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How to Create a Father's Day Card in MS Word 2016

Each of us designs our own life, whether we believe it or not. So why not design something spectacular?

Why Should I Give a Handmade Father's Day Card?

Why print your own card instead of buying one?

  • You're short on time.
  • You want to save money.
  • It's more convenient than going to the store.
  • You can personalize the message.
  • You can customize the image.
  • A handmade card is more special than one that is store-bought. What better way is there to say Happy Father's Day than with a homemade card?

If this is you... let's get started!

What You'll Need

  • Microsoft (MS) Word: This tutorial was written using MS Office/Word 2016 software. Older/newer versions of MS Word had similar functionality, so you can still make your own cards using different versions. However, things might be found in slightly different places than outlined here.
  • Color Printer: Printed cards look best when printed using a color printer. Alternatively, you can print in black and white and color the images yourself.
  • Card Stock or Quality Paper: If you select a card that will be folded twice (quarter-fold), a good quality paper should be sufficient. If you select a card that will only be folded once (bi-fold), thicker card stock is a better option. Just make sure the paper or card stock you choose can be printed on your printer.

1. With MS Word Open, Click the File Menu


2. Click New (for New Document)


3. Search for Father's Day Templates



  • Type "father" in the search bar.
  • Click the magnifying glass "search" icon.

4. Select a Template



If you don't see a template you like, you can search for a different template. Try searching "card" or "holiday."

5. Click the Create Button


6. Look at the Template Formed

MS Word crates a new document from the selected template

MS Word crates a new document from the selected template

Your Father's Day card is generated!

Microsoft Word uses the template you selected to create a new document. The template usually will consist of one or more images and some text.

7. Check the Card Layout

This image shows the layout of the card with annotations of where each section will be after it's folded.

This image shows the layout of the card with annotations of where each section will be after it's folded.

8. Customize the Card

Notice how the "I" in "I love you" is highlighted.

Notice how the "I" in "I love you" is highlighted.

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Click anywhere within the text box to edit the text. Each template will vary. The text could be regular paragraph text, or text within a text box, as is shown in this example.

9. Edit the Text


Edit any text you want. You can edit the text itself, change the font style, font color, font size, alignment, bold, italic, underline, or anything else to customize your card.

  • In this example, we'll simply change "I love you." to "We all love you."

10. Print the Card


When you are happy with the text on the card, it's time to print!

  1. Select File from the MS Word menu.
  2. Click the Print option.

3. Select your printer.

TIP: Make sure the paper or card stock you want to print on is loaded into the printer.

4. Click the Print icon.

11. Fold Your Card

Fold #1

Fold #1

Fold #2

Fold #2

For this example, we will fold the card as shown. Different card templates may require a different type of fold.

  • Fold #1 keeps all of the colored print on the outside, the front and back of the card together on one side, and the inside on the other.
  • Fold #2 folds the inside into two parts, which also brings the front of the card to the front and the back to the back.

12. Sign Your Card

Make sure everybody signs the card!

Make sure everybody signs the card!

Finished Father's Day Card!


Your Card Is Ready for Giving!

In less than 10 minutes, you have created a printable Father's Day card to give to that special guy. Great for giving to step-dads and dad-to-be's as well!

Here are a few ideas to change it up:

  1. Re-write the entire message on the inside of the card to make it even more personal. Mention an event that happened recently so that special dad knows you put some thought into the message.
  2. Change the font to customize the look of the card. Doing this can drastically change the styling of a design. Try several different fonts to see what looks best.
  3. Replace the template image with an image of your own. You can try replacing it with:
  • A photograph of your family.
  • A free downloaded coloring-book-style image that your kids can color.
  • Nothing! Draw your own image in its place or write a message.

© 2018 Amber Killinger


Amber Killinger (author) on May 09, 2018:

Thanks Lynsey! I'll be posting other ideas for creating other kinds of cards and other cool things to create using simple tools soon.

Lynsey Hart from Lanarkshire on May 09, 2018:

Great hub. I would never have thought of creating cards on MS word, so thanks for the inspiration!

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