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How to Act, Look, and Dress Like Wednesday Addams for Halloween

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I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.

I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.

Step 1: Behave Like Wednesday

Wednesday is not an affectionate child, and she doesn't need your affection either. Her nonchalance and confidence mean that she does not need anybody's approval to feel good about herself. She is independent and quite the character for her age.

Wednesday is known for her stoic expression and deadpan, sarcasm-laced replies to questions. You're not going to be very authentic if you smile excessively—or at all, for that matter. If it's too late for you to develop a dry, dark sense of humor, try some of these classic Wednesday Addams lines from the film Addams Family Values.

Wednesday: We don't hug.
Becky: Oh, they're just shy.
Pugsley: We're not shy.
Wednesday: We're contagious.

Morticia: Wednesday's at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind.
Ellen: Boys?
Wednesday: Homicide.

Joel: Wednesday, do you think that maybe someday you might want to get married and have kids?
Wednesday: No.
Joel: But what if you met the right man, who worshiped and adored you? Who'd do anything for you? Who'd be your devoted slave? Then what would you do?
Wednesday: I'd pity him.

Wednesday: Nice knife. Can I play autopsy with it?


Step 2: Dress Like Wednesday

Wednesday Addams pretty much wears funeral garb all the time. To dress like her for Halloween, you'll want to focus on your dress and your shoes. For a truly authentic costume, consider adding in some classic accessories as well.


Though we do tend to see a lot of sexy Wednesdays during Halloween, we're not aiming for that look in this discussion. Wednesday is the eldest daughter of the Addams family, and she's 6 years old in the film. She dresses conservatively in a black long-sleeved dress—usually accented with white collars and shirt cuffs.


I would think that black ballet flats would be fitting for the overall look, but let's just turn it up a notch by pairing this look with black oxford wedges instead. It goes perfectly with everything and adds a little something to an otherwise predictable outfit.

Accessories (optional)

  • Skeleton Hand Collar Clips: Since the outfit doesn't call for a belt or anything exceptionally fancy, you can subtly play on the fact that Wednesday loves macabre, and this would be a piece she would probably love having.
  • Black Satchel Bag: We are Halloweening, we can't go empty-handed right? I picked this satchel bag because of its simplicity and size, you just need a good space to toss in a wallet, your cell, and some place to stash those candies!
  • Headless Baby Doll: Self-explanatory!

Step 3: Wear Makeup to Look Like Wednesday

Because she was a child in the television series (and movie), Wednesday supposedly did not have on any type of makeup—unless it was meant to make her look dead.

I have picked out two makeup looks that would be perfect for you as Wednesday. They are not your typical goth look with heavy, thick eyeliner. The focus is on the eyes, with less emphasis on the lips or cheeks. In fact, less should go on the rest of the face so you appear drained of colour.

Lexi's Grunge Revival and Morbid Monday Morticia (how apt) looks are both smokey-eyed routines. They are both gorgeous when paired with our Wednesday outfit, and they're perfect if you still want to have your game face on.

Luminous, pale skin + nude lips + a hint of smoothly blended brown & black eyeshadow does the trick.

Luminous, pale skin + nude lips + a hint of smoothly blended brown & black eyeshadow does the trick.

Step 4: Wear Your Hair Like Wednesday

Wednesday wears her sleek black hair parted in the middle and braided on both sides. If your hair is too short for braids, you can consider temporary clip-in hair extensions. Some of these are even pre-braided. They are easily attached with tiny metal clips—no glue or weaving needed.

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You can look into various kinds of braiding styles like the French braid and fishtail braid, but both will require a little dexterity on your part. A traditional 3-strand braid (shown below) is the easiest to do on yourself.

So now that you're geared up and one with Wednesday, head on out, and enjoy yourself as an Addams.


Questions & Answers

Question: How can I achieve a pale skin tone for a Wednesday Addams Halloween look?

Answer: You might want to apply a foundation that is lighter than your normal skin-tone (remember to blend well and extend the makeup to your ears and neck area, so you don't have a pale face while the rest is a different shade) to match that of Wednesday Addams. Stage makeup brands such as Ben Nye makes very lasting and good coverage foundation/powders that are natural looking and won't melt as the day goes by (many performers use them — including beautiful drag queens)!

Question: According to my family, I look just like Wednesday Addams, and I really do want to look like her and especially act like her. We are almost the same age, and I don't smile much so it would be great to hear your advice?

Answer: Wednesday is a confident child who'd march to the beat of her own drum, she doesn't care to "fit in" to be like her peers. She's happy being herself, and will never let the opinion of others bring her down. She's also an intelligent young lady and highly inquisitive. So if I had an advice for you if you wanted to be like her? Then, read books, be yourself and stay curious!

© 2013 Peony


Miranda on June 26, 2020:

Wednesday is my favorite character in the Addams family

Wednesday Luna Ella Sinestra on November 08, 2019:

My name is Wednesday and strangely

Peony (author) on October 19, 2019:

@Wednesday - You don't need foundation, sweetie. It's absolutely not a requirement to embody Wednesday Addams.

Wednesday on October 18, 2019:

I am 6 and I can`t wear foundation

Wensday on October 12, 2019:

I Am her

Dava on October 28, 2018:

I love her

Mary on July 06, 2018:

i really want to be her look dress sound like her and this compiny is what i need

freya shaw on May 25, 2016:

i adore wednesday addams i act like her....!

Peony (author) on October 10, 2013:

@ ChristinS - Thank you so much (: I loved her character too, it was fun to write this!

Christin Sander from Midwest on October 10, 2013:

Very cool. I loved Wednesday, she was so funny. Voted up and pinning!

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