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How to Make a Candy-Cane Santa Sleigh for Christmas

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I love to experiment with new ways to craft my own homemade Christmas gifts each year.

This is my fleet of completed candy-cane Santa sleds.

This is my fleet of completed candy-cane Santa sleds.

Before we begin, it's important to note that I'm not the only person who makes these as gifts; last year, we received three of them from friends who had come up with their own ideas. We even received one that featured wrapped candy that was made to look like gifts on the sled.

I decided to make a batch of these this year with my own flair and personal touch. This is just a starting point, and you can change up the design as much as you want to make each one a little different than the next.

These are so simple to make that your kids could even make them for their friends, although younger ones should have a little help when using the glue gun as it can be a little too hot for their small fingers.

How Much Does This Project Cost?

For households on a budget, these are reasonably cheap to make. Overall, this project cost me approximately $3.00 per sled.

I chose to use the Hershey mini-chocolates for my sleds, but if you can get square, individually wrapped candies, those would work too. I bought four boxes of candy canes to start with, so I could make 24 sleds. Since they come in different flavours, they don’t all look the same.

The dollar store is the best place to start, and if they are missing something, you can head over to your nearest Walmart. I think receiving a gift is always better when it comes from the heart and not the store!

What Should I Know Before I Begin?

You're going to use hot glue, but don’t worry about that—it cools fast, so it never melts the chocolate. Make sure that whatever chocolate you use has a flat side. This will make it easier to glue them on top of one another. It’ll look like a pyramid when it’s finished.

I wouldn’t recommend stuffing one of these sleighs into a Christmas stocking, as it could get stuck when the recipient tries to pull it out come Christmas morning. They do look cute, however, resting on the top of a stocking after it’s been stuffed with plenty of other goodies and small gifts.

I made 12 of these within a few hours, so they don’t take too much time to make. The hardest part was trying to keep my candy canes the same width and length on the Kit Kat bar. I made a few mistakes, but once they were completed, you really couldn’t tell by looking at them.

Materials Needed

  • Candy canes
  • Mini chocolate Hershey bars
  • Regular-size Kit-Kat bars
  • Mini flat Santas (optional)

Tools Needed

  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Christmas ribbon (optional)
  • Christmas bows (optional)

Note: I used my glue gun to attach the chocolate, ribbon, bow and Santa. You could use double-sided tape if you don’t want to glue it all together. Another thing you can do is slide one into a clear cello bag and wrap the end with a thin piece of ribbon—this just gives it a little added personal touch.


  1. This step is a little tricky, but with some practice, it does get easier. Take two candy canes and run a small amount of glue along the long parts, doing only one at a time. Place them on the Kit Kat bar, making sure to line them up as evenly as you can. This is the base of your sled.
  2. Take four of the mini Hershey bars, and using your glue gun, dab a small amount of glue on them and place them side by side.
  3. Now we’ll take three mini Hershey bars and glue them on top of the four you just placed.
  4. Just like in the last two steps, you’ll glue mini Hershey bars on, only this time, we’ll only put two of them on the top.
  5. In this step, we’ll only add one more. This is where I change the mini Hershey bar to a different kind. You can use the same kind or change it up.
  6. This is optional, but I do think they look better when they're finished, so for this step, all you’ll need to do is run some ribbon around the chocolate sleds in both directions. Use a little glue to keep them in place at the top. They will look a little messy at this point, but soon you won’t even see that.
  7. Now grab a bow for the very top—any colour you choose.
  8. I trim a little of the paper at the base of the bow and just use the glue gun to attach it to the top of the sled. The Santa is optional, but I like to glue him on the front of the sled. There you have it! You’ve just made your first candy-cane Santa sleigh using chocolate.

How Are Candy Canes Made?

Have you ever wondered just how a candy cane is made? This video is excellent to watch. It shows the work that goes into making candy canes, starting with a log-shaped mold that weighs over 45 kilograms.

Add a Gift Card

When I make these for friends or coworkers, they look like the pictures here, but for family members like our nieces and nephews, I’m going to hide a gift card on top of the Kit Kat bar. This will make the sleigh look a little higher.

Walmart sells thin metal boxes made especially for gift cards, so you can either glue the candy canes right to that box and skip the Kit Kat bar all together or add it on top of the gift card box. Either way, it’s a cute idea for giving out gift cards.

Who Can I Give These To?

  • The kids' teachers or even their classmates
  • Coworkers
  • The postperson that delivers your mail
  • The paper-delivery person
  • Your landlord

Pro Tip: I like to make an extra dozen just for handing out in my daily life travels, we have a lot of houseless people here, and they too love getting a gift of love.

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