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6 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

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Let Us Celebrate Women's Day With Pride

International Women's Day is a very special day for all women in the whole wide world, regardless of race, religion, nationality, or socioeconomic status.

In Western countries, the 8th of March has been observed as a public holiday or a common occasion that is similar to Mother's Day where children of all ages give presents and flowers to their mothers, grandmothers, teachers, or aunts.

However, in the Eastern countries, Women's Day is not widely observed as a special occasion.

Anyhow, women's groups in some Eastern countries still manage to spread the news about Women's Day by creating activities, organizing events, and letting our women know that the day is one to honour them because they deserved to be respected and appreciated for the struggle and fights they endure due to social injustice.

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Posters, speeches, and charity events are held to spread information around the world about the rights and endurance of women from all ages.

How to Celebrate Women's Day?

There are many ways to celebrate Women's Day, depending on your budget, feelings and whether the women or woman that you love knows this day does exist at all. I bet your grandmother doesn't know at all because mine gave me the answer was," Eh? What day did you say?" Here are the some suggestions that I had gathered from my friends and I hope that you will find them useful.

  1. Pot luck dinner: Give a call to all your friends or relatives, sisters and aunts. If you are planning to have a gathering with family members only, exclude your friends. Otherwise, they will find very awkward joining in happy event, if they are not close to your family members. Each one of them has to bring a dish, dessert or main course to the decided location. It can be held in picnic places or at home. Enjoy each other company and chat anything that you gals had spoken before.
  2. Give a call: Do give a serious thought about the woman or women whom you would like to thank for and why. It does not have to be your mom or grandmother. It can be your favorite teacher, best friend ( of course, it has to be woman!), aunt, daughter, niece, girlfriend, wife or even your friendly neighbor. Give this special woman or women a call when she is free. Wish her a Happy Women's Day and tell her why you think she is special to you. I am sure she will be surprise and thankful that someone appreciated her that much.
  3. Initiate an action or do something: Now, this depends on who is this person to you. If it is your mom, that's easy. Do part of her house chores without her knowledge. Surprise house chores will definitely make her happy. Since she has been doing all the house chores everyday while some nagging might occurs, a day off is the best action for a hardworking mom. You can help her to wash the dishes after meal without breaking any of the plates, sweep the floor or mop the floor without spilling the water all over, wash the laundry and hang them out (remember to peg them or the wind will blow the laundry off!) and maybe whip up a meal for the whole family without burning the main course.
  4. Write a poem: For your favorite teacher, write a poem to thank her for her guidance and advices. You don't have think of those verses and grammars because you can copy and paste them from poem websites which are free. In addition, do give her a present, a cheap one will do if you are on a tight budget. She wouldn't mind as long she knows that you appreciated her. For your wife or girlfriend, search for love poem which include words of appreciation, love and her presence in your life. Copy and paste them into your handmade cards or a simple note and a handmade gift would be perfect. If you don't have a gift in mind, send a SMS to her handphone, email or leave a voice message instead. Sometimes, simple gestures works a lot and brings great results.
  5. Give charity: You can make a donation to Breast Cancer Organization, Women Abuse Centre, Old Folks Home or orphanage houses. In some places such as post office, shopping centres or public places, there is a box for certain charity located near to the information counter. You can make your donation there if you have spare change. A little effort means a lot for these people. You can also visit the above mentioned places with your friends or family members. Bring along some food, clothes or daily necessities as part of your gesture to those unfortunate women, girls and old folks.Chat with them and you will realize that we should be more grateful of what we have, appreciate our love ones especially the women or woman of our lives.
  6. Give a Treat: Yes, give a treat to your special woman or women. You can have an afternoon tea in a cafe with her or them, or maybe invite her or them to your house and give a surprise with her favorite cookies or cake. You need to prepare the food in advance if you are planning to invite her or them or everything will be a chaos. Freshly brew tea and cookies with laughter over an afternoon tea gathering at home saves money, time and gives you more space to chat when all the chatters get louder. Afternoon tea in cafe is only suitable for a couple or 4 people. Too many makes a market place instead. Since you invite them to tea, you need to bring extra cash because you are the host. You can't expect them to go on Dutch ("Dutch" means pay for your own meal or beverage).

So, here are some ways you can make this day a special one for a special woman in your life. Here's wishing all a happy Women's Day, and enjoy!

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