How to Knit a Halloween Mummy Doll (With Pattern)

Updated on October 20, 2019
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I have been knitting for over 50 years and love to share this wonderful, relaxing & therapeutic craft to as many as possible.

This is the completed mummy doll that I knitted for Halloween.
This is the completed mummy doll that I knitted for Halloween.

DIY Dolls Make Great Halloween Crafts

Once I decided I was going to have a go at knit design, it seemed natural to start with toys—they are small, portable, and usually look very cute when they are finished.

I started with some animals. I made a rainbow cat, an owl, a pig, a panda, and even a unicorn. Then I started imagining dolls dressed up in their Halloween finery and ready to go trick or treating, and so my Halloween dolls came to be.

When I started designing knitted dolls, I did not fully understand the design process, so I started with a simple pillow shape for the bodies. The dolls that followed were also designed using simple shapes involving little or no shaping and easy construction techniques. In the mummy's case, the feet have no shaping and are seamed together on the right side, so there is no need for seaming on the wrong side and then turning them right-side-out.

The mummy's bandage is one long, straight piece of knitting using moss stitch which is knit 1, purl 1 on one side and purl 1, knit 1 on the other side. I think you'll agree that it's surprising what can be achieved with the simplest of knitted shapes.

Below, I share my design process. Useful videos about knitting techniques and a free pattern for my knitted mummy are also included. For more knitting patterns, check out the link in my profile.

I hope you enjoy the pattern below.

Necessary Materials (Knitted Mummy Doll)

  • Cream double knitting yarn, approx. 50 g
  • A small amount of black double knitting yarn for the facial features
  • Toy filling
  • A darning needle for sewing up
  • A drawing or black pencil
  • A pair of 3 mm knitting needles

Useful Information to Read Before You Begin

  • Leave long yarn tails on your cast on/off pieces as they are the best/strongest way to sew up
  • Practice the facial features by placing pins e.g. for the eyes, until you are satisfied with the look.
  • When sewing in the eyes, tie a single knot into the end of the yarn leaving about a 2 cm tail.
  • Starting at the back of the head, push the needle through to the front at the point where you want to place the features, pull until the knot & tail disappear & sew as required. If a little of the tail still shows then pull it gently & carefully snip with scissors close to the body. Once you are happy with the facial features you secure the yarn in the same way – tie a double knot in the excess yarn about 3 cm from your toy -take the yarn through to the back of the head, pull the yarn slightly and snip close to the body. The knot will help secure the yarn inside the body and prevent unraveling.

Mummy Doll Knitting Pattern

This pattern is suitable for beginners and those at a higher skill level. Follow along, take your time, and have fun!

The Body

  1. Using 3 mm knitting needles and colour cream, cast on 40 stitches (Sts)
  2. Starting with a knit row, stocking stitch (ss) 45 rows.
  3. Cast off.
  4. With right sides together, sew row ends together using back stitch. You can use an alternative method of sewing up if you wish e.g. mattress stitch.
  5. With wrong side facing and row end seam at centre back, over sew bottom end together. Turn right side out and fill with toy filling.
  6. Over sew top end together, still keeping the seam at centre back. You now have a small pillow shape ready to add the character

The Arms (Make Two)

  1. Using cream yarn, cast on 7 Sts.
  2. Rows 1-3 knit.
  3. Row 4-20 starting with a purl row, stocking stitch until 20 rows have been completed from the beginning.
  4. Row 21-23 knit.
  5. Cast off knitwise.

Making Up the Arms

  1. With wrong side facing (purl side), fold the cast on edge up to just below the start of the 3 knit rows on the cast off edge. Over sew neatly along side seams. Stuff lightly.
  2. Using the picture as a visual guide for placement, sew the back (longest side) of the arms to the body using a back stitch along the gap between the knit rows at the top of the arm Then bring your yarn to the front of the arm (shortest side) and over sew the front arm to the body.

The Feet (Make Two)

  1. Using cream yarn, cast on 8 Sts.
  2. Rows 1-3 Knit.
  3. Row 4-20 starting with a purl row, stocking stitch until 20 rows have been completed from the beginning.
  4. Row 21-23 knit.
  5. Starting with a purl row – stocking stitch 12 rows.
  6. Cast off knitwise.

Making Up the Feet

  1. With wrong (purl) side facing fold the cast on edge of the shoe up towards the 2nd lot of garter stitch rows stopping about 2 rows below. Neatly over sew the side seams.
  2. Roll up the final 12 stocking stitch rows tightly towards the same 2nd lot of garter stitch rows (rolling under the shoe as this is the heel) Sew heel in place securely.
  3. Using your picture as a visual guide for placement, sew feet (longest side is the bottom of the foot) to one side of the bottom of the body using a back stitch along the gap between the knit rows at the back of the feet. Then bring your yarn to the front (top) of the foot and over sew, attaching the shoe to the bottom front of the body.

The Bandage

  1. Using cream yarn, cast on 4 Sts.
  2. Commence with Moss Stitch.
  3. Row 1. K1, P1 to end.
  4. Row 2. P1, K1 to end.
  5. Continue in Moss stitch until approx. 50” long.
  6. Cast off.
  7. Wrap the bandage around the body of Mummy using your picture as a guide.
  8. Leave the beginning & the end of the bandage loose and curl a little.
  9. Secure to the body using small, random stitches along the middle of the bandage.
  10. Mark the bandage randomly with a slightly dampened pencil to make the dirty marks.
  11. Take a length of cream yarn, approx. 20” long & separate one end into 3 strands. Take hold of 1 strand whilst lightly holding onto the rest of the yarn and pull gently until released.
  12. Do the same with the remaining 2 strands. They will probably look wavy in appearance, that’s fine.
  13. Cut each strand into different lengths no shorter than 3” & no longer than 5”.
  14. Thread up 1 or 2 strands at a time and randomly sew on to Mummy's body, leaving lengths of yarn both ends to then tie twice to secure. Repeat randomly over Mummy's body using your picture as a guide.

The Face

  1. Read the "useful Information" section above this pattern
  2. All of the facial features—the eyes & nose—are just small straight stitches. The nose is 3 stitches in the same spot, laying the stitches side-by-side as you stitch.

More Knitted Dolls Dressed Up in Their Halloween Finery

Click thumbnail to view full-size

How To Do the Knit Stitch

How to Do the Purl Stitch

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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      • Haleema Bibi profile image

        Conscious Dreamer 

        5 months ago from Pakistan

        Congratulations Sue. You illustrated the whole procedure very well.

      • Screffy profile imageAUTHOR

        Sue Payn 

        5 months ago from Eastbourne East Sussex

        Thank you :)

      • Nell Rose profile image

        Nell Rose 

        5 months ago from England

        Congrats on your win! And what a great idea!


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