Christmastime, I enjoy putting photos and art from my family and adding a string of soft white lights around it to accent the items on the beautiful board.

Simple Yet Elegant Illumination

Accent your kitchen with a selection of decorative hand towels, pot holders and holiday dishcloths. These might include little Christmas tree designs, bells, or other holiday delights. Place an assortment of scented candles like cinnamon, pine, and apple on your counter space. These are the perfect scents to create that warm and fuzzy Christmas ambiance right in your kitchen.

The idea is to add small, yet personal touches here and there throughout your apartment. You can't go big because of the lack of space, but that doesn’t mean you have to nix decorating for Christmas just because you live in a small apartment. So I suggest getting out those holiday decorations and getting busy decorating to your heart’s content.

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Victoria on November 21, 2018:

Beverley, show us your award winning lights. I would love to see what you did

Beverly Guariglia on September 06, 2018:

I live in a apartment , and we have a decorating contest for our patio. An I won 2 years in a row. I love decorating for Christmas.